List of Essential Things Needed When Moving into a New House

Almost all my early life, I have stayed with my parents. After completing my education, I had to stay away from my family for a couple of years. I was staying in a PG with another room mates. After getting married, I had to rent out a new house before bringing my family. Was I excited? Yes. But I was scared as well, because I was moving into a new house and I had to setup everything from scratch. I started creating the list of essential things needed when moving into a new house and it really worked to a good extent.

List of Essential Things Needed When Moving Into a New House

There are a number of essential household items you need to setup a new house. Whether you are moving into a new apartment or renting an unfurnished house, there are so many thing to be done after moving, for instance, you got to buy different kind of items from toilet soap to broom and buckets to kitchen knife, the list goes on. The idea is not to scare you, but that’s how it is. I managed to pull it off well and then I thought of creating a list of essential things you would need before moving into a new house.

This is a long list and there are many items which you may or may not need depending on your lifestyle, number of family member and based on the house you are moving into. So feel free to add or remove the list of items according to your needs.

Essential things you need to setup a new house

Moving into a new house should be fun and exciting. But that’s only possible when you plan properly and furnish your new house with most essential household things. Not everyone have same setup of lifestyle and requirements, but there are a few basic essentials things that you need immediately like cooking gas and oven, or microwave oven or induction cooktop.

As per Feng Shui guidelines for moving to a new house, it is also believed that, you should bring kitchen items first and then items for other rooms. Also, you need brooms as you must broom your house from corner to center and then to the main door before you begin unpacking and arranging items.

So, keep that in mind.

This list of essential things is primarily for those who want to setup a house to live with the family, not necessarily for bachelors who eat out or order food every day. The idea is to share my own experience of setting up a new house from scratch and make it functional for my wife from day one.

If you are planning to relocate and moving to a new new house from scratch and wondering about the list of essential things you may need, then check this checklist to get started.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.

List of essential things needed in kitchen

Setting up your new kitchen can be tedious because there are many essential things you need to setup a functional kitchen. Some of the most essential things needed for your kitchen are here under;

  • Oven – cooking gas, induction or microwave.
  • If you are using induction or microwave, then obviously you got to buy compatible pots and pans and trays.
  • Fridge is one of the most essential thing to have
  • Kitchen knives
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Chopping board
  • Few spoons, fork as per your needs
  • One whisk
  • A couple of cooking pots and pans, preferably with lid or cover
  • A few bowls of various sizes that can be used to prepare ingredients
  • Air tight containers of various sizes that can be used to store cooked foods
  • Medium size containers to store food grains, flour etc
  • Vegetable basket to store onion, potato and other veggies.
  • Smaller container to store various ingredients like salt, sugar, pulses etc
  • Spice Jar
  • Kitchen towels and apron
  • Garbage bin
  • Glass and jug
  • Plates and bowl to serve food
  • Foil paper to wrap your lunch

List of essential things needed in the bedroom

After kitchen, your bedroom is the next important room that has to be setup properly. Thankfully, setting up your new bedroom is not going to be that tedious and even if you lack something, it’s not going to be an issue.

Here’s the list of essential things needed in the bedroom.

  • A good quality bed, because it is to be used for many more years.
  • Good quality mattress and a couple of pillows
  • A couple of bed covers
  • Two pairs of pillow covers or more, depending n how many pillows you use.
  • A side unit is a good to have thing in the bedroom so you can keep your essentials there.
  • Dresser or arrangement of a large vertical mirror.
  • Night lamp – only if you use it.
  • A table clock with alarm is a must to have for many.
  • Curtains and roads for bedroom window
  • You may need a couple of blanket, if it’s chilling cold.
  • Cupboard or Almirah
  • Cloth hangers

List of essential things needed for the washroom and cleaning

Setting up your washroom does not require much, but still you need some of these essential things:

  • Personal toiletries
  • Bucket and mug, unless you prefer to take bath in the shower
  • Soap and shampoo
  • A pair of bath towels
  • Stands for hanging clothes and other toiletries
  • A medium size mirror for the washroom
  • General laundry soap and detergent
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet cleaner and toilet cleaning brush

List of miscellaneous items needed to setup a new house

Apart from the kitchen, bedroom and living room, you will need few other miscellaneous things which are mentioned below:

  • First-aid box is probably the most essential thing to have in the house
  • Needle and threads for emergencies
  • Air freshener
  • Rope or steel stand/rack for clothes drying
  • A table or press stand to press (iron) your cloth
  • Tools like screw driver/tester etc is something that you may often need, especially while setting up a new house and if you are a DIY person.
  • Dust pan is another essential
  • Broom and dustbin
  • Duster or dusting tool
  • Floor mop and bucket
  • Floor cleansers
  • Glass cleaner is a good to have thing
  • Few doormats
  • Emergency lighting
  • Television set with dish connection

Over to you

Whether you are moving to Delhi in India or relocating to your new home at Richmond Hill in Canada, there are certain essential things that is always needed for comfortable living.

Moving out and setting up a new house is not going to be easy, especially when you don’t have a proper plan. There are many thing required in the kitchen, bedroom and washroom.

Items like thread and needle may sound like not so important, but it’s not.  Not having a needle and thread means, you may not wear your favorite dress for an important party.

I have already shared the list of most essential things needed when moving into a new house. But feel free to alter this list and add or remove items you don’t need or you already have.

Moving into a new house and setting up your first house should be a fun and exciting moment. And you can enjoy every moment of this process, when you know what is essential and what you need the most.

Hope this extensive list of essential things needed to setup your first home will certainly help you in the process.

Feel free to share this list with those who may need it.

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