Why You should Never Say No to a Customer

Recently, we completed a website development project for one of our client in Kolkata, India. After initial discussions and several meetings, we started the project and completed it on time. During this period of developing a client’s website, there were several other requests received from other clients, which were not a part of our original scope of work as per the agreements. We had the open choice of declining or accepting those changes.

Never Say No to a Customer

My team completed the project and after completion as usual we asked for feedback from the client, so we can measure our performance and make improvements. We received a great testimony from the client and he mentioned that he liked our attitude of ‘never saying no to customer’ and they want to do further business with us and be happy to refer us to others.

You must be thinking we agreed and accepted all their change requested and went out of scope to win the client. Did we accept all of their requests that were not a part of the original scope of work? No. We worked and found solution for most of the changes that was possible. But we never said No for other requests. We convinced them by offering better solutions.

Saying ‘No’ to a customer is really very bad for your business. Of course that does not mean you have to accept all their demands. But if you say ‘No’, it could raise several questions. So instead of saying no, you should try and find some other solutions to deal with such a situation, and help them with whatever you can. For e.g.- you can help them to connect with someone who can actually assist them in getting there work done.

Let me give you another example: Say you are a website designer, and one of your client asks you to take some pictures of their store so that you can put that in their website. If its not in your contract, or you are not a photographer, there is a high chance that you’ll say- “No, this is not my job, you get it done and send the pictures and then you can put them on your website.” But instead of saying so, you can say, “Sir, we are a professional website design and development company and don’t have enough expertise in photography. Do you want me to connect you to a friend of mine who is a professional photographer?” I am sure your client is going to love your second response. Saying ‘No’ raises emotional and logical questions, and that’s not good for your deal or business relationship for future.

Take a third example, say you where were committed to designing a website which required 15 pages, but during the development your client realized he need a couple of more pages on his website, to make well structured. If you simply say No, it’s out of the scope and you can’t get it done, your client is not going to be happy. But if you can offer them a solution and ask for a little extra payment, they might agree and be happy. So, its better you never say no to your customer

Over to you

Do whatever you can to help out your customers. If you win a customer, they will become your marketing agent, and will provide others with a review of your company’s work and behaviour. Remember, great word of mouth is the best of all marketing tricks. You as a businessman must be responsible to offer solutions to whatever problems your customers is suffering from. Offer solutions, never say no!

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