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Previously restricted to temple architecture, Vastu Shastra, the ancient doctrine of dwelling has been revived during the 1960s by the late V.Ganapati Stapathi. Through his efforts to imbibe the same in houses meant for human dwelling to bring peace and harmony in their lives. Since then, millions of Indian families have been abiding by this doctrine to keep their dwellings in sync with the laws of nature. ‘Manushyalaya’ as Indian homes are called, are as good as temples. Hence, such a shrine should be built in a way to maintain the sacred aura around it.

Among all the rooms, the place which we mainly choose to delve deep into our souls or retire for the night after a hectic day in order to rejuvenate ourselves is the bedroom. It is needless to say that an average Hindu family would want to maintain the harmony there.

Vastu for Bedroom

Some of the ideas inspired from Vastu Shastra have been listed below to help you develop a master bedroom if you are building a brand new home or are going for a revamp of the same. At first, these basic elements in the room needs to be looked upon- location, positioning the bed, color scheme, direction and fitting of the entrance door, how to set up the electronic gadgets, arrangement of the furniture etc.

I am going to share with you some really important Vastu tips for bedroom.Now, read on to find out what are the things you can do to prepare a master bedroom.

  1. The first and foremost thing to do is to have the master bedroom arranged in the southwest direction of the house and have the bed placed in such a manner that the head of the person sleeping in it is faced in the south direction. The bed kept in the north direction would harm your peaceful sleep, haunting you with nightmares and unnecessary anxiety.
  2. A bookshelf in a bedroom should be placed west or southwest cornered as per the Vastu guidelines.
  3. Other bedrooms around the master one should be arranged in the eastern and north direction.
  4. The door of the bedroom should be open to at least 90 degrees to allow full flow of energy into the room. This door is symbolic of the opportunities that you will come by at the dawn of the day.
  5. Keep the bottom of the bed clean from clutter to prevent you from dwindling between past and present. It is said that the clutter hinders the smooth flow of life energy into your room and disturbs your mind subconsciously. When that happens, you will be unable to have a sound sleep and in the daytime leave you all grumpy.
  6. When placing a mirror on the wall, remember never to put it opposite to the bed. You should not see your reflection in the mirror as soon as you get up. If you do so, it is said that it will keep the unrelenting stress from the previous day plaguing you all the while when you had actually hoped to do away with and begin afresh the morning after.
  7. Keep some inspirational quotes, sculptures and photographs at those places in your room where you eyes would fall upon quickly as soon as you enter the room or make yourself seated somewhere. Flowers have a great influence on your mind. With a little effort, you can build a serene environment inside your bedroom.
  8. Avoid aligning yourself with sharp corners when you go to sleep. Keep plants in those corners otherwise these will stress you out. Keep the bed away from direct alignment too.
  9. Try and avoid keeping aquarium because it is believed to cause material loss in your bedroom. Also, divine idols are better off in pooja rooms.
  10. Finally, for the color of the walls in the bedroom, choose subtle shades of green, blue and off white. Dramatic and loud colors will agitate your senses when you want them to calm down instead.

Over to you

Along with these ideas provided, you can seek a more detailed approach to arranging your room according to the doctrine seeking professional help. People who are versed with Vastu Shastra can guide you to do the needful.

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