Pest Control Tips for Kitchen: 15 ways to keep your kitchen pest free

Are you looking for specific pest control tips for kitchen that you can implement to make your kitchen pest free? Kitchen is one such place where you spend good amount of time if you like cooking and you love food. Whether your maid cook for you or you like to cook yourself, I am sure you would not like to see any pests in your kitchen. Cockroach and ants can easily enter in your kitchen and I am sure you don’t like them, do you?

I tried various tips and practices to get rid of common pests like ants, cockroaches and lizards from my kitchen and finally ended up making my kitchen pest free. Naturally, I want to share those tips and best practices and help you live a healthy life.

Kitchen is to make healthy and tasty foods and guests like ants and cockroaches are not allowed in my kitchen. I simply hate them and can’t see them wandering. Not its unhygienic, they bring lots of diseases with themselves.

Do I get pest control done every month? Not exactly, but I make sure to do basic pest control in my kitchen of my own. If pest control is done properly then once is enough for a few months as long as you take necessary measure like keeping everything clean and properly packed all the time. pest management is a practice and you have to put effort every day.

11 Pest Control Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free

Pest control tips for Kitchen I personally follow

I am going to share some most common pest control tips for kitchen that i personally practice. And these practices  have helped me to a good extent in keeping pests away from my kitchen.

  1. Keep it clean; from selves to kitchen tops and areas around your gas and sinks.
  2. Dispose any leftover food particles immediately to the garbage box and keep it covered all the time.
  3. Dispose your garbage box immediately and when not possible get it disposed earliest possible. When you keep the box for a few days then it could attract fungus and that could be terrible.
  4. When cooking, make sure to dispose all vegetable peels, egg shells, chicken or anything into a plastic and dispose them out of home immediately. When you start stacking them because your made is absent, you are actually inviting pests.
  5. Find out any moist area due to leakage, or maybe you left extra water when cleaning. Cockroaches may hide there because they love moist and dark place to hide themselves.
  6. Don’t leave fruits which is sweet in nature like apple or mango in the kitchen, you have fridge to store them.
  7. Use good quality air tight jars to store biscuits, sugar or any other materials that could attract ants and cockroaches or pests.
  8. Seal any crack that you find. If the crack is smaller, ants may be nesting there and if it’s a larger, it can be the home for cockroaches.
  9. Make sure to clean the sink every night after dinner. Leaving plates and bowls with leftover food will attract cockroach and ants to your sink and they have a nice place to hide themselves.
  10. Clean the drainage of the sink once every week if not more. You can use vinegar and water. Pour in half cup of vinegar and after sometime, pour in a little hot water.
  11. If pets have already entered your home then you can get rid of them using homemade solutions. Mix equal quantity of baking soda and powdered sugar and spread it around the affected area or on the cockroach. It’s a good cockroach killer and work well.
  12. Similarly you can use cucumber slice; place it at the entry point of ants and you will see ants disappear in no time.
  13. Spotting the entry point for cockroach or ants is the key. When you spot the area where these pests are hiding, you can clean those pests using homemade solutions like vinegar and water solution or water and soap solution.
  14. Cockroaches could easily hide behind the boxes on the racks of your kitchen, keep an eye on it.
  15. Last but not the least, don’t hesitate to seek professional help from a pest control company in your city so that they can clean it once and then you can ensure they don’t appear by keeping your kitchen neat and clean.


Pests and bugs like cockroaches and ants get attracted with leftover food and moist place. After all they also need something to eat and drink. And dirt and food odors attract them as well. Keeping it clean using soap, vinegar, water, boric acid and whatever else you use for cleaning purpose. Here’s a post you may like to check for more ideas.

Pest control tips for kitchen that I have shared above, may not guarantee that it will kill or remove all of the pests, but for sure it will give you a good starting point. And if you are still unable to get rid of these pests and bugs then you may like to take professional help and hire an expert pest control company for pest control at your home.

How do you manage to keep your kitchen free from ants and cockroaches?

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