How to Decorate Guest Room Beautifully in Budget

How to decorate guest room beautifully easily in budgetThe guest room, as the name suggests is dedicated and devoted to give maximum relaxation and comfort to your guests. If you have a guest room in your home, which is solely for your guests then you must decorate it accordingly. The architecture, the design layouts also have to be kept in mind while you decorate guest room. In India, we say ‘atithi devo bhava’ which means a guest is like a God. And we do our best to ensure that the guest should feel comfortable while staying with us in our sweet home. And how you decorate guest room can make all the difference.

Apart from the look and feel, you have to accessorize your guest room in such a way that the guest don’t need to disturb anyone frequently. For example, you should keep a bottle of water, or may be a mini fridge, so that they can drink water whenever required instead of bothering you. Similarly, towels, sleeper, soap, moisturizers, mirror, comb, snacks etc can be kept at appropriate places to make them feel comfortable. The idea is to make your guest comfortable and valued. Just pay attention to smaller things like these and you will be able to figure out what is to be done to decorate and accessorize the guest room.

Guest room should not just look good, but it should make the guest comfortable as well. If you are decorating your home and wondering about how to decorate guest room, then here’s the post worth looking at. In this post, I am going to share 12 tips that you can use to decorate the guest room beautifully.

12 tips to decorate guest room aesthetically

The basic of decorating any room of the house is to figure out the purpose and functional need of the space. The décor must be according to the function of the room. And the purpose of decorating the guest room is to make them feel comfortable so that when your guest enters this room after a long tiring journey, they feel comfortable. The guest room should look good and offer essential amenities for a comfortable stay.

Listed below are some of the quick and simple ways to decorate guest room even when you are on a budget.

  • Do your own research: Before you plunge into the project of decorating the guest room, you must do your own research. There are many sources available to you, like the Internet, the magazines, the journals, etc, where you can find some articles, posts or images of various kinds of guest rooms. Do a well research, if you like any particular thing from these images or articles, then cut it out and keep it with you so that you can use it at proper time. If you do some prior research and planning, then you can do the task more easily.
  • Work on first impression: Before you start with the decorating and designing project, please halt for a moment, and start thinking about the first impression, how will the guest feel the moment he will open the door to the room. It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. So, think about the ambiance that you can create in the guest room so that the guest feel good the moment he steps in.
  • Strokes of colours on the wall: The wall colours will deliver the first impression of the room. So, select the colour of the walls very carefully. I will suggest you to use calming colours like neutral shades. These colours look perfect in all seasons round the year, in all scenarios. The light neutral shades leave a lot of room for you to do some interesting experimentation with the other décor items like furniture and accessories. You can select colours like cream, off white, faded green, light blue, light baby pink, faded butter yellow etc. These kinds of colours are very light and soothing.
  • Huge windows: The room must have enough windows to allow natural lights and fresh air into the room. If the windows are small and cringy, then the room will look dark and stuffy, and miles away from being comfortable. The big windows will make the room big, bright and spacious.
  • A cozy king size bed: The bed is the focal point in the room, so make the bed extra cozy, such that to the tired guest the bed looks like a paradise. You can add some pillows, cushions on the bed, fresh bed covers, cushion covers and mattresses are a must. No compromise here.
  • A set of informal chairs: You can place a couple of sofa or some chairs with some sitting cushions so that the bed does not become the only place for sitting. The sitting places must be cozy too; a coffee table can tag along with these chairs or couch, so that it can take the form of a mini living room within the same guest room.
  • Cover up the dull walls: Do not expose the dull bare walls; you can use certain things to decorate them in most beautiful way possible. You can hang soothing pictures on the wall, some boutique handworks, etc, anything that you like. But do avoid those dull walls staring at your faces making poker faces!
  • Lights: The lights are the most important parts of the décor as else the room will look like a dark cave. There are various kinds of light fixtures in the market; you can use LED or CFL bulbs in the room. Do not make the room extreme bright, but make it bright enough to do all the works done properly. Attach brighter lights with the mirror of the dressing table. You can use regulators with the lights so that your guests can adjust the brightness according to the mood. Install lights within the cabinets and the wardrobe for more proper visibility.
  • Carpets and rugs: You can use carpets or rugs for the floors. Select the carpets according to the curtains. This pattern will bring a rhythm in the room. For example, if the curtains are white, with minimum floral orange patterns, then the carpet can also be of white and orange. The monochrome look is soothing at times. Even the same goes for pillows and cushions covers.
  • Attached bath: The guest room must have an attached bath and if there is one, make sure to keep a washroom sleeper over there. The bath must be clean and smelling fresh. You can decorate the bathroom with two different kinds of tiles, one for floors and the other for the walls. The shower cabinet can be enclosed with hazy glass. Accessorize the bathroom properly with essentials like mirror, soap, shampoo, moisturizers, oil etc.
  • Add some life: When decorating guest room, add some life to the room by keeping lush green plants around the corners of the room, or a fish bowl on the table top. These objects will make the room closer to the nature, and livelier.
  • Clean and clutter free space: This is the most important point out of all. The room must be clean and without any clutters. Get rid of all the extra items from the room, and enjoy a spacious room. If the room is small, then you can hang a mirror on the wall which will make the room bigger and brighter.

Over to you

Decorating a guest room is not that complicated when you know how to get it done right. Apart from making the room look good, look at the functional needs as well like a dresser, towels, drinking water, sleeper etc. And if you have an interior designer who is helping you in designing and decorating your house, then you can discuss with them for new ideas worth implementing.

What else do you think one can do to design a perfect guest room?

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