Amazing House Cleaning Tips for Busy Housewives in India

House Cleaning can be a daunting task for busy housewives who are already overburdened by various household chores along with taking care of their kids and family members. It often becomes complicated for busy housewives to do house cleaning all alone. But when you schedule your time and allocate small tasks for each day of the week, you can get it right quite easily. The best way to do this is to make a strategy and properly plan everything before starting of with the cleaning. The idea is to divide your cleaning assignment into several smaller assignments.

House Cleaning Tips : cleaning materials

I am here to share some amazing house cleaning tips so that you can keep your house properly cleaned and up to date all the time.

Check these house cleaning tips to get it right

Let’s take a good look at how to divide house cleaning into smaller tasks. Divide your time because it does not make sense to keep yourself occupied randomly in house cleaning. Lets start with setting your priories right.

Set Priorities

Identify which tasks have to be done first, which ones you want to get done with and which ones you want to leave for doing them later or assigning someone else to do that. Work on them in that order.

Make a time table / schedule

If you maintain a flexible cleaning schedule then it will be very easy for you to get over with the cleaning work easily or else you might struggle a bit. Assign a particular day for doing a particular room.

Divide your cleaning activity room wise or area wise to ease the pressure and assign a day for cleaning a particular area.

Day 1: Kitchen Cleaning

Clean the gas oven/stove, microwave, small appliances, cabinets, counter tops and sink with microfiber cloth then apply wet cloth with detergents and finally scrub the remaining dirt. Clear all the food spills and crumbs, to keep the pests away. Wipe clean cabinets, islands, racks. Vacuum and mop the floor properly and remove any food crumbs lying on it.

Day 3: Dining room, family/drawing room and living rooms cleaning

Clean the sofa set, vacuum the carpet, and dust the floor beside the sofa and the other furniture’s. Clear the cobwebs behind furniture and fixtures. Wipe the TV screen on your drawing room. Clean the dinning tables with a solution of vinegar & water and wash the stains off from the table. Mop the floor with water and phenyl for finishing work.

Day 5: Cleaning the bedrooms and stairs

Dust the floors, ceiling fans, light fixtures and vents. Wipe down doorways and furniture. Vacuum the floor under the bed and furniture. Mop the floor with phenyl or some disinfectant soap and let it rinse and dry for some time (It will ensure there are no germs left on your floor). Change the linens and bed covers at least once in a week to maintain hygiene and avoid allergies and diseases.

Day 7: porch and lawn cleaning

Sweep the leaves from there, organize the shoe rakes, throw away old sandals and sleepers that you will never wear again, and look for pests inside your shoe racks or even inside your shoes (if you have not put them on for a long time). Clear the clutter and vacuum once also clean the light fixtures and entrance doors.

Make cleaning a family affair

Groom your kids and tell them to follow hygienic practices and not to spread food crumbs on the floors. Teach them how to fold laundry, make their beds and prepare their breakfasts (in case you are away), lunches and snacks. Train you teens to help with jobs like washing windows and floors and cleaning cabinets.

Assign them least two hours once or twice a week for cleaning in accordance with difficulty associated with a particular work. Write down all necessary tasks on paper or pin it on their electronic gadgets. Make it mandatory for every one to take part in the cleaning task.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is good but during cleaning and doing household chores it is recommended to complete one project before starting another. Otherwise you might not be able to complete any of them properly. Keep your phone away while working, it’s a very bad distraction that slows you down and prevent you to complete your tasks properly.

Dirt Defense

The best way to keep your house clean is to prevent outdoor dirt from getting inside. Use doormats and boot scrapers in all the entrances including main entrance, bathroom entrance if possible in all the rooms’ entrance. Sweep the sidewalks, steps and stairwells regularly that lead into your home.

Spill and stain removal

To give your house cleaning one last finishing touch, you have to clean the spills and stains properly and make sure that every thing is glowing with perfection. The best way is to look for them every day and don’t let them set to a particular place and remove them instantly.

Cleaning microwave ovens

To remove rigid food splatters inside the microwave oven, just fill a bowl with water and switch the microwave on, heat it on high for one minute. The mess will be loosen up, then just wipe the mess with a wet cloth.

Cleaning blenders, mixers, grinders and food processors

Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions for everyday cleaning. For rigid and stubborn residues, put a solution of baking soda (two teaspoons) and vinegar (half cup), put the lid on and turn on the machines for 20 seconds followed by a quick rinse.

Removing ketchup or other stubborn stains

From white bed sheets, carpets, upholstery, or non-washable fabric, scrape as much as dry ketchup or butter off as you can, now place absorbent or brown paper on the mark and press with a warm iron. Be careful not to damage the fabric.

Floor mats and rugs

Dust and vacuum your floor mats and rugs on a regular basis. Move the mat and vacuum underneath as well. For hard spills, apply soda water as soon as possible and let it dry.

Chewing gum

If you find old chewing gum stuck to the carpet or couch, apply some ice into them and freeze them and chip & scrape away the pieces.


Don’t be reluctant to clean your house regularly or else if the dirt sets on a particular place for long, it might take much more effort and time to clean them up. If all else fails hire a professional house cleaning service for occasional house cleaning.

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