Monsoon Pests: 8 ways to get rid of monsoon pests easily

Everything has a positive, as well as a negative side, so does monsoon. It brings great relief after the tormenting summers. But it also brings along a dull, gloomy, damn weather and lot of pests too. Fighting the dullness and gloominess is possible by giving your house a makeover, but what about monsoon pests? Most of the monsoon pests try to thrive in warm and humid conditions; this is why they have a tendency to get in the houses during the monsoon season.  Preventing monsoon pests from entering your house is essential in this season because, they can bring many diseases with themselves.

8 ways to get rid of monsoon pests

8 amazing ways to control monsoon pests

In order to enjoy the monsoon at home, you have to make sure that your house is completely pests free or else you may catch up a serious disease. Fighting monsoon will be much easier when you know of these amazing ways.

So let’s jump in and see how to get rid of these monsoon pests easily and effectively.

Clear out stagnant water

Stagnant water gives birth to too many dangerous pests, especially the mosquitoes. Not just ordinary mosquitoes, they serve as a breeding ground for malaria causing mosquitoes. Always look out for stagnant water near your house and garden, and try to get rid of it immediately before it attracts pests.

Use window nets

Window nets are very useful not only in monsoon, but in other seasons too. These nets will help you to keep out every bugs and pests. They are available in mostly all hardware shops. You just need to give your window measurement, and they’ll cut it out accordingly and also stick it to your window frames using a velcro. You should also use a bed net before you sleep at night, to prevent yourself from pest attack.

Use camphor

Camphor is a natural agent of keeping pests away. During monsoon, everything seems to be very damp and moisten. Keeping camphor in the cupboards would be an effective method during this season to keep the clothes safe from pests. And never keep damp clothes in the cover, dry it up completely and them store them.

Plant tulsi

Tulsi is another natural agent of preventing pests, especially mosquitoes. The tulsi plants not only prevent mosquitoes from entering the house, it also kills mosquito larvae. If you have a garden, do plant tulsi. You can also keep a pot of tulsi inside your home.

Keep your bathroom clean and dry

A damp bathroom can attract earthworms. Though these are not harmful, but still keeping your bathroom neat and dry is hygienic. Worms are creepy, so keeping them away is better.

Brush your bedding

It is essential to keep your bedding items clean. Make sure you regularly brush your bed sheet with a clean broom, and jerk of the dusts from pillow and its covers, and also keep the mattress clean. Untidy bedding stuffs can attract plenty of bed-bugs, which may result in your sleepless and painful night.

Keep wooden items dry

Wood is a very vital food for many termites, such as the white-ants. Damp wood may attract a lot of termites, make sure they are dry. Apply termicides and other chemical liquids to keep them away, or inform a pest control agency.

Clear out the garbage around your house

Remove and clean out all the garbage that has been collected around, or near your house. Keep your surroundings clean from any kind of trash, because dirty areas may give birth to harmful pests.

Over to you

The methods mentioned above are surely going to help you fight certain types of monsoon pests. But to effectively fight pests, contact a good pest control agency available in your city. Calling them is essential to curb out all the known and unknown pests from your house. They are experts; they will definitely know the right methods of keeping all the dangerous pests away from your home.

Hope you are going to try some of these tips to get rid of monsoon pests. What else do you think one should do for effective pest control during monsoon season?

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