Garden Pest Control: How to protect garden from pests

Garden Pest Control: How to protect garden from pestsA beautiful and colourful garden surrounding your house is a blissful scene. A garden is not just the abode to various kinds of plants but also insects and pests. Sharing is a good aspect in one’s character, but it certainly does not mean that you should share your garden with the unwanted creatures like insects and pests. You must prevent pest infestation so that you can retain the beauty and health of your garden. In this post, I am going to discuss about garden pest control and various ways to protect garden from unwanted pests and insects.

The garden can be the nests of various kinds of pests, like ants, termites, spiders, cockroaches, snakes, grasshoppers etc. These tiny creatures can also make their entrance into your home through the small insignificant holes in your doors or windows, and also the cracks of the pipes and walls. So, if you want to prevent the pests and insects to enter your home, then you must keep your garden free from them too.

How to do garden pest control effectively

There are certain steps that you can take to prevent the pests from invading your beautiful garden. For effective, garden pest control, you have to think differently and take different approach. I am sharing some of the most effective ways to protect your garden from unwanted pests and insects. Try and apply these garden pest control technique as per your needs and the kind of infestation you have found.

Get rid of weeds

The weeds are unwanted plants and shrubs that will find their own places in your garden. These weeds are often the nests and the breeding grounds of various kinds of pests and insects. If your garden goes untouched for weeks and months, then they can grow very fast in your garden. If it is the monsoon season, then getting rid of the weeds is all the more important because harmful creatures like snakes can find their shelters here.

Proper timely maintenance

This point is actually related to the first point. You must consult the professionals if you think that you are running short of time and energy in cleaning your garden. Not only getting rid of the weeds, but there are certain other things related to the maintenance of the garden. The trimming of the grasses and also the trees and plants, removing the weeds and shrubs, maintaining the soil quality, and also investigating the presence of pests in your garden. You can consult the professional pest controllers and exterminators of your city who will be able to do the job efficiently as they have experience in this field.

Fencing the garden

I suggest this point strongly as it has helped me a lot. Fencing means creating a boundary around your garden so that the animals and pests cannot enter in your space. You can construct a boundary wall with cement, or wooden or iron fences are good too. This will prevent the cats, dogs, rats, rabbits from entering your area.

Maintain the soil

The soil is the hotbed of various kinds or worms, insects, locusts and pests. There are some good worms that help in fertilization of the soil. But, you can get rid of the other pests for protecting your garden and also your home environment. There are certain chemicals that you can inject in the soil of your garden to kill all the pests and insects. The professional pest controllers have the required chemicals which can be injected in the soil through their equipments.

Pest repellers

There are certain plants that can repel the pests and other insects, make sure that you have these plants in your garden. The plants like Neem, tulsi, cilantro, mint, marigolds can repel the pests with their strong odor. These plants will also reduce the mosquitoes, and thus you can prevent the dengue causing mosquitoes from entering your home.

Remove stones and debris

The stones and debris can be the homes of snails and slugs. If you find that there are some stones and boulders in your garden, remove them. If you have plant pots in your garden, then change their positions often so that the pests and insects do not find the chance to dwell under them.

Traps for insects and pests

There are various kinds of commercial traps available in the market. If you set these traps, then it will help you get rid of the unwanted creatures. If you keep a bowl of beer in your garden, then the slugs can be removed very easily. There are some creatures that are beneficial to your garden, for example the toads. The toads feast on bugs and pests, creating no harm to your trees and plants. So, the toads can actually help you to prevent pest infestation, keep inverted pots in your garden, where toads can live.

Over to you

There are many ways to do garden pest control effectively and I have shared some of the most effective ways here in this post. If you follow these steps, I am sure you will be able to eradicate pests easily. But, if you see that the infestation is critical, then you can take help from the professional pest exterminators. They can inspect the area well, and apply the remedies to get rid of pests, larvae and their nesting grounds. Frequent inspection is needed so that the pest infestation does not occur in full swing.

What else do you think one can do to Prevent Garden from Getting Infested by pests?

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