How to Choose the Best Carpet and Rugs for Home

Tips to choose the best carpetIf you want to make your room look perfect, then you cannot ignore the floors. The beauty of the floors is enhanced by proper carpets or rugs. The carpets embrace the floors in utmost care; the floors can be saved from damage too, all thanks to the carpets. But there are various kinds of carpets and rugs available in the market. And if you are planning to buy a carpet but you are not unsure about which one to buy then here’s the post worth reading. In this post, I am going to talk about how to choose best carpet and rugs for your home. 

It’s not always easy to choose the best carpet, because it has to look good and the colour and style should fit well with the rest of the decoration. The carpet is a crucial accessory which transforms the look of the space, makes the space comfortable and obviously provides insulation in winter. The carpet is like a jewelry that will deck up the space in most beautiful ways possible. The main thing you have to know is how to choose the right kind of carpet.

Simple tips to choose best carpet for home

The kind of carpet will be determined by shape and size of your house, the family members, your budget, the ambiance you want to reflect. Different carpets have different objective and when you know your primary motivation to buy the carpet, choosing a carpet will become much easier.  Here are some of the factors that may help you choose best carpet or rugs for your home.

Size of the room

Simple tricks to choose the best carpet for homeThe size of the room is very important. If the room is small then go for a smaller carpet. If the room is large, then obviously a larger carpet will be required. In case of small rooms, you can use rugs, which will cover few selected portion of the floor, and not the whole floors. If the floor is little bit visible in the small room, then the room looks bigger than the actual size.


There are thousands of colours and designs of carpets available in the market. If the colour of the wall is some darker shades, then it is advisable to buy some light or white carpet. If the walls are of some light neutral colours, then you can either select equally light colour or a darker shade. Monochromatic look in a lighter room is much better than in a darker room. But contrast is good always.


If there are kids and pets in your home then go for low maintenance carpets. If there is a food stain then you can remove it easily. There are cotton carpets, or synthetic ones, or polymer. You can choose as per your choice, and also the climate. If the weather is too hot, then go for some thinner carpets.


How to choose best carpet for your homeCarpets and rugs can be placed in the bedroom, living area, and stair and at other places. And depending on the usage and place you want to put the rug, you should choose a carpet. The one that you keep in the living area may not go well in the bedroom and vice versa.

So the carpet for bedroom should be soft and subtle, but same may not work for the dining area. The carpet for dining or living space has to be a bit dense and harder, so it can last. When choosing the carpet, make sure to consider how and where you are going to place it.


Before I discuss the texture, fabric or colour, I will start with the budget. The budget is very important as without fund you cannot get the carpet you want. I your budget is 5k and the carpet you selected is 15K, then it will be problematic. Interior decoration is important, but that does not mean that you have to dig a hole in your wallet. Plan the budget, and then start planning for carpet. Do not just buy any carpet that you find, there are certain factors which you have to consider before buying one.

Over to you

Choosing right set of carpet is not always easy, because there are so many styles, quality and sizes. Most of the time, interior designers suggest the color and style of the carpet and rugs at the time of designing.

But you should not limit yourself, and choose one that suits your need, fits in with the rest of the decoration and come in your budget. What else do you think one need to choose the right carpet for home?

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