Corporate Relocation Services in India: Employee relocation service

Various organizations help their employees relocate their household goods along with their family members, in case they are transferred to a new city in India or abroad. Various packers and movers companies offer corporate relocation services in India, to help the employees of various organizations to relocate safely. Organizations like public and private sector banks, FMCG, consumer durable companies, companies in power sector, oil and gas sectors, and others help their employees in relocating their house when they are transferred. Unlike any other activities related to human resource, the HR department looks after all of the arrangements of employees relocation in India.

HR department coordinates with relocation companies, and help their employee relocate their home from one city to another city within India, or even abroad. Relocation facilities can be offered for helping its employees relocate to abroad as well, but we are keeping this post limited to corporate relocation services in India.

In order to help the employees relocate, these companies have to hire a specialist corporate relocation service providers in India, who has proven track records in helping employees relocate from one city to another, within India or at times even abroad. This relocation service may include packing as well as shifting all the household goods, cars, bike and anything else including the relocation of the dependent family members of the employees. Sometime, employees just hire a relocation service provider to look after the packing and shifting task only. To move their family members, they book their own ticket and make all other arrangements on their own, and later produce the bill for compensation to their employees.

All about Corporate Relocation Services in India

Overview of Corporate Relocation Services in India

Household Relocation Services are also offered by some of the packers and movers companies in India (also termed as removalist or moving companies). Role of packers and movers companies are seriously very important, because they are the one who will be looking after everything right from packing all kinds of household goods, to getting it all loaded and transported to the new city or location where you have been transferred. Again after reaching the destination as per the schedule, these relocation service providers will unload all of your goods and even re-arrange them in your new home.

Even if HR department can help you find a household relocation service provider for household goods moving, you still have the freedom to find a relocation service provider on your own to get your goods relocated. It works in the following ways:

Company managed employee relocation facility

As already stated, when company is managing your relocation, there is hardly anything that you’ll have to be worried about. Large companies usually have tie-ups with various shifting relocation service providers who are supposed to handle all of the employee relocation needs of the company, where they have tie-ups. Depending on the company, you may have to give your requisition to the HR team, and let them know about the type and number of goods that you want to move. Based on your requirements, the HR team will approach a relocation service provider, that they find can handle this household relocation needs and ask for quotations. They will take quotations from a couple of service providers and finalize one that they like, usually the one who charges the lowest rates.

You hardly have to worry about anything. Once a relocation service provider is hired, you can schedule your move with them and once they are able to deliver all your goods, they can raise a bill to your employer and get paid.

Since this approach has lots of engagement with the HR team, they prefer to give their employees the liberty to find and hire a service provider for their shifting. We’ll talk about that method below.

Relocating of your own and get compensated after relocating

Some of the multinational companies, armed forces, public and private banks, Information technology, Insurance and companies in other sectors, let their employees choose and hire a corporate relocation service provider. Obviously there may be certain restrictions like only IBA approved or ISO certified companies can be hired. But that’s okay.

Even if that’s the case, your HR manager should be able to recommend a couple of service provider for you to look at because moving and relocation service providers usually visit HR managers and leave their cards out there so that they can get business.

But anyway, this method is a little more complicated because, here you have to call movers and packers companies who will be willing to help you relocate, and also be willing to get paid directly from your company. Or you can also hire a mover and get your relocation done, and then pay them from your pocket. Once it’s all over, you can produce the bill to your employer and they will compensate your invoice and credit the payments in your account.

Tips to hire movers for Corporate Relocation Services in India

Whether you are an employee, or you are an employer searching for affordable and reliable corporate relocation service providers in India, we can help you. We have handpicked some of the most reliable and competent relocation service providers, who collectively offer shifting and relocation services for more than 250 cities across India. Just tell us your relocation requirements, and we’ll help you connect with not just one or two, but three different shifting and relocation service providers in your city.  They will call you, talk to you, and after understanding your requirements, they will submit their quotation.

Since you are going to have three options, you can definitely bargain hard and choose the best service providers to get your goods relocated. We have services across India, so feel free to post your requirements to hire corporate relocation service providers in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and other cities in India.

Charges of movers for corporate relocation services

Since relocation is a service which is offered by movers or relocation service providers in India, the costs of relocating an employee may vary. There are various other parameters that varies depending on the shifting needs of an employee. So, it’s always better to compare costs and charges of relocation services, from various corporate relocation service providers. Whether you are an HR manager searching for a relocation service provider or an employee, before getting an approval under employee relocation you should always compare and then choose the right service provider. Costs of relocation can be saved immensely when you compare and negotiate properly. So, don’t underestimate this tool.

It’s over to you now

Whether your employer have hired a relocation service provider or whether you have hired a mover, there is nothing to deny the fact that the service provider have to be the best, and very capable enough to handle your shifting needs. Go and explore the best possible options available to you, and choose the service provider who is efficient and reliable.

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