Best Ways to Organize Small Bedroom

I would rather prefer a small bedroom that’s well furnished, neat and well organized over a large bedroom. But to organize small bedroom, it requires a different kind of routine and discipline. You can’t afford to put things here and there, especially if your bedroom is little smaller.When you have a small bedroom and too many things stuffed in it, then of course you will feel very clumsy and irritated seeing your surroundings. Continue reading Best Ways to Organize Small Bedroom

Floor Cleaning Tips for Vinyl, Tiles and Marble Flooring

If you have already spent a lot of money and time in interior designing and decoration to give your home a classy and posh look, then it will be your utmost responsibility to maintain it in a way such that it remains that way for long. To ensure that, you should take cleaning your doors, vinyl’s, tiles and marble flooring seriously. As maintaining them the right way will retain the original posh looks of your interiors and also give you and your guests a good feeling about your home. Continue reading Floor Cleaning Tips for Vinyl, Tiles and Marble Flooring

DIY House Cleaning Tricks for Hygienic Living

Today we are living in 21st century, and despite of all the advancements the fields of health and medicines, people are becoming more vulnerable to various viral and allergic infections. Needless to say our ancestors lived a simple but a very healthy life in their time. But unfortunately we were not that lucky. With various pandemic and epidemic diseases closing in into various parts of the world, it is gradually becoming a challenging job to stay away from these diseases. Continue reading DIY House Cleaning Tricks for Hygienic Living

6 Ways to Remove Cooking Smell From an Indian Kitchen

Indian kitchen is way different from other kitchen because we use lots of spices; we like to eat vegetables, chicken, fish. There are families who are pure vegetarian and can’t tolerate even the smell of non vegetarian items like fish or egg. There are other families who like to have chicken and fish in every meal. But one thing is common; no one like the after cooking smell of fish, chicken or egg in an Indian kitchen. Sometimes when you cook fish or mutton, you like it on your table. But post finishing your meal, you notice bad smell in your kitchen and in the dining area. Cooking smell especially of non vegetarian recipes is terribly bad for those who don’t eat them (I am one of them). If your kitchen is a little congested and lacks proper ventilation, it will make the matter worse, after cooking smell lingers and make it impossible for you to stay and cook inside the kitchen.

Continue reading 6 Ways to Remove Cooking Smell From an Indian Kitchen

Maid Service for House Cleaning in India: How to book one

Maid service is available across all of the major cities for house cleaning and other day to day tasks. There are Individual home maids and maid service agencies from where you can book them. Even if there are many ways to clean your house on your own, but if you are busy and don’t feel lie doing it yourself, you can book house cleaning services or hire maid service.

But speaking frankly it is not practical for a working men or women or even a busy house wife to look after all the chores and then focus on daily housecleaning needs. The best option remains as to book a house cleaning services or house maid who can do it for you. A manual labor for your housecleaning activities will not only gives a much better finishing to your house but also save your from all the trouble along with your time and effort. Continue reading Maid Service for House Cleaning in India: How to book one

List of 50 House Cleaning Tips to Clean Every Room Fast and Easily

Everybody loves to live in a healthy and hygienic environment. But you might often feel lazy in doing house cleaning work either due to your busy schedule or you just want to spend your leisure time with your kids or spouse. But trust me there are several cool ideas that you can apply to efficiently clean your house without much hassle.

In this post, I am going to share approx 50 house cleaning tips to help you get started with house cleaning. I have divided this post in to several sections or room wise house cleaning tips. You can also do it to keep your spirits high. Let’s start with the kitchen then drawing room and finally bathroom. I am putting bathroom at last so that you can take a shower directly after all the cleaning work. Continue reading List of 50 House Cleaning Tips to Clean Every Room Fast and Easily

How to clean home appliances and kitchen appliances easily

Ever wondered about how to clean home appliances without damaging it and increase its longevity? Do you want to learn the right techniques and ways to clean general home appliances like oven, mixer grinder, refrigerator etc? This post is for you.

We use a wide variety of home appliances in our day to day living. These home appliances (both electrical and non electrical) needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them up and running. But you know what cleaning home appliances is one such task that we don’t feel like doing. But honestly, this is not something that we should ignore.

Home appliances, especially the kitchen appliances like oven, mixer, refrigerator, microwave oven, stove etc needs additional maintenance apart from regular cleaning with a damp cloth or sponge, to avoid grim buildups. Unless you clean home appliances regularly, apart from damaging it, you are also ignoring the hygiene which may turn out to be costlier in long run. Continue reading How to clean home appliances and kitchen appliances easily

Carpet Cleaning Services in Bangalore and elsewhere in India

Occasional carpet cleaning is something that can’t be ignored because carpet is an essential fabric because it gives your room a furnished look and an aesthetic feeling. Apart from decorating purpose, it also serves as floor covering during winter by keeping your foot warm. But proper maintenance like cleaning a carpet is not an easy task as they can easily get stained, especially by kids or pets. Simply using vacuum cleaners for carpet cleaning is not enough because it can help you get rid of dusts. But you can’t rely on vacuum cleaners for carpet cleaning when you have rigid stains and dirt marks on your carpet. Obviously if you want to retain the quality of the carpet you cannot afford to wash it on your own. Cleaning your carpet at home of your own is not a viable option given the weight and area of the carpet could be huge enough. Continue reading Carpet Cleaning Services in Bangalore and elsewhere in India

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Busy Moms

House cleaning is something that needs your attention on a regular basis. When you clean your house regularly, you won’t have to sweat it out and spend hours in cleaning every part of your room. It’s only when multiple layers of dusts and dirt remaining there for longer period of time. But when you clean it often, you can do it almost effortlessly.

If you are busy mom with kids to look after, it’s going to be difficult. But you know what you can’t even afford to leave it the way it is because dirt and dusts may harm your kids. Cleaning your own house may sound like frustrating sometime, but there is no other way, but to clean it. But if you want to keep your house clean but don’t find time or feel like moving the heavy weight furniture then let me help you. I am going to share a few very basic house cleaning tips and trick with you that you can follow to clean your house easily. Continue reading House Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Busy Moms

How to clean bathroom tiles using vinegar & baking soda

I was wondering about how to clean bathroom tiles of my own and clean it as if a professional housecleaning company has done it. I did some research and gone though a number of posts and articles on housekeeping. There are tons of articles and posts on housecleaning and what I found is I can clean bathroom tiles using most common ingredients already available at my house.

In this post I am going to give you a good overview of cleaning bathroom tiles. It’s fun to clean your bathroom yourself and you are going to love it. Obviously professional housekeeping companies have a number of tools and advance kind of equipments. If you are looking for that kind of solution you can click here. But if you are willing to clean it yourself then just read on for some hands on techniques. Continue reading How to clean bathroom tiles using vinegar & baking soda