Home Decorating Ideas and Tips According to Vastu Shastra

India is known for so many things such as its rich culture and heritage, and Vastu Shastra is considered as one of such culture which almost every person in this entire country follows. Vastu shastra is not actually a culture, but a science of architecture and construction. But most of the people consider it to be a culture, rather than science because, this practice incorporate traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs. Initially Vastu Shastra was restricted with the temples only, but over the time people have started following Vastu rules for Interior Decoration of homes and offices too.

When going for makeover or remodeling of your home, office, following certain Vastu rules can really be worthy. A few of the Vastu Tips that you can follow during your Interior decoration and design are as under.

  • Vastu demands the kitchen to be ideally placed in the southeast corner or the northwest corner of the house. The direction and placement of doors and windows, placement of cooking gas, gas cylinder, sink, refrigerator and other electronic gadgets, everything matters. For instance: Taps and sinks should be kept in the North-East direction away from the cooking range as fire and water repel each other.
  • Vastu principles for offices marks many factors as well that should be considered, which includes the location for the workplace, office exteriors in terms of its slope and shape, direction of various departments, the reception’s location, positioning of various electronic gadgets, and etc. For example: Conference room should be in the north-west since the direction is best suited for flow of ideas.
  • While designing or arranging a new shop, vastu should definitely be considered. The main point in case of a shop’s vastu is the shopkeeper’s/owner’s positioning. Vastu says that, the owner of the shop should sit in the South or West so that he is seated facing towards North or East.
  • As per Vastu Shashtra if you keep the entry to your house in positive directions and positioning a constant cosmic field there, can create positive energy which in turn leads to positive thinking, prosperity and good health.
  • According to Vastu, the perfect place for bedroom in a house is the southwest corner. Building bedroom in Northeast, East or North, should be avoided as it may bring health and financial issues.
  • For married couples, best direction of the bedroom is north. For unmarried children’s, the best location for the bedroom is in the East direction
  • As per Vastu, you should not keep fountains or fish aquariums in your bedroom
  • It is advised to place Mirrors on the north and east walls. No mirrors should be place in study rooms and opposite to beds in the bedrooms. If you have mirror in front of the bed, then make sure to cover it at night before going to bed.
  • Choosing right mix of colors are very important, as it directly affects the mood of the person residing there. In entrance of the house, avoid red, black and gray colors, while using white, light blue and dark green colors are very good.
  • As per Vastu living room windows should be in east and north direction.
  • As we prefer attached bathrooms, the bathroom should either be in northwest or southeast direction of the bedroom.

These are some of the basic and easy to follow vastu tips that you can follow. You may also consult with a Professional Interior Decorators or Designers in your city to get more detailed ideas on how to get your home decoration or renovation done as per Vastu Shastra

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