DIY House Cleaning Tricks for Hygienic Living

Today we are living in 21st century, and despite of all the advancements the fields of health and medicines, people are becoming more vulnerable to various viral and allergic infections. Needless to say our ancestors lived a simple but a very healthy life in their time. But unfortunately we were not that lucky. With various pandemic and epidemic diseases closing in into various parts of the world, it is gradually becoming a challenging job to stay away from these diseases.

House Cleaning Tricks for hygienic living

Well in public places and gatherings you do not have much control over these contagious viruses, but at least you can save yourself & your family members from these allergies and diseases especially who are prone to allergies. Cleaning your home properly is the first step to avoid these allergies and diseases.

Here are the house cleaning tricks you should try

I have a very strict house cleaning schedule and I try to stick to it to a good extent. House cleaning should be a balanced act because from cleaning your remote to cleaning the kitchen cabinets, you have to pay attention to all of it. If you were wondering and don’t know how clean your house to make healthy and hygienic then you should read though this post. I am sharing some really simple do-it-yourself house cleaning tricks and tips.

Keep your kitchen clean

Properly clean your floor on a regular basis, the floor is the main source from where most of the diseases come from, especially if you have a toddler or a baby it is extremely essential for you to keep your floors clean to protect them from any potential allergy or viral infections. Also keep your floor clean from food spills and crumbs as it might attract pests like cockroaches, spiders or lizards, which further add to the problem. Throw away or recycle your grocery bags, as it can attract cockroaches. Empty your trash daily and disinfect the garbage can at least once in a week. Clean your refrigerator weekly, this is something which people use to procrastinate but it is extremely important for you to clean it at least once in a week to keep the diseases and germs at bay.

Clean your bathroom and toilet

Bathroom is another place from where the germs can easily get inside your body. Hence you should keep your toilet and bathroom clean at all times. Wash your shower contents at least once in a month. Clean the molds and turn the exhaust fan on, while having shower or during pooping. And most importantly keep yourself clean too. Encourage your children to wash hands whenever they come from outside. Ask them to brush their teeth after dinner.

Clean your bedding

You should wash your bedding on a regular basis to keep dust mites away. I have seen many people who do not change their bedding for long, they eventually fall sick by sleeping on the same bedding without cleaning them often.

Wash bed sheets in warm or hot water, do this at least once in a week. After washing it most people hang it outside to dry, but as wet sheets attract the allergens you just removed by washing them again sets into it. Hence avoid that practice and dry it on high heat. Do wash comforters, mattress pads and dry wash blankets on monthly basis. Don’t forget to wash and dry pillows at least once in four months. These precautions will ensure that you remain out of reach from the diseases and allergies.

Day to day Vacuum and dusting at home

The best way is to hire a house maid for this work if you do not want to do it yourself. Just make sure it is done, otherwise the dust can really do a great deal of damage to you and your family’s health, especially if someone from your family is suffering from asthma.  Follow the order and vacuum, dust and finally clean the floor with a wet cloth then let it dry, switch on the fans or exhaust if required.

Grooming your pets

Pets are like family every one in our family loves them we should also keep them away from diseases by regularly brushing them, but we should do it on the yard or outside the home, chances are that they can take various diseases from outside, and their furs can contain dust, dander or small pests which can spread diseases. Hence we should take proper care that neither they get infected with disease nor they can spread it by any means.

Removal of pests

The presence of pests inside your home is a major threat to you and your family’s health. As they are the main culprit to spread various diseases, you can avoid them to a certain extent if you maintain your house by keeping it clean all the time. Clean cobwebs to keep the spiders out, wash off your plates immediately; to avoid attracting flies and cockroaches, don’t left food particles on counter-tops of your kitchen, as the lizards and ants might come for a feast.

These pests can be really harmful for the health of you and your family; cockroach droppings can cause various type of allergies, asthma and other such ailments, lizard stool is act as an extremely ingredient for food poisoning, ants and spider bites can cause pain and allergies. Hence it is very essential to get rid of these pests if you want to stay healthy and make your home free from pests and diseases. If you notice pests infestations, then you may like to avail professional pests removal services to deal with the pest infestation.

Avail professional cleaning services

Last but not the least, hiring a house cleaning service can ensure that you remain protected from any germs or viral attacks.

If you or any of your family members does suffer from severe allergies or asthma, consider asking your cleaning chores to family members without allergies or simply book professional cleaning service. Try and look for natural and plant-based cleaning products or else you can make your own cleanser solution by using white vinegar, baking soda, lemon etc. If you finally decide to do in on your own then at least wear a dust mask when dusting or vacuuming.

Over to you

We should do our part to keep ourselves healthy and fit, by following these simple tips we can do that to a certain extend. Don’t avoid or procrastinate cleaning activities or else it might cause a major health issue at your home.

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