Charges and Cost of Pest Control Services in India

There are various types of pests and bugs we commonly find such as cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, woodborer, lizards, ants and mice. Pest exterminators are specially trained and well equipped experts who can quickly investigate the infested area and apply required treatments to deal with these pests and bugs. Charges and cost of pest control services primarily depend on several factors including the type of bug, level of infestation, kind of treatment, number of times the treatment is applied and so on.

We need to have proper pest control done to safeguard the property from these creepy and unhealthy pests. For example pests like termites could easily destroy your furniture or wooden flooring and hence they need to deal with strategically. And that’s one of the reason why demands of pest control services in India is increasing many fold with every passing year. We often receive various types of question regarding pest exterminators and removal services and most of the time it’s about charges of pest control agencies for pest control services.

There are plenty of natural remedies to kill pests, which you can do yourself. But, if you find that there are numerous pests in your home, then surely call a pest control company who can offer end to end pest management services and help you get rid of pest infestations.

Cost of pest control services for home or office

Pests can invade your home and property anytime, and can cause considerable damage to your property. And not only damage to property, but the entire process of pest control can create mental and physical stress for you. So, if you have a pest problem, call the professionals to deal with it straight away. There are definitely many parameters which you need to know before hiring a pest control service, one of such vital parameter is the ‘money’ factor. You must be wondering how much do they charge isn’t it?

How to determine cost of pest control services

Here is a straight description of all the criteria based on which, the service rates of the pest control companies differ.

Type of pest removal service you need

The amount charged by the pest control agencies depends on a variety of factors. Out of which, the main factor is the type of pests that have attacked, or are hiding in your residence. Every pest control company might not have a team who are experts in killing every kind of pests. Some may specialize in termite control, while the other may excel at cockroach management, or bedbug management and etc. So depending on that, the service providers charge different amounts from the consumers. For instance, a termite control service wouldn’t charge same as the cockroach control services.

Level of pest infestation

The second important criteria for deciding rates is the size of the area in which the insects have invaded, and are dwelling. If the insects are accommodating at a tiny area, then the amount charged by the service provider wouldn’t be much. But if the infestation is more, or throughout the home then it is going to be very expensive. But even though the charges will be high, it would be worth it to kill all the pests.

Number of visits required to complete remove pests

Depending on the complexity of the pest attack in your home, the pest control service experts will take steps to toss the pests away. If the condition is not critical, then a single service would do. But if it’s very severe, then they might extend the services.

Size of property affect cost of pest control services

The pest control companies also charge rates according to the size of your home, or room. They’ll first checkout the area of your home (in square feet), or the specific room in which, the pests are dwelling.

Now, you must have got an idea about the criteria based on which, the pest control companies may charge you for pest control services? These criteria are not just applicable for the Indian pest control services, but also the ones abroad.

How to find charges for pest control services

Last but not the least, charges also vary depending on the type of treatment being applied and based on credential of the agency. There are premium pest control agencies in India that uses best tools and products (herbal and chemicals based solutions etc).

Ideally, you should check rates and charges for pest control services from a couple of pest control agencies locally available so that you get to know the process and overall costs for the service. Pest control agencies usually do not charge anything for inspection and they’ll be happy to do a free survey and offer customized quotation as required. That probably is the best way to find most accurate estimates for pest removal services.

You can use ServiceSutra to request no obligation quotes and estimates for pest removal services within minutes by creating an estimate request.

Ballpark idea of cost of pest control services in India

But even if costs of pest control services will vary on some of the parameters as we have discussed above, I will be able to give you some ballpark figure for general pest control services in India. Are you curious to know about it?

Usually the charges of a single service for killing general pests start from Rs.899 for 1 BHK and it may go up to Rs. 2000 for  3BHK flat. Costs may extend according to the size of the property, the area of infestation, and the type of pests like whether it is bed bugs, termites or general pest control for cockroaches, ants and lizards. The pest control service providers in India can also charge you according to the warranty they are providing you. For instance, a bedbug management service may provide you with a warranty of 45 days, 90 days or even 6 months. And according to this, they’ll charge different prices.

Again different pest management companies have different approach and so their rates may vary. And charges as mentioned here are excluding the applicable taxes.

Curious to know more, tell us your pest control needs to get customized estimates from a local pest control agency available in your city.

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