10 Budget Ways to Enhance the Exterior Look of Your Home

We pay a lot of attention for interior decoration of house to make the interior space look good and comfortable. Starting from buying the best of furniture to decorating accessories, we make our rooms look beautiful and attractive. But, what about the exterior look of our home? Isn’t the exterior look is equally important?

Sadly, the exterior look is often ignored when in reality, they are directly exposed to the various harsh elements of nature and deserve to be maintained and taken care of more.

Also, the outside look and appearance of your home creates the first impression on every individual who passes by your home. How your home looks from the outside will give your friends and family an idea of what to expect inside. Seeing an unkempt exterior will likely discourage your friends and family to enter your house. And in a way, it reflects the personality of the home owner.

So, do you want to create a bad impression of yours on others by keeping the exterior of the home untidy and unattractive? If not, then high time to pay attention to the exterior look and beauty of your home.

Inexpensive tips to enhance the exterior look of your home

Exterior look of your house are equally important like the interior look of your home, and therefore it deserves equal attention and efforts when it comes to decorating and maintaining the space.

And, if money is an issue and you do not want to invest a lot in designing your exterior space, then here are some of the very simple budget friendly ways to enhance the outside view of your home that you may like to try.

Clean up

When it is about enhancing the exterior look of your home, the very first thing that you must consider is cleaning up the close surrounding, doors, windows, lawn etc. It is something which is really simple, costs almost nothing. Getting rid of the accumulated dirt and dust will completely brighten up the exterior parts of your house.

Cleaning up is an easy task that’ll make your exteriors look and feel new. Depending on the layout of your home’s exteriors, you can start by raking leaves and other debris, and removing rubbish from your property.

Upgrade main door

If the main front door of the house is outdated or look unattractive, then simply cleaning it might not work well. In that case, you may think of upgrading door and the look of your exterior door a little bit.

If your door is too old and no longer functions properly, you can opt to change it with a brand new one using the best brad nailer. This task is easy to accomplish as you’ll only have to buy a brand-new door from home depot stores, and then use certain tools for the job.

Painting or polishing the door may be a good solution, as well. Color is definitely an important design element for the entryway and with right color you can make a dull, dirty front door look very bright and inviting. Bright colors on the front door usually look very attractive. Just see to it that it goes well with the rest of exterior style of your home.

The other thing that you can consider doing is to upgrade dated door hardware. This is important because hardware is the main focal point for most of the doors and so having cheap hardware will make even the nicest front doors look ugly and bad.

So, it is important that you do not ignore the peepholes, handles, knocker and other hardware of your front door and instead upgrade them to improve the exterior look of your home.

Then, you may also beautify your front door with customized and innovative wall hangings. Also, go for an interesting doormat that will have some sort of cool massage as well as help guests and even you to wipe your feet before entering inside your home.

Enhance windows

It’s not just the main front door, but windows are equally important. It’s not just the doors; you should give exterior windows a thorough cleaning as well if you want to enhance the exterior look of the space on a budget.

In addition to the windows, the accumulation of dust, dirt and spiderwebs on windows screens are a common sight which may be very unattractive. So, make sure you clean them. Simply knock off the dust using a rag and wipe the screen down using dish soap and warm water solution.

If you’ve been using the same window for years, you can also upgrade them by buying something new. Windows come in a wide variety of styles and sizes today, making it easy for you to find one that suits your budget. Vinyl windows, for example, are considered the least expensive among other window materials. It’s also suitable for homeowners who have a shoestring budget.

Enhance exterior lighting

We put allot of efforts to lighting when decorating our home. Exterior lighting can be crucial in making the exterior look of your house bright and welcoming. So, you should see to it that the exterior area of your house has proper lighting.

Moreover, lights can be installed easily and it does not require any huge investment, unless you go for premium and costly lighting solutions.

Floral and plants

Florals contribute a lot in making the exterior space look attractive. So, undoubtedly, one of the best budget friendly ways to enhance the exterior of your home is by potting plants and placing them on your front porch.

Just choose plants that will complement your entryway. Then, besides that, attaching the window boxes outside the windows of your first floor will also work great. Ideally, you should plant different types of greeneries so your property will look more colorful. Plants will also make your property stand out from the neighborhood and allow your home to gain more value in the future.

However, if you feel that keeping the potted plants alive requires too much time and effort, then you can also go for the fake plants instead.There are many fake plants available in the market today. If you carefully search for options, you’ll be able to find ones that look like the real thing.

Obviously, going for real plants is much more pleasing but fake plants will also serve your purpose here. Using fake plants can do wonders for your home’s exteriors. Also, it won’t require too much time and effort to maintain it.

Add seating area

Well, instead of using the front porches for storage, try creating a seating area there. For that, you can simply move some furniture from the back desk to the front or you may consider buying them from second hand or antique stores.

You can also opt to make your own seats from several pieces of wood.Having a seating area helps in enhancing the exterior space, and make your exteriors more functional and inviting.

There is no need to by expensive new furniture because the old ones can simply be painted and will look new and unique. Just by adding porch furniture you can make the exterior space look very charming.

Tidy the driveway

Decluttering is very important to make any space look good and attractive. So get rid of anything that does not contribute to the curb appeal of your home.  Then if you notice any minor cracks in your driveways, do fix it by resealing or patching it up. This will also help in improving the exterior look of your home.

Maintain the garden

If you have enough exterior space, then having a garden will be a good thing to do. This will not just beautify your exterior space but will also keep the surrounding air very fresh and pure. However, you need to maintain the home garden properly. Starting from fertilizing the plants to trimming the branches to getting rid of the dead leaves to keeping the pests and bugs away, you need to work hard to maintain a healthy and eco-friendly garden.

Mailbox makeover

Mailbox does contribute to the exterior beauty of a house. It is important that the mailbox complement your home and express your personality. So, when you are choosing mailbox, make sure you go for one that is in tune with your home’s trimmings. You can paint up the wooden post or may even think of surrounding it with a flowering garden to enhance the look.

House name or number

House name and numbers help make your home easy for your relatives, friends, professionals etc. But, the importance of it does not end here because house numbers also contribute in improving the curb appeal of your home. And, the best thing is it is really possible at very affordable rates.

Over to you

The exterior look of the home is as important as the interior look of your house. So, if you are neglecting the exterior look, it will make your home look dull, shabby and disorganized from outside no matter how beautiful the interior decoration is.

People think that decorating or enhancing the exterior look of the home may be expensive. But upgrading the hardware of your front door or painting and cleaning the doors and windows, maintaining a healthy garden, keeping the driveway tidy, proper exterior lights etc. is all you need to make your exterior space look beautiful. And it’s not going to cost you a fortune. It’s all about keeping the exterior look enhancing activities in your priority list.

How do you manage to keep the exterior of your house beautiful? Share your exterior look enhancing tricks and ideas in the comments section below.

Happy exterior decorating!

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