12 Natural Ways to Remove Lizards from Your Home Easily

Lizard moving all around your kitchen, bedroom and living room is not at all a good sight. It really looks quite creepy and disgusting when you find lizards running all over the floors and walls. I personally get terrified on spotting lizards and hence I ensure there is none in my kitchen. If you consider the health concerns, besides the lizard itself being poisonous, the wastes of the lizards are very harmful. So by any chance if they mistakenly mix with the food you are eating, then it is not at all good for your health. In short, lizard is a creature which you can in no way love and so if you see lizards inside your home, obviously you would like to get rid of them. Wondering how? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss right here in this post. One of the easiest ways to remove lizard is to find and hire a professional pest control company. But did you know that you can even get rid of lizards on your own? And if you are clueless about how to remove lizards from your home, then here’s the post worth checking. Today I am sharing the list of 12 ultimate ways to remove lizards easily from your home.

12 Natural Ways to Remove Lizards from Your Home EasilyInterestingly, there are many people who have a phobia of this tiny reptile just like people have fear of its other family member which is the snake. Of course, the fear of snakes is even more but I personally know many individuals who literally jump away whenever they see any lizard coming around. It may be due to the color or the texture or maybe simply due to the creepy feeling it evokes in human hearts. All in all, lizards are not the family friendly creature and we all hate them equally. And if you are tired of this creepy creature, then read on this post to find easy ways to get rid of lizards from your home on your own.

Now, if you search in the market, you will get many commercial products meant to kill the lizards. But these are all chemicals and are equally harmful for your health. So, my advice will be to avoid these shortcut solutions and go for other easy ways that are comparatively safer for you as well as effective in dealing with lizards. And, if you really want to go the natural way, then my easy ways to get rid of lizards from your home will definitely come to your help. In fact, these methods are not just easy to do but are also very pocket friendly and most of the time you will require ingredients which are easily available in the market and at times are also readily available in your home. So, basically, you can use the remedies whenever you find a lizard in your home.

I am sure that many of you are quite interested in knowing about the remedies as the problem of lizards is quite a common issue in India. So without wasting much time, let’s start with the topic.

Easy ways to remove lizards from your home naturally

It is your home and no one can enter your arena without your permission. So, if lizards are roaming all around your home, it is time you show them who the boss is. And that’s not for just lizards, you got to keep all types of pests and bugs away from your sweet home. There are easy ways to get rid of lizards from your home, so if you are tired of lizards and looking for easy hacks to get rid of it, then here you go.

Egg shells to get rid of lizards

The first remedy that I would suggest you in order to drive the lizards out of your home will be to use the egg shells. The primary reason why it is so effective is because of the pungent smell that induces nausea in the lizards. Secondly, they are often misled into believing that something else (probably bigger) is trying to creep out of the shells which eventually make the lizards run out of the place.

It is best if you evenly distribute the egg shells so that they have no place to go other than running out of your home. Make sure you keep the shells near the doors, windows, corners and in places where you find the lizards most often.

Coffee powder to get rid of lizards

One of the easiest ways to get rid of lizards from your home is by using the coffee powder. And, the other ingredient that is needed to be used is tobacco. Basically, what you have to do is to mix the coffee powder along with tobacco and make small balls with them. Then keep the balls in all corners of the home especially in places where you find lizards most frequently. The lizards will eat these balls and will eventually die or run out of your home.

However, while this is very effective against the lizards, you will have to be careful with these balls when you have little kids and pets at home.

Naphthalene balls to get rid of lizards

Most of us keep naphthalene balls at our home, and you will be surprised to know that, you can actually use these naphthalene balls to drive lizards away from your home. So if you have naphthalene balls at home, then do not hesitate to take full advantage of it in driving out the lizards from your home. The odor of these balls will abhor the lizards and they will run away from your home. Moreover, the naphthalene balls are great insect repellants and so the remedy is bound to work.

Place the naphthalene balls at each possible place where lizards can be there starting from the nooks, crevices, corners, recesses etc.

Peacock feathers to get rid of lizards

Ok, we all know that big birds like peacock eat insects like lizards. So when you place a peacock feathers in your home, it easily fools the lizards into thinking that some big bird is around which will come and smack on them. This very fear will act in your favor and you will be able to drive them away from your home.

Place the feathers evenly on every possible place where lizards may be there. It is actually a good remedy because it is not just effective in keeping the lizards out of your home but if you can place the features properly, it will beautify your home as well.

Cold water to get rid of lizards

You may not be aware but cold water can actually make the lizards immobile. Basically, they become torporous (where they remain mentally alert but become dull physically) when subjected to intense cold. Now, you can actually take advantage of this situation, catch and put them in a box and throw them in a place where they will never make their way back to your home again.

However, by splashing water I did not mean that you will have to use a bucket full of icy cold water. You just need to splash only that much of which is enough to make them immobile.

Onion to get rid of lizards

It is not just you who get put off by the pungent odor of the onion but also it is the same with the lizards. Onions contain sulfur which produces the bad smell that the lizards cannot tolerate and they run away from it. So, if you have to make full utilization of it, then place onion slices at every nook and corner of your home so that the lizards are left with no choice other than abandoning your home.

Alternatively, you may make a solution with onion juice and water and spray it all over the places where lizards are seen most frequently.

Garlic to get rid of lizards

Garlic works in the same way as the onion and so you can also use garlic to get rid of the lizards from your kitchen and home. The pungent smell of the garlic will irritate the lizards and they will run out of your home. You can hang some garlic cloves from the doors or windows or place them in all the corners of your home. You may also consider spraying the garlic juice mixed with water all around your home as well to gain same benefits.

Flypaper to get rid of lizards

Flypapers are not just an effective tool to trap the flies but they are equally beneficial against the lizards as well and it is one of the best ways to get rid of lizards from your home.

All you need to do is to place the flypapers in places where the lizards are most likely to pass which includes walls, tube lights, entrances, wall hangings, corners etc. And, the moment they will try to walk past it, they will stick to it and then you just have to throw them out of your home.

Pepper spray to get rid of lizards

Lizards are very much allergic to pepper and you need to take full advantage of it and use pepper spray to drive the lizards out of your home. Just take some crushed black pepper and mix it with water. Now, put the solution inside a spray bottle and spray it all over your home especially around your kitchen, underneath the sofas, on the walls, behind the furniture etc.

Tabasco sauce spray to get rid of lizards from your home- This remedy works in the same way just as the pepper spray remedy because lizards hate the smell of the spicy Tabasco sauce and simply run away from it. So, here you just need to take around 2 teaspoons of Tabasco sauce and mix it with adequate water. Then pour in a spray bottle and spray the solution at every possible nook and corner where lizards may be there.

Keep cats at your home

If you love cats and you want to keep one at your home, then congratulations because your cat will do the work of driving the lizards out of your home on behalf of you. This is because cats love to nosh on lizards. Even though the cats do not feel like eating, they will at least chase the lizards making them run for their life and eventually that will drive them out of your home.

Keep your home clean to get rid of lizards

If your home is too untidy and the lizards are finding good tidbit in your home, they are bound to make your home their comfortable living space. So, if you have to get rid of them you will have to keep your home surrounding clean. There should be proper sanitation and you must make efforts to see that there is no dirt, dust, leftover, spilling foods and drinks etc. lying anywhere.

However, as I always say that it is not your responsibility alone but since you are the owner you will have to take the initiative and see that the other members are also contributing to the cleanliness work in whatever way they can.

Over to you: Which is your fav hack to remove lizards?

Having lizards all over your home is a complete NO-NO and so if you want to drive them away you will have to find proper remedies and solutions. Calling professional pest control companies is obviously the best solution, because they are professionally trained to drive away pests using various types of pest repellants.

Alternatively, most people think of doing it on their own using commercial pest repellent products. But you cannot ignore the fact that they are harmful chemicals that may have adverse impacts on you as well starting from causing allergies, irritations, breathing difficulties to some long-term consequences. Hence, for safety purposes, it is better to use pest control service or remedies and or ingredients that are comparatively safe for you.

I have already shared a list of 12 easy and very effective ways to remove lizards from your home and now the choice is yours. Most of the ingredients like eggs, coffee powder, onion, garlic etc. are most of the time available in home. So you can use them any time you see lizard moving around. Even the cat remedy is also great more so, if you are a cat lover because here you do not have to take any effort.

However, one thing is clear that no matter which remedy you choose to go for; keeping the home clean is the basic thing that you will have to maintain. I mean this is not just important to get rid of lizards, but also for your own hygiene. The cleaner your home is, there will be fewer chances of germs to be around and that eventually will help in keeping diseases at bay. So, you got to concentrate on the cleanliness factor by hook or by crook.

All of the remedies we have discussed above are easy and effective in removing lizards. In fact, I myself have tried a few of these remedies and I have certainly been benefited in driving out the lizards from my home to great extent. However, I want you to use these remedies and then share your feedbacks and suggestions on how they work or which worked best for you. You may also suggest other ways to get rid of the lizards which has benefited you. Also, tell us in case you have any doubts regarding anything.

Until then, stay clean and stay happy.

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