Costs of House Shifting Services in India: Here’s how to calculate and keep it low

Are you planning to book a packing and shifting services? Wondering how much it would cost? I remember, when I was shifting my house for the first time, I was quite concerned about the costs of house shifting services because, I was supposed to pay the pending bills before relocating. Therefore, i always tried and wanted to keep the costs of house shifting as low as possible. I interacted with many movers and packers agencies, and what i understood in the end was that, its a very complicated process to find the accurate costs of house shifting services in India.

The costs of house shifting can’t be calculated randomly because unfortunately, there is no fixed costing policy in moving and relocation industry (especially in India). But, there are ways to calculate the tentative costs of house shifting, with the help of some movers and packers companies. Cost of the overall home shifting must be estimated considering the overall packing costs, costs of transporting, loading, unloading, handling, insurance and etc.

There is post relocation costs as well, but it won’t be too much when compared to the moving costs, which includes costs of packing materials, packing the stuffs, loading, transportation, unloading, transit insurance, handling and other charges of the movers and packers companies, as well as the service tax and any other tax/costs if applicable. Other tax may include Octori and toll charges which are applicable when you are doing a long distance or a domestic shifting of a house in India.

Costs of house shifting services in India

Costs of house shifting in India – here’s what matters the most

Moving costs includes every cost that you spend during your move because, this is the most expensive part that covers several costs heads. However, in order to get your goods packed and moved safely, you can hire a packers and movers service provider in your city. They will offer you packages, in which they will be taking care of every aspect of shifting your goods. They’ll look after everything right from procuring packing materials, to getting everything packed by professionally trained packing experts. After packing they will load and transporting your goods, and they’ll also take care of unloading them carefully. Insurance for the goods is also very necessary while relocating. You can directly buy insurance from a National Insurance Company, or directly from the service providers. Its always okay to add the cost of insurance with your overall shifting cost.

But in case, if you decide not to hire a movers and packers and do all the tasks on your own, then also you’ll have to calculate the cost of every single thing . You have to buy adequate amount of packing materials depending on the number of goods you have. You have to hire a truck, and find labors who can load your goods into the truck and get it transported.  But if you do this on your own(loading), then you maybe able to save some money. But still, it’s better to leave it for the experts.

What we have discussed above are the main, compulsory and important moving costs that every mover can charge. But, there might be some other costs depending on the situations. For instance- you may want to store your goods for a week or so after moving, because your new home is not yet ready. If that’s the scenario, then you can again find a safe storage space which is offered by movers and packers companies across all major cities. Storage service may not be available at all locations and cities, but it’s very much available in all the well-known cities in India these days.

Post house shifting costs

Even if shifting and moving costs is the major one, there are some small post shifting costs that you should keep under consideration. Some of the post move and shifting costs that you may like to consider are as follows: 

Advance rental deposits

Unless you are moving to your new house or getting an accommodation from the company, you’ll have to pay advance rent and some security deposit to rent a flat almost in any city. Depending on the monthly rent, a land lord may ask you to deposit advance rent of up to 3 to 6 months. In some cases they will deduct a certain percentage from your monthly rent, but at times they may not consider doing that. So, keep it in mind while moving a house.

Costs of essential utilities

Depending on the situation, you may have to pay certain fees to arrange essential utilities like cooking gas, and etc. So, consider these things while shifting a house.

There maybe many such small expense, and it totally depends on an individual’s circumstances and preferences. I am just giving you an idea, so that you can consider looking at all of the expenses while preparing an estimated cost for house shifting services in India.

How to keep the costs of house shifting low?

Let’s face this. Who doesn’t want to save money while moving a house, or while doing anything else related to this task? Home shifting is obviously going to cost you, but how much it would cost totally depend s on the distance, and the volume of goods which you are taking.

Since the major cost is to move items, it would be great to find a movers and packers service provider who offers you competent and reasonable rates for shifting a house. In order to find such service providers what you can do is, go and compare rates and then do some negotiation. Rates of services are never fixed, and it depends on the expertise and credibility of the service providers. So, when you compare a few of them, you’ll get a fair idea of the costs and have the power to negotiate.

Apart from that, there is hardly anything else that you can do. But if possible, just have a look at the goods and see if you can get rid of any items, and save on overall costs of the house shifting services. If you have not started your search for movers and packers companies, then we can get you started in minutes. Post your shifting requirements to speak with three of the best movers in town. They will call you back in 15 minutes, and even offer free survey to give you more accurate estimates.


Costs of house shifting services depends on several factors such as the mover you are dealing with, the distance, volume of goods, timing and etc. Apart from the actual costs of house shifting, while preparing a budget for your relocation you should include pre and post relocation costs like cleaning, pest treatments, utility, foods, traveling and etc.

If you want to keep your costs of house shifting low, then just find the right movers and packers, sort out your inventory, avoid value added services, and you will be on your way to relocate your goods without spending much.

You can post your relocation needs here to receive rates and estimates from a couple of movers in minutes. When you compare their rates, you will be able to decide better and save more on home shifting services.

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