Packing Household Items for Home Shifting in India

Packing of fragile household items is always tricky as I have mentioned several times in other posts, but if you take precautions and do it right, you can shift them safe and sound. I have packed and moved several times in the past and I have observed closely how a professional movers and packer people does it.

There is a simple science behind safe and secured Packing of fragile household items like plates, bowls, glassware etc. Although the basic of packing household items is to do proper cushioning and ensure the don’t collide with each other in the box, there is more to it. Hence I am writing this post to help you in packing of your household items efficiently.

Packing household items

Here are some essential packing tips to help you with packing of household items and ensure that your items make it to your new home without any damage. So here we go.

Inventory list

Even if you are in a hurry don’t forget to make an inventory list before loading them up and handover a copy to the movers packers company and both of you should sign it. This will help you to claim your missing or damaged goods.

Get hold of all the packing supplies

To avoid hasty mistakes, do gather all the packing supplies before you start, because you are likely to do a lot of mistakes when you are in a hurry! You might have to stop halfway through a packing session in order to get the missing supplies. Avoid that!

Don’t stuff all the items in a single box

Avoid over stuffing your boxes as it might damage your items. Try to maintain their weight below 50 pounds. Make sure you can close the boxes and seal them properly.

Pack items strategically

To avoid damaging your fragile and light weighted items do pack them above the heavy items as hey might not withstand much weight.

Labeling your boxes

No matter if you have a forth night time before moving, don’t ever forget to label your boxes, otherwise you will be puzzled when you receive them. Labeling them also helps to indicate which boxes contain fragile items or items that should be handled with care. It will also help you to pack things in a manner such that you can get hold of your essentials that you’ll need immediately after your arrival, label them as “Load last, unload first”.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to properly label the boxes (when you do not have much time for the mover to do the packing) such that the mover do not face any problem while loading them in trucks or other vehicles. Neither can they make excuses to blame you for any mistakes they commit during moving, due to misleading information on labels.

Moving liquid items

It’s a very tricky affair as it might turn into a disaster if proper care is not taken in packing them, they can get spilled in your items and stains them permanently. Move them in a sealed container or ensure that the lid is sealed properly and do not pop open in case of any jerking in the process of moving. Place them carefully inside a box and label them as “This End Up”, to address the movers. Discuss with your mover if there are any items that they cannot carry.


Do not move any essential documents with the rest of the goods to avoid losing any important documents make sure that you keep them separate before packing.

Loose items

Try keeping items at their proper original places, like while packing silverware keep them in the tray then tape bubble wrap around it to secure the contents. This is way easier than sorting out all those pieces after your move.

Keep essential tools in handy

Keep essential tools that are required to reassemble your furniture in labeled boxes. So that you do not end up searching your whole luggage for your tools while putting back your furniture in shape.

Try putting items of the same room together

Even after you label all the boxes with relevant captions, still you will want to repack items with ease. Hence try to put items that are related to each other or belong to the same room.

Here’s how to pack fragile items

Fragile items like crockery sets, wine glass, china bowls and plates and other such fragile utensils require more attention than simply wrapping and stacking in a carton. Here’s how to pack them well.


Your favorite and most expensive chinaware are most prone objects to get damaged first. To avoid that you should wrap them on newspaper or bubble wrap and place them in the bottom of a box or dish pack for cushioning. Wrap them individually. For plates, wrap them up to three individual pieces in a bundle with a double layer of paper or small bubble wraps. Place the whole setup in the carton in a row on their edge so that they are standing up. Surround each bundle with crushed paper making a thick layer; just make sure that there is no unfilled space left between them to ensure their safety. To further secure it add two or three more inches of crushed paper or bubble wraps on top of the bundle to protect the rims and make a strong foundation for the next tier. Saucers, shallow bowls, smaller plates, etc can form the second layer. Wrap and pack in the same manner as the larger items.

Mirrors and Glasses

Wrap your mirror or framed wall painting with properly cushioning them with clean paper. Place them in flat containers or telescoping carton. Take extra precautions to tape and seal them in the cartons. Always stand glass, pictures and mirrors on their edge to avoid any potential damage while moving or unloading. Do not lay them flat at any cost.

Computers monitor packing

The best way to pack computers is to pack them in their original boxes, but if you cannot find them then packing materials like bubble wraps, thermocol, newsprints, foam sheeting, comforters/blankets, pillows, etc. for safely packing them. First of all you should start by padding the bottom of the carton with a thick layer of packing materials that provides cushion to the computer. Wrap computer parts properly with paper and place them in the carton. Closely pack padding around and on top of the unit to prevent damage. Firmly seal the carton and don’t forget to label them accordingly as “Fragile items” or “Handle with care”.

It is recommended that you should use the original boxes to move the electronic appliances like TV, fridge, microwave, music systems etc. But if you cannot find them then you can use the above techniques for them too, but consider taking some suggestions from the movers packers before you do.

Over to you

Moving from one place to another is not an easy task; it is hard on everyone in your family. The best way to get them over it is to involve them in the packing along with you. It will not only save your time and energy but also help them to organize their own stuffs in better manner. They cannot blame you latter that “Daddy why did you left my Barbie in our old home” or “How did you forget to bring my favorite shoe along”. Happy Packing!

Do you book movers and packers for home shifting or you pack and move yourself?