Moving and Storage Service in Pune, Maharashtra

There are many professional packers and movers companies in Pune, who offer fantastic moving and storage service in Pune, Maharashtra. You can hire any one of these moving service providers at ease, in order to packing and moving as well as for storage services in Pune. They have got all types of tools and equipment along with highly safe and secured warehouses, which you can rent depending on your storage needs. State-of-the-art storage facilities are also available in Pune, where you can store almost all types of household goods and appliances very safely, and at very nominal rates.

Depending on the kinds of  household goods you want to store, the Movers and packers will send professionally trained executive, who’ll have latest tools and equipment to store your goods properly, and safely for as many weeks or months as possible.

Pune is probably the second largest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai, and its growing bigger daily. Movers and packers companies are easily available in Pune, who will be really happy to help you. But when it’s about safety and security of your goods, and about overall costs of moving and storage, you should better double check and ensure that you are getting a good deal for the service that you require.

All about moving and storage service in pune

Finding movers for moving and storage service in pune

The common thing that everyone usually do are searching for the contact numbers of service providers, who can offer shifting and storage facility in Pune. But this task is very hectic, just talking over the phone wouldn’t help you to choose the reliable packers and movers, isn’t it?

This is when we are needed. We know making calls and chasing for quotations is not a good idea. We get you quotations from three different service providers in 15 minutes sharp (during work hrs). We empower you with choices, and help you save your effort and time. All that you need to do is post your requirements for moving and storage service in Pune.

We basically give you choice, and save your time and effort. Rest of the process remains same. So, receive calls by posting your requirements online, and then discuss, negotiate, and hire independently offline. Get the liberty to decide, there are no obligations.

What types of goods can be stored in a storage facility?

Packers and movers usually have larger size warehouses just outside the main city, and closer to the highway. Depending on your specific requirements, you have the opportunity to occupy the space of their warehouse. Storage facility can be used for storing all types of household goods and furniture, electronic items, office furniture, Industrial goods and machinery. But, there are several items that cannot be stored in a storage or warehouse. Here’s a quick list of items that can’t be stored in household storage facilities in Pune.

  • Storage of inflammable articles are strictly prohibited.
  • Storage of food and beverage items like wine, cold drinks, fruits, pickles and etc are not possible. You ought to clean your fridge before packing and storing.
  • Storage of petroleum products like petrol, diesel or any other inflammable chemicals can’t be stored.

Verifying movers for moving and storage service in Pune

Most of the movers and packers companies in Pune are well placed, but there are many who are not well placed. Involving a well placed moving and storage service provider has many advantages. But always consider looking at a few of the following things before hiring them:

  • Look for all types of documents and licenses.
  • Make sure to visit the warehouse if you are looking for storage services.
  • Always ask for consolidated invoice or estimate, to avoid any dispute moving forward.
  • Make sure to insure all your goods are verified properly, both for shifting as well as storage.
  • Discuss and agree on a flexible payment term.

Over to you

There are professionals moving and storage service providers in Pune, who offer safe and affordable moving and storage service in Pune. But, all you have to do is get connected with such service providers, and discuss your requirements. If you are a resident of Pune, What do you think is one of the biggest challenge in finding and selecting a mover for shifting or storage services in Pune? Share it with us by commenting below.

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