Bohemian Bedroom Design: How to do it right

Bohemian bedroom design ideasWhat is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word “bohemian”? Some possible answers of this question can be:  colourful, vibrant, bright, free, adventurous, and artists. As per the list of the word goes, you can easily understand the kind of ambiance I am talking about, when I say ‘Bohemian Bedroom Design’. Bohemian bedroom design is probably the most popular among all other décor trends. There is something for everyone to love about this. In this post today, I am going to share bedroom decorating tips in bohemian trend.

The bedroom is the most private and personal space in the whole house. It is here where you relax and can calm your mind body and soul. And you can decorate the bedroom with fine Bohemian touch to make it cozy and relaxing. Some time we may feel like not using lots of colors, but when done right, it can simply transform the look of the bedroom. Bohemian bedroom design trends is in these days and if you are wondering about how to apply the bohemian design trends then this is the post worth reading.

Bohemian Bedroom Design Tips and Ideas

If you planning to redo the bedroom and looking for cost effective ideas then bohemian design trends can be applied, it’s easy and does not cost you a lot. Listed below are some of the best, easy to implement and budget friendly tips you can use, to give a Bohemian look to your bedroom.

  • Bed is the focus point: The central focus will be on the bed, as it is the main furniture of the room. Make this bed a centre of attraction so that the room looks more appealing. You can choose the size of the bed according to the size of the room, if the room is small then select a simple and high bed with little accessories. You can use colourful bed covers and bed sheets, some pillows and cushions to make the bed look cozier. A shimmering bed net hanging down across the bed will really comforting and there will be a sense of privacy too.
  • A couple of colourful chairs: You can place a couple of chairs and a small adjacent table in the bedroom, so that the bed does not become the only place to sit. The chairs can be painted with vibrant colours like red and yellow, and some decked up with vibrant cushions and some towels,
  • Accessories: You can use some accessories to make the room all shiny and sparkly. You can use glass beaded or netted curtains instead of the regular ones. You can also use the multicolored drapes as curtains coupled with beads and mirrors. You can also hang some pictures on the wall, pictures of some abstract designs, or anything that you like. You can carpets or rugs for the floors, but I prefer rugs which will cover some portions of the floor, and not the full room.
  • Lights: Make the room bright, but not too bright as in this room you will be relaxing and sleeping. You can install regulators with the lights so that you can adjust the brightness according to the needs. You can use colourful light fixtures, with colourful designs on the glass, so that the lights emitted is not just plain white or golden lights. Windows and doors must also be the source of natural lights in to the room.
  • Colour of the walls: You can choose some bright and vibrant colours for the walls, like yellow, red and orange. These colours will make the room look brighter. It is better to leave the ceiling white as it is required to reflect the lights. You can have some designs on the colourful walls, like some graffiti. If you think that using too many colours is looking like colour riot, then you can leave the walls with some light neutral shades. You can then experiment a lot with the accessories and furniture.

What do you think?

Imagine a colourful room with sparkling accessories and vibrant drapes, how do you feel? If your room looks boring and dull now, then it is high time that you give your bedroom a quick makeover. Keep some potted plants around the corners, to feel closer to nature. A vase of flowers will add fresh refreshing aroma all over the room.

What else do you think one can do for a perfectly done bohemian bedroom?

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