Expenses to Consider When Moving House

Moving a house can be expensive, especially when you are moving to another city or state, and you have plenty of household goods to get packed and moved safely. Needless to say, making a relocation budget can help you keep the moving expenses in control. I have often seen people spend way more than what they initially thought it would cost to move a house. And it’s not that they didn’t spend their money wisely, it’s just that they have no clear idea about how to budget correctly for moving a house. If you are planning to move house and you have no idea about the various costs and expenses associated with moving a house, then here’s the post that must check.

Today in this post, I am sharing everything worth knowing about moving expenses, and if you read this post till the end, you will have clear idea of all the moving expenses, and you’ll be able to make a near perfect relocation budget smartly.

Making a relocation budget – here’s what to consider

Making a budget for moving a house is a very important as it helps you plan your expenses correctly. Unless you are able to fix the budget correctly considering all the expenses, you are most likely to end up exceeding your relocation expenses.

Usually people assume moving expense is all about finding out the rates of moving services, but trust me there is more to it. Of course, the packers movers charges is going to cover the majority of moving expenses, but there are several other cost heads as well, that you should consider.

And that’s what I am going to help you with here under.

So, here are the major house moving expense heads that you need to budget for when making a relocation budget for an upcoming house move.

Packers and movers charges

Obviously, when it is about home relocation and you are planning to hire a moving service, then you should consider their rates as a part of your moving budget. Now, in order to have a basic idea of the rates you can actually do your research on the present market rates of the moving companies. You can also use our online cost calculator to calculate and estimate moving expenses across major cities in India.

But, do remember that the rates of the movers will obviously vary depending on various factors, most important of which are mentioned below. So, take a look.

  • Brand name– Now, if you are thinking of hiring a very branded and reputed moving company, you cannot expect very low rates from them. They have given good services to the customers and hence deserve to be paid more than the other companies who are less efficient or not that famous yet.
  • Service experience– Besides the branded companies, if any company has got many years of experience in the packers and movers field, then obviously, their charges will be high in comparison to the companies who are new in this business. And, it is a fact that more the experience, the more will be the efficiency. So, if you want to hire a very experienced mover, you will have to have a decent budget for that.
  • Season– There is a lot of demand of the moving companies in the peak season and so the rates of the companies are also higher during that time. So, if you choose the peak season, be ready to pay more. On the other hand, if you choose an off season for the move, then the quotes offered by the movers will be less. Also, the charges during the weekends are more in comparison to those in the weekdays.
  • The distance of the move– If you are moving locally, the moving companies will obviously charge you less but when it is a long distance move or an international one, the charge will undoubtedly be higher.
  • Volume of items– When you are moving lot of items to the new location, the moving charges will increase. Also, many a times, the type of items you are relocating is also a deciding factor when it is about the moving rates. Like for example, if the items are too heavy or special or if the movers have to move the items up or down the stairs, the rates may increase.

Besides giving the moving company their fees, most of the customers tip them. I mean this is one way to appreciate the good work they have done.

Obviously, if you are not satisfied you may not tip them, but if you are happy and satisfied with their service, you can tip them. So, you can include that in your list of relocation expenses as well.

Packing costs

When you are moving from one place to another, you will be carrying your belongings at least the essential ones with you. So, when you are fixing the moving budget, do consider the packing costs of those items.

You will have to buy good quality packing supplies starting from sturdy boxes to packing tapes etc. And, if you are planning to hire professionals for packing your goods, then obviously, you will have to pay the packing fees of the company as well. So, do keep that in mind.

Loading and unloading charges

Well, I have already mentioned that if the movers have to face more challenges while loading and unloading the items on the moving day, then they may ask for more. But, if you want to decrease your expenses or if you are planning for a DIY move, you need to arrange for some equipment or tools for moving your items especially the heavy or large items.

Be it the dollies to the sliders/gliders etc., you need to either buy or rent these moving tools while loading and unloading items. So, count it in your list of moving expenses when making a budget for moving a house.

Renting/buying a house

When you are relocating to another place, which means you are leaving your current home and have to find a new home to live. Now, whether you will be renting an apartment or buying a new home you will have to invest in a new home, so keep that in mind while fixing your moving budget.

And, yes, the rates for the homes will vary depending on the city and neighborhoods. Like if you are trying to find a home in a posh location, obviously the overall cost of living will be high. So, this is also one factor that you need to consider while calculating your home relocation expenses.

Essential shopping

When you are moving to a new house, no matter what all items you carry with yourself, you still have to go essential shopping. There are many household items that you need to setup a new house, so consider those shopping expenses as well when budgeting for the move.

House cleaning

If you are currently living in a rented home, then in high probability, your landlord has taken a security deposit when you first moved in this home. So, if you have to get the entire security back, you will have to properly clean the home before leaving. And, many times, when cleaning the entire home does not become possible on the own, professional help is required. So, a deep home cleaning by a local cleaning service company is going to cost some money, and therefore it’s worth including in your house moving budget.

In fact, you also need to include the repairing costs if anything in your present home needs to get repaired.

Travel expense

The moving companies can move your goods, but to move the family members, you. When it is an international relocation, traveling by flight is obviously the best option as it is the fastest one. But, flight fares are quite high especially in case of international travel, so that is another big investment that you need to consider while deciding your moving budget.

Storage costs

Moving houses is tricky. Most times, the new place is not yet ready to house your items. This is where short-term household storage services comes in. By renting a storage unit, you can keep your items in a remote and secure facility so that your old place can be cleaned up for its new owners. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about having to settle in a new house with tons of your stuff scattered around. Don’t worry too much about the self storage costs as it will definitely save you from so many headaches. You can also ask around first and get price estimates of storage services so you can decide whether you can afford them or not.

Food expenses

You may not have thought about it, but you may have to spend money for food while moving. You may have to carrying snacks and light foods while travelling to the new destination both for surviving the long journey, and for surviving the initial few hours in the new home without cooking.

Then if your friends have helped you to plan and arrange for the move, you need to at least show your appreciation by giving them a treat. Now, these food expenses might not be too much to be bothered about but if you are trying to get an idea of all of the expenses involved while moving, then this is something that you can take into account.

Unexpected expenses

Things always do not go as planned, and therefore you should be prepared for some unexpected expenses as well while preparing budget for relocation expenses. When you are saving for your move, save a few extra than what you have approximately estimated, so that the expected expenses do not bother you later.


Home relocation not just gives emotional and physical stress, but it can also give financial stress, especially when you have not planned your relocation budget correctly.

And, to get rid of any such situation, you need to fix a proper budget. Because the more accurately you are able to save for your move, the lesser will be your monetary tensions.

When it is about fixing a budget for moving a house, you need to consider certain expenses like the packers and movers rates, the packing expenses, the loading-unloading costs, and some unexpected and miscellaneous expenses like move in or move out cleaning as well.

So, start savings from today only if you have plans to move your house, and try to arrange for a decent budget so that you can enjoy your relocation without worrying too much about the money.

What else do you think one should budget for while moving a house?

Hope it helps you make your relocation safe and stress free!

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