11 Essential Things to Check Before Moving Into A New House

things to check before moving to a new houseMoving from one place to another means moving your house from one place to another. Home relocation is a massive and complicated task and you need to do prior planning and make certain arrangements like finding movers, booking tickets, preparing your new house etc. You cannot just barge into your new house and get settled easily. In order to have a peaceful stay, there are certain essential checks worth doing. We often receive questions on what are essential things to check before moving to a new house and so I thought to publish a detailed post on the most essentials things one should do before moving into a new house without hassle.

Whether you are moving within the city or going out of state, there are certain essential checks worth doing. When you have checked these tasks in advance, chances of getting settled in your new house will be much higher.

Things to check before moving a house

The very basic requirements of every human beings are food, clothing and shelter. And when you are moving to a new house, there are so many things to do after moving, including to ensure that your new house is well prepared, suited and fully secured for a comfortable living. Today, in my article, I will discuss the about the top 11 essential things to check before moving into a new house and here we go.

1. Deep cleaning

If you believe in Feng Shui then it suggests that you should take a broom and clean the house first before moving any of the good. In fact it suggests, you broom from the corners towards the center and then take everything to the main gate and throw the dirt and garbage.

Cleaning can be done as a DIY project, no doubt, but it will not be perfect as will be done by the professional cleaners. In the relocation spree, you will be surrounded with thousands of works, and you solely have to worry about them. So, why not let the professional cleaners worry about the cleaning part? The cleaners have the equipment and the scientific methods to disinfectant the entire house to avoid spreading of the germs.

2. Pest Control
This is a very important item in the checklist to ensure that the new house is safe, and ready for staying. The unwanted invaders may come and start nesting in your new house. The pests include termites, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, mice, rats, and even snakes. In order to stay peacefully, you need to do a full inspection of the house and the garden. The professional pest exterminators are experienced and they know how and where to find the pests, and then remove them effectively. The pest control is the primary requisite while you are moving to your new house. You can spray some of the chemicals too, which are available in the market for repelling the pests.

3. Water connections
Check the water connections, the pipes, the taps, faucet, and the drainage. Without water, it is very difficult to survive, even for a day. You must know where the stopcock and the central water connections are.

4. Electricity
This is another basic amenity. Check the meter box, the fuse box, and which fuse is connected to which connection in the house. Without electricity, it is very difficult to survive. Switch on all the lights and the fans; check the wires and the switchboards.

5. Medicines
Keep the first aid box above all other box. You must have it handy, so that you can use it at once, when the situation comes. Some medicines like for cough and cold, stomach problems, band-aids, all these must be kept handy.

6. Cleaning supplies
You must carry with you some cleaning equipments, like the vacuum cleaner, the bucket, the all purpose cleaners, rags, towels, tissue papers and napkins, a trash can and sponges. You cannot use the new house properly before cleaning it. For example, before you keep your items in the cabinet, clean it well, you may use a contact paper too and then place the items.

7. Some dry foods
It is not possible that you will reach your new house, and immediately go to the kitchen to prepare some dishes. To use the kitchen, you have to clean it first. Keep some dry foods like breads, biscuits and cookies and juices, and sandwiches with you, which can at least meet your appetite.

8. For sleeping at night
For taking rest after the hectic travel of the whole, you need few items as well. Keep the boxes of these items in front of you, so that you can reach them easily. The items include, bedding mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, night-lights, hand towels, bath towels, toiletries, some books and toys for kids, the blanket for the pets, the soap.

9. Paint the walls and ceilings
You have already undertaken the hassle of moving your house from one place to another. So, now, after shifting, if you start painting the walls and the ceilings, this will be an added on tough situation. First the load of unpacking, and then again painting. So, I will suggest you to paint the walls and the ceilings before you actually move to your new house. Before you shift to your new place, get the walls and the ceilings done, so that you can actually take some rest after moving here.

10. Change your address
Before you move to your new place, change your address. Notify the post office, your friends and neighbors, so that people do not keep on searching you here and there. Know the exact official address of the new place, and then give it to the banks, and other important places where your address is given.

11. Keep the children and the pets away
No, I am not telling to abandon the kids and the pets, of course. What I am saying is, you can send the kids and the pets for some vacations in your friend or relative’s house, until the moving is done. This way, you can take control of the situation easily, without any small feet running here and there. Once the moving is over, the items are unpacked; you can bring back the kids and the pets within no time.


These are some of the most essential things to check before moving into a new house. Moving into a new house is almost like setting up everything from the scratch. And when you have already checked some of these essential necessities, you can get settle quite easily and comfortably. Imagine if the house is not cleaned before delivery of goods by the movers; you will be having a real tough time in getting the house cleaned and arranged.

That’s just one example. I have changed my house multiple times and know what is to be checked before moving into a new house and I am happy I shared it with you. Hope when relocating your house, these checks will be of great help to you. I wish you have a nice time at your new place. Best wishes!

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