Treating Bedbugs With Heat: Here’s how to do it right

Bedbugs may look very tiny, but if they create an army by breeding under and in every corner of your bed, then that infestation can become a massive nightmare for you. You may not actually feel what they do during the night, but after waking up in the morning you’ll find blood spots over your bed sheets/covers, and red bumps all over the skin, especially the area that’s exposed to bedbugs.

Doesn’t this sound scary? But fortunately, treating bedbugs is possible and there are many ways to treat and control bedbugs infestation. The most effective way to treat bedbugs and eradicate it permanently is to take help from a professional pest control agency. But, there are other effective ways like treating bedbugs with heat and you can do it yourself. Treating bedbugs with heat is probably the best approach because bedbugs can stand high heat and they die.

Treating bedbugs with heat is not very difficult, but it may take several iterations and some time to eradicate bedbugs completely. Therefore, when you are treating bedbugs yourself, you’ll need to have patience, and accumulate all the stuff required to kill them. Well, there are plenty of options for treating bedbugs yourself; but in this post, we are going to focus completely on ways to treat bedbugs with heat. Heat is something the bedbugs hate, and they also hate freezing temperature. But here, we are going to solely concentrate on different ways to use heat to treat bedbugs on your own.

Treating bedbugs with heat

Ways to treating bedbugs with heat

As you know, bedbugs can’t sustain high heat and that’s what is good about bedbugs. Till today in India, people put their bed in water and let it be there for a few days. Then they take it out and leave it in open sun and teats how they treat bedbugs infestation. It may not be possible for all of us and hence there are other effective ways to treat bedbugs.

Some of the most effective ways are here under:

Treating bedbugs with dryer

Most of us don’t buy dryer machine separately because nowadays, every washing machine comes with a dryer facility. But, do we really use the dryer as soon as we wash the clothes in the washing machine, or f the clothes are wet? No, most of us never do that. We do not use the dryer until and unless there’s an emergency to dry some very vital clothes, such as an uniform. But, since dryer generate heat, why don’t you use it for treating bedbugs yourself? Since bedbugs hate heat, you can take your bed sheet, bed covers and pillow covers, and put it in the dryer for around 20 minutes at a medium heat, which is around 21 degree Celsius. This will effectively clean all the bedbugs hidden in the sheets and covers.

Using natural heat for treating bedbugs

There’s just one source of natural heat, and that’s the ‘Sun’. Therefore, what you can do is take your upholstery, bed sheet and other bedding stuff, and keep them under the sun for long hours. Always try to place all these bedding stuff under the sun in the sunniest day, so that the bedbugs die without fail.

Use portable heating device (hot box)

If your home has a severe bedbug infestation, then another thing that you can do is buy a portable heating device, which is specially made to kill these tiny creatures. All you need to do is take the bed lines and place it on the support rack inside the heating device. When you use a heating device for killing bedbugs, you need not set any timer because the heat will automatically turn off when the cycle is complete.

Using steam to treat bedbugs

I am sure you are thinking why would you use steam for treating bedbugs? Well, it is because steam is a form of heat, which kills bedbugs easily. Steam works really well on items such as bed frames, blankets and bed sheets, pillows, and many other stuff. But, it becomes ineffective for any bedbug infestation that’s deep down under the upholstery, or inside any other bedding item.

Over to you

Aren’t these methods absolutely effortless, and doesn’t consume much of your money? If yes, then immediately utilize these methods and kill these blood sucking pests from your home before they turn your peaceful nights into nightmares. But, if you have a much dangerous infestation and are not able to cure it, then immediately contact a pest control agency that is expert in killing bedbugs.

Do you know of other ways for treating bedbugs with heat, share your tips and methods by commenting below?

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