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SPAZIOSO – designing spacious – creating space.

Spazioso is a Kolkata based designing firm, which designs both the exteriors and the interiors of the buildings. Spazioso kolkata, is a one-stop place where, an individual gets all the solutions of his/her problems related to interior or exterior designing . This firm believes in helping people with designing, and execution of the entire project within the concerned budget. They also use the best available product in the market, keeping in mind the needs and taste of the customers.

We had a detailed discussion and talk with Mr. Kaushal Kejriwal, Director of SPAZIOSO, Kolkata about his company, services, team and their journey so far.

Journey of Spazioso

Spazioso kolkata, has come a long way in the six years of working with many projects. The company’s portfolio ranges from commercial to public units, and even personal residences. Spazioso has done interiors for showrooms, offices and even penthouses. The company has a good hand and control over modular and semi-modular kitchen, that serves the needs of Indian cooking and weather.

Portfolio of Interior Design by Spazioso Kolkata Living room

On Whats the USP of SPAZIOSO

The USP of the Spazioso kolkata, is its dedicated team of designers and supervisors, who are totally committed for their on time completion of projects. They are proud to complete every projects in the given time frame, with the best competitive budget. Spazioso kolkata undertakes turn key projects, as well as designing projects.They feel that, no job is small or big, and a company is made of small objects to make big stuffs.


The team at Spazioso kolkata, prioritize to give their client what ever they require, and with the best available materials. They also give their clients a pocket friendly option. Spazioso believes in delivering their best quality, in the given area of performance.

Portfolio of Interior Design by Spazioso Kolkata Kids room

Today, the Interior designing companies have become easy to find or access, yet very confusing because of the open market, and various standards of material. But Spazioso kolkata, understands the needs of the users, and gives service accordingly. Spazioso has an edge over others in this competitive market. They also refer VAASTU while designing and executing the projects.

We have our in-house arrangements for making of furniture’s and sourcing the best available. Spazioso is a place where once a client approaches would never have to go anywhere. Spazioso is a one stop shop for all your designing and execution needs under one roof.

Portfolio of Interior Design by Spazioso Kolkata Dinning Space

About Their Guiding Principles

Spazioso follows certain guide lines, which makes it easier for the client to execute its project, within a deadline. From layout to designing, or even bringing materials, they ensure that the clients have full control on the projects, and seek their opinion and feedback throughout the process. This makes the project friendly and a lot faster.

Spazioso kolkata, doesn’t just help people with designing and decorating their exteriors, or interiors, they also do space planning for architects, promoters and individual’s, giving them more usable space in their present area. So, if you are a resident of Kolkata, and want to decorate the interiors/exteriors of your home, definitely contact them.

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