House Cleaning Without Chemicals: Eco friendly house cleaning tips

House cleaning is something that we can’t ignore. We ought to do regular house cleaning but at times we feel like getting rid of those chemicals and find ways to to do house cleaning without chemicals. If you are wondering if there are ways to do house cleaning without using chemicals then this post is for you.

We get plenty of house cleansing products in the market with varied prices and ingredients. But, one particular thing remains common in such home cleaning products, that is ‘chemical’. Chemicals can definitely disinfect the home, but most of us are unaware that along with disinfecting the home, it maltreats the environment in many ways. So, wouldn’t you like to save your environment from such terrible chemicals? Of course, you do want to protect your environment and want to find ways to clean house without using chemicals. The ultimate way to prevent your environment from such chemicals is by switching to Eco-friendly house cleaning products, which are completely made of natural ingredients.

Eco friendly cleaning tips for House Cleaning Without Chemicals

Ways to do house cleaning without chemicals

Thinking from where to find home cleaning products made of natural ingredients? Then for your information, you’ll never find chemical free home cleaning products in any supermarket. If you are looking to do house cleaning without chemicals and use natural products, you can make it yourself using normal ingredients which is widely available in the market. Or else if you hire cleaning services for house cleaning then ask them to use natural and eco friendly materials instead.

Here are the 6 amazing ways to do house cleaning without chemicals

1. Natural Toilet Cleaner- We all know that the one part of the house, which gets dirty very easily is the bathroom. And to be precise, the toilet gets much dirtier than the other parts of the bathroom, because it’s the only part of the home that’s used very frequently. Now, when it comes to toilet cleaning, people are concerned about two vital things; first to whiten and brighten up the toilet accessories, and secondly to disinfect it. To deal with the former issue, that is to whiten and brighten, the best and natural ingredient that can be used is a vinegar. For this, just add up vinegar in a spray bottle that has a mouth which ejects the liquid in a stream form, rather that spraying. Such spray bottles with streaming mouth are easily available. So, grab hold such bottle fill in vinegar and use it to clean the yellowish tinge on the toilet accessories. After spraying vinegar, bush the commode with a toilet cleaning brush, and later flush. You’ll get back the white and bright look. And as per the second issue, which is related to disinfecting the toilet, use tea tree oil mixed with water, pour it in a spray bottle and spray it over the commode. Use whenever you want to, or every time you use the toilet.

2. Natural floor cleaner- Floor is the second thing that gets easily dirty and infected. You can undoubtedly use chemical based floor cleaning products, but if you have a baby in your home, then it would be advisable to switch to natural cleaners. For cleaning the floors, you can again use vinegar. Add a big quantity of vinegar in a bucket of warm water and mop the floors. To avoid the smell of vinegar throughout the house, use few drops of essential oils in that bucket and then wipe the floor. In this way, the floor will be clean, and the fragrance of the essential oil will be floating in the air. And if you have wooden floors, use tea to clean it up. Yes, you heard it right! Tea can help you clean wood floors completely. Just brew one or two tea bags, and use the water to clean the floor. It is the tannic acid that helps to clean the wood floor.

3. Glass cleaner- Everyone has to have one or two items that are made of glass, whether it’s the mirrors, the coffee table or dining table top, the windows and etc. The best way to clean them up is by using water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, essential Oil. Just add half a cup of vinegar, one-fourth cup of rubbing with two drops of any essential oil, in two cups of water, and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution over a paper, or a soft cloth first, and then wipe the glass material. Try to avoid wiping the glass items in a hot sunny day, as the solution will dry up soon leaving streaks.

4. Sink cleaner- Sink is something that gets dirty quite easily because, we use the sink for the purpose to clean other stuff, especially the kitchen sink that’s made of steel. To wash and clean your steel kitchen sink well, remove all the bits of food stuck or remaining on the sink, and then sprinkle a good amount of baking powder over it. After sprinkling baking powder scrub the sink in a circular motion using a sponge. Then wash the sink using vinegar, which will help you to disinfect the sink. After rinsing, polish the sink with a paper towel and a touch of olive oil. Your sink will stay wonderfully shiny for several weeks. The same process can be used to clean the normal bathroom sink too; only exclude using olive oil as it won’t be needed.

5. Furniture cleaner- Furniture plays a vital role in decorating our house, as well as to store some of the useful things that we have. Therefore, cleaning furniture is equally important. The natural ingredients that are needed to clean and polish furniture are olive oil, vinegar and water. Mix two-three tablespoon of olive oil and one-fourth cup of vinegar in two cups of water, spray it over a cloth and rub the furniture. You can also add some drop of essential oils to make the solution and your furniture smell better.

6. Room freshener- To make a room spray or a room freshener for a calming effect, use approximately fifty drops of lavender essential oil, ten drops of rosemary, and half teaspoon of lemon essential oil. This spray is not only going to deodorize the room, but will create a calm affect too.

Over to you

Aren’t the above-mentioned tips amazing? They are not just amazing but affordable too, and can be easily available in the markets. Switching from chemical home cleaners to natural homemade cleaners is possibly the best and wise choice that one can make, in order to protect their home from chemicals and toxins. Therefore, if you want to clean your home and disinfect it naturally, then you may like to follow the above house cleaning tips and keep the chemicals away from your family. After all, “health is wealth”, no?

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