Home Decorating Tips for Summer – Welcome the summer in style

Home Decorating Tips for Summer- Welcome this summer in styleWinter is bidding adieu and the time has arrived to welcome the sizzling weather. India is a tropical country where the summer seasons are prevalent. Most of the year is owned by this season, so we have to make some special arrangements to welcome the summer season. And if you are wondering about home decorating this summer, here’s the post worth reading. I am going to share a few quick and simple home decorating tips for summer, that you can use and make your home ready to welcome the season.

Home is the space where we spend our majority of the times, so this is where things must start. You must make your home ready for the season. In winter we try and make our home warmer, but the interior decoration of the house has to change according to the season. In this post, I want to share some easy to implement and innovative home decorating tips for summer.

Summer is the season when the soothing colours and refreshing ambiance can give you the energy to fight the scorching heat of the sun and the ever rising temperatures. Your home must be cool and comfortable so that you can relax here and rejuvenate your energy the moment you step into your home abode. There are many cost effective and simple ways by which you can do so.

Welcome the season with these home decorating tips for summer

There is no doubt that the approach to decorate your home has to be tweaked a bit according to the season. And summer is knocking the door and hence you may feel the need to look at the existing decoration of your home.

Cotton is the best cloth material for summer, so the cotton bed sheets, cotton cushion covers, cotton curtains go well with the season. Light shades like white, pop corn white, pastel shades, faded blue, green and pink, faded mauve can be just the perfect colour to use in your home, be it the walls, or the accessories or the furniture.

If you have wooden furniture with dark polis, then let that be, because you can’t just replace it, unless it is too old. The walls must be of the light shades which will go well with any kind of decoration, and also for all the seasons year round.

Here is some of the quick and simple home decorating tips for summer that you can use to make your home summer ready.


I will start my summer decorating with de-cluttering because if the house is having unnecessary and extra items, then how much effort you put in decorating the house, all will go in vain.

De-cluttering the house is the first step because you will not like to see that extra bundle of old newspapers and that broken fridge after coming home dog tired. You need some blank space, some space to breathe, and the clutter will just destroy soothing ambiance of your home.

Start by packing the winter blankets, organize your wardrobes and sort out the winter wear to begin with. Make space for yourself and to welcome summer.


If you do not like the dark wooden polish of the furniture then you can use the cotton slip covers that you can change every season. The slip covers will not let you see the dark wooden furniture in this summer.

The slip covers can be of some light shades of your choice. These light colours can get dirty easily. Make sure that you wash the covers on a regular basis. If you want you can even paint the furniture in whites and faded greens so that they can complement the weather outside.

Curtains and drapes

There are many materials for curtains and drapes, synthetic, linen, cotton, velvet etc. But, I prefer cotton curtains for the décor as they are very light textured, thus soothing to the eyes and senses.

But, the problem with cotton curtains is they will not obstruct the heat rays of the sun during the daytime. On the other hand, the velvet curtains are dark textured, and they can block the sunrays completely. You can select any one as per your wish.


The floors can be bare as the cold floors will give you comfort in the sultry summer. When you step on the cold floors, you will feel soothing. But, instead of wall to wall carpets, you can use rugs on the floors.

Use dark coloured rugs like purple and magenta so that they go well with the light shades of the wall. You can also use the grass shaped rugs, it will bring a feel of nature into the room.

Embrace Mother Nature

You can keep a bowl of fish or an aquarium in your room. Fishes swimming in the aquarium is a very soothing scene to watch. Keep potted plants in your rooms, instead of the blank corners of the rooms; fill them up with indoor plants of your choice.

Change the positions of the sofa so that the person who sits there can get the view of the outside nature, may be your garden or the swimming pool. This is how you can bring the elements of Nature in your home décor.

Play with contrasts

You can be playful with contrasts, and here I do not mean only the contrasting colours. You can bring contrasting features in various forms in home décor. For example, in a room where there is only furniture with dark wooden polish, you can keep some lush green potted plants, and a white rug.

This is how you can create contrast. Or, in a room where the sofa covers, the curtains, the cushions are all white, there you can keep a big vase of colourful flowers, so that there is contrast.

Make the summer appliances ready

Air conditioners, fans, coolers, refrigerators, are some of the appliances that you need in summer daily. Some of these appliances were not used much during the winter months, but they will be life saver in the summer.

So, check whether they are in working conditions, do servicing if required. If these appliances are not working properly, then the summers will be unbearable.

Over to you

Summer is predominant in India, so instead of fretting and complaining about the high temperatures, you can turn your home into a peaceful haven where you can sit and relax.

The home is where the heart is, and in order to enjoy your stay, you must make your home summer ready. The home environment is in your hand, unlike the outside weather.

Try using some of these home decorating tips for summer and get ready to welcome the season in style.

What else do you do to welcome the season?

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