Pest Control for Termites During Home Renovation and Construction

pest control for termites during home renovationThe termites are annoying pests who can infest your home and cause lots of damages to your property in no time. If you are building building or remodeling your home, Your home becomes an open space, thus vulnerable to termites and other pest infestation. Termites, often referred as “white ants” dwell under the surface of the soil and build tunnels and colonies. There are over 20 species of termites that may infest your home and cause damage to the assets. But during the renovation or construction of the house, pest control for termites can be done. Renovation or construction is probably the best time to get the treatment done. Because it’s easier to dig holes and inject anti termiticide in the walls and the surface. And That’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

When you are building or remodeling your home, the termites manage to get easy access to your home, and they can start nesting and feeding. In this post, I will talk about pest control for termites problem when you are building or remodeling your home. I will start with some basic information that you need to know about the termites and its treatment during home renovation.

Overview of pest control for termites

The termite is the major problem while you are renovating your home, and it is mandatory to get rid of the creatures before you start living in your newly furnished home. The pest control for termites is the scientific method of removing the termites and stopping it from appearing sooner, by the application of chemical pesticides like the insecticides or the termiticides in this context. The professional pest control agencies are experienced in dealing with pests and there are DIY methods as well to deal with common pests like cockroaches and ants and mosquitoes.

The pest exterminators inspect the full interior and the exterior of the house, and then inject the termiticide into the walls and floors. They drill holes in the walls and the area around the house so that if there are termites hiding somewhere, they will be dead within minutes.

Termite treatment is something that must be done during home construction or renovation; other pest control activities like for the removal of cockroaches and the bedbugs can be done later too. This is because, the other bugs can be found in the open spaces, like the kitchen and the beds and furniture. However, the termites dwell in the covered areas like the walls, hidden from the normal vision. To find the termites, you need to call the professionals.

Where do the termites live?

The termites live in colonies of 200,000, seven meters below the soil surface. They can enter your home through channel networks under the soil; they live in your garden near the trees like timber, and enter your home by various entry points. The termites live near the roots and the stumps, which provide food, water and moisture.

They often find their dwelling places inside the walls and the furniture and the floors, and if they are not treated at the very first, then they will multiply within few days. Termites can often go unnoticed due to their various kinds of nesting places, so a proper inspection of the full house is must during home renovation.

What are the signs of termite infestation?

The termite infestation often gives some prominent signs and signals and you must be alert enough to see these signs. Some of the signs include:

  • Visible termite workers like small white ants
  • Temporary cluster of winged insects
  • Signs similar to damages caused by water like buckling of woods
  • Floors and ceilings are swollen
  • Cracked paints
  • Hollow sounding woods when tapped
  • Exterior pipes filled with mud
  • Visible soil mazes on the furniture like shelves and beds
  • A smell similar to mold or mildew

How can pest control for Termites be effective during renovation?

The pest controllers have special equipments by which they can drill small holes on various surfaces, like in the garden, in the courtyard, the exterior walls, the interior walls, the floors, etc. They inject the chemicals through these holes into the surface, which results in the complete removal of these deadly termites.

How will you know that there are termites in your home, crawling across the walls? By the time you notice the mud maze, the termite infestation has reached its peak. Therefore, it is always better to inspect the house first, by the help of the professionals, and then take some more measures so that the bugs cannot attack your home in future. It is better to double check the matter, before it go out of your hand.

Termite infestation can cause serious damage to your home, the floors, the furniture etc. The termites require food and moisture to survive, and all these are available in your home and garden. If your garden is infested with termite as well, then they can reach your home within no time. The most important method to get rid of the termite infestation is to remove the termite nest from your home.

Let us see some of the most effective remedies to get rid of the termite infestation.

  • Damp conditions attract termite the most. Check for the leaks in the pipes and the roof, the drainage system and the damp walls. If you see that, the walls are damp, and then solve the problem immediately.
  • You must construct hard concrete paving around the home, so that the soil beds and the plants do not meet the house.
  • You must check that the soil should not block the drainage and the ventilation on the walls.
  • You should not store any object against the outside walls, as this may lead to the termites entering the wall cavity.
  • You must consider using termite resistant timber for work in your home.
  • If you have stored firewood or timbre in piles, then you must check them regularly, as they can serve as the habitat of the termites. Keep them dry, as moisture attracts termites.
  • If you have timber decks around gardens or swimming pools then check these areas regularly.
  • You can use metal shields, stainless steel mesh or granite chips to prevent the entry of the termites into the buildings.
  • When you are building or remodeling the home, you can use continuous sheets of stainless steel mesh under the concrete slabs and the exterior walls.
  • You can install granite chips as well. The chips are too heavy to be carried by the termites. There should be hardly any space between the chips, so that the termites cannot pass through them.
  • The termiticides (chemicals pesticides used to kill the termites) can be used to treat the soil around the house, the pipes, the exterior slabs, the wall cavity, so that the termites stay miles away from your home.
  • Pest Control is the most efficient methods to treat the termite problem when you are building or remodeling your home. The pest exterminators are the professional experts who can treat the termites using the effective chemicals and pesticides. The nests of the termites need to be detected in order to eradicate the creatures from your home. The professionals are aware of the nests of the termites, and they know how to apply the chemicals, thus removing them permanently from your home.


Now that you have read the article, you are aware of the importance of the termite treatment and pest control during home renovation. The best way to remove the termite is to call the pest control and have a full inspection of the house. Follow the above remedies and get rid of the termite problem within no time.

Happy Living!

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