Small Apartment Interior Design Tips and Tricks

Due to a steady rise in price of properties, most of the people nowadays prefer owning small flats, mainly due to the sky high rates of the larger ones. There is a tendency that people owning smaller flats feel constricted and limited when it comes to decorating and designing it. 

Today, we are living in a very creative era where everyday some new and creative ideas are coming up, especially the professionals who deal with home décor. Just like fashion, the world of interior designing is also in a state of continuous flux. Something new always comes up every now and then. If you hire a professional interior designer, its an assurance that he can help you decorate every room, be it living room, bed room, kitchen, dinning room and kids room, and the others following the hottest trends. Not just the professional interior designers and decorators, even you’ll  be able to decorate your room elegantly yourself, by following some simple basic tips.

Interior decor in a relatively small flat may be a bit complicated as you have to arrange the items in a strategic manner so that you do not over clutter the place. Previously I used to think that small place means it is impossible to decorate the rooms, but my ideas changed after I met a friend once. He invited me to his new flat.  He was living in a 2BHK flat of approx 850 SQFT carpet area. Was I impressed with the décor? Oh yes.

So if you are planning to do interior designing and feel your apartment is comparatively smaller, let me assure you that you can still decorate your house and make it amazing.

Interior design ideas for smaller space.Use extendable furniture

Since you have limited space, a proper plan is a much needed before starting the decoration of the home. One way in which you can actually save space, yet make the space interesting with decorative items and furniture is by using multiple purpose furniture, like a sofa cum bed, or any such folding furniture. For example, you can have a folded sofa set that can be used for sitting when you are watching TV, or also act as a bed for sleeping at night. Or buy a tea table which have racks to store magazines and other stuff . These were just some examples, but there are many such furniture which can easily fit and can be used for other purposes too. So basically, you need to think twice and invest in those furniture which can be use for various purposes.  Be smart and plan well while ordering furniture for your home sweet home.

Accessories and Decorative Elements

The biggest problem with smaller space is that you cannot place loads of accessories, and other decorative stuff. You have to be smart enough and do proper planning. A few attractive and strategically placed decorative elements will have much more impact than loads of elements, with no breathing space.

Colour Combination

Proper blend of colours for your walls, ceiling and other stuff can make a huge difference. So, choose colours very smartly. Light colour combinations work great for smaller rooms because it makes your room look brighter, bigger, better and inviting.

Use of Lighting

The type of lighting you choose for your rooms makes a lot of difference, and it plays a very important part too. Firstly, you should let the natural light flow in the rooms. If your rooms doesn’t have sufficient ventilation to help natural light enter  your room, then probably you can buy some nice artificial lights, and use it to give an impression of natural light.

Over to you

If you pay a little attention to the above mentioned tips, you will be able to decorate the smallest of flats in the best ways possible. You may also consult  professional Interior Designers who specialize in designing and decorating small flats and apartments.
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