37 Tips That Will Help You to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Thanks to the soaring prices of real-estate, the apartments and flats tend to have smaller and limited space these days. Smaller living area, smaller bedroom is so common in flats and that’s why we have to be smart enough when decorating the bedroom and living rooms. We can’t afford to waste space or make the room messy and cluttered. The bedroom is the most private place of your home, and you will surely want to make it your peace haven. And if you are wondering about the smaller size of the bedroom, then you don’t have to. Because you can actually decorate a small bedroom to make it look good and comfortable. Today in this post, I am sharing some quick and simple bedroom decorating hacks that will help you to decorate a small bedroom like a pro. Continue reading 37 Tips That Will Help You to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Ways to Make Bedroom Cozy and Charismatic

Bedroom DecoratingThe bedroom is the space assigned to give you maximum relaxation, comfort, and a perfect aura of romance too. The bedroom is obviously not only about beauty but also comfort. If you cannot sleep properly and comfortably, then you will not be able to enjoy the aesthetics as well. To make your bedroom perfect, what you need is the apt décor. In my article, I will discuss the interior decoration tips to help you decorate your bedroom to make it cozy and Charismatic. Continue reading Ways to Make Bedroom Cozy and Charismatic

28 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Home – Tips for Every Room

Home decoration need not to be an expensive affair all the time. There are many inexpensive ways to decorate home like using decals or accessorizing curtains, replacing cushion etc. I often change various decor elements at my home to make it look good. Continue reading 28 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Home – Tips for Every Room

How to Decorate Small Bedroom on a Budget

Bedrooms are the place of ultimate peace and serenity. When you think of a bedroom, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it has to be heavenly, beautiful, and must definitely be pleasing to your eyes. It’s everyone’s sleeping sanctuary, so it has to be really comfortable. Sleeping in a not so happening bedroom is a let down for many. So for that, it is very necessary to upgrade the old boring bedroom and change it to a heavenly palace of goodwill, tranquility, and comfort. Continue reading How to Decorate Small Bedroom on a Budget

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Newly Married Indian Couples

Bedroom is the only room in your home that’ll helps you in doing an important therapy, and that is, the ‘relaxation therapy’. Not only for relaxation, but its also a place where one seek extreme peace. After a long and hard working day, everyone just drop their things and head towards the bedroom. And for the newly married couples, its even more special. Its a place where they spend quality times with each other. So, don’t you think bedroom decoration or bedroom decorating ideas are essential?

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, there are several things that you have to keep in mind. Can you decorate your  kids and your parent’s room in the same way? No, isn’t it? Similarly, the newly wedded couple’s room should be different from the rest of the bedrooms. So, are the newly married couples willing to decorate their rooms, but lacking bedroom decorating ideas? If yes, then here are some tips that you might follow for a better makeover of your bedrooms.

Bedroom decorating ideas for India couples

  • A newly married couple’s bedroom should be designed to offer a good romantic look, feel and a perfect ambience. This is the first parameter of bedroom designing ideas.
  • Since it’s a newly married couple’s bedroom, it’s always essential to design the room as per both of them’s choices. It should neither look much feminine, nor muscular. Right from the theme to texture of the fabric, and other design elements, try balancing everything well.
  • Choose a theme that you both like. Don’t choose a colour that is liked by any one of you. Rather, give priority to those colours that you both like. Same rules are applied on the selection of fabrics and other decorating elements.
  • Buy some furnitures that can enable a person to sit in your bedroom. Or if you already have plenty of them, take a few and place it in the bedroom (atleast 2) so that, when people enter your bedroom they can avail the chairs instead of sitting on the bed.
  • Hang some artistic painting in your bedroom’s wall, which is adored by both the partners. You may also hang your marriage picture, or any other memorable picture.
  • Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is, do not over decorate your bedroom making it look over-crowded.

Over to you

Have these bedroom decorating ideas proved to be helpful for the newly married couples? If yes, then please do utilise them, and make your partner feel really special. If you have any other suggestions to add up in the bedroom decorating ideas, then please let us know in the comment box, just below.