71 Smart Ways to Organize Home – Bedroom, Living, Kitchen

Who don’t want to live in a well organized and a clutter free home where you can find everything on its place? But it’s not easy to organize home, especially if you think of organizing not only your room, but every room in your home. No matter how much of effort you put in to organize home, if every member of your home is not serious about keeping things on its designated place, it’s going to be really difficult to organize your home and remove all the clutter from the kitchen, bedroom living room and other rooms.

I hate cluttered and messy rooms. It makes me uncomfortable when I see towel on the bed or when the cushion is not placed properly on the sofa. I like it clean and well organized. When you are busy with several things at hand, the one and only way to get things done smartly is to organize home. But organizing rooms does not just happen; you have to make it happen with right tricks, smart techniques and developing the habit of keeping it that way.

Smart Ways to Organize Home -Dish drying in the kitchen

How to get motivated to organize home?

For me what motivate me to keep my room well organized is the fact that I hate disorganized place for it does not look good, waste lots of space and my time in looking for smaller items like keys of the car or the remote control. Living in a disorganized move can be depressing at times and stop positive energy.

Talking about right techniques of organizing home, it’s simple. The moment you think of organizing your entire home, you may feel like you are up for a big challenge and rightly so. It’s not all that easy.

But what if you divide this huge organization project in to small tasks (room wise) such as;

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms

When you think of organizing one room at a time, you will feel more comfortable. You get motivated to make it happen, one room at a time. I have used this organizing technique to organize home and I can tell you it works.

Ways to Organize home - kitchen drawer

If you are not feeling motivated enough to take up the challenge to organize home, just forget about organizing your entire home and rather choose a room. It may be the kitchen where you struggle I finding things, or the living room or your bedroom. Focus on organizing just one room at a time and you will be on your way to organize home effortlessly.

71 smart ways to organize home – every room

I intend to organize these home organizing tips and make it room wise soon, but for now here are some of the best home organizing hacks I have used and been successful in organizing and creating a clutter free space for my family.

Here are some of the smartest ways you can organize home.

  1. Start by getting rid of things that you don’t intend to use, it may include household stuff that’s broken or damages and need to be discarded.
  2. Sell off or give away such damaged and broken stuff that can be repaired and reused. That way you get rid of them and also get to earn some money that you can use to buy new furniture, storage stand or anything of your choice.
  3. Create designated space for everything so that you know which item belongs to which room and which self, drawer or table.
  4. Make sure to create storage space for everything that you want to keep after sorting. Discard the household stuff that has to be discarded.
  5. Create space for other household items according to its use, shape and size in different rooms.
  6. Organize similar items and keep them together at its designated places like books in the book shelves, old magazines at one place, DVDs at one rack and so on.
  7. Sort through household items that belong to specific rooms and move it. This is the basic rule of organizing and if you follow this very rule, you will be able to find everything much easily.
  8. Optimizing your storage space can be crucial to organizing your home and de-cluttering, so look for empty space and check if you can use it.
  9. Create dividers in shelves so that there is no unused space in your cupboards, drawers, cabinets etc.
  10. Using empty boxes to create dividers in the cabinets and it works well. It’ll give you additional storage space to store items that’s smaller in size.
  11. It’s a great idea to combine smaller items in a tiny plastic bag, seal it and then put it in the drawer. This way, your drawers won’t get cluttered and it will be easy to locate stuff easily.
  12. The moment you enter your room, make sure to put off the shoes/sandals and store it in the shoe rack or on a mat at a designated place.
  13. Tree stand can be placed in the bedroom to hang caps, coats etc if you don’t have enough space in the cupboard to hang used clothes and caps. Using tree stand is the best way to create additional space in the cupboard and put clothes, caps etc.
  14. Hang umbrellas on the walls or use a round stand to hold it straight.
  15. Use key stands to hang your keys and make a habit of putting it right on the stand the moment you are in. Just having a stand does not make a cut, unless you use it actively.
  16. Use drawers smartly and if needed create dividers using thin ply or cardboards so that it does not look messy and things are well organized inside it.
  17. Store your clothes after properly folding and grouping it according to the frequency of its usage and may be season. So the winter wear, party wear, formals all get organized properly.
  18. Make a habit to clean the hidden storage spaces like drawers, cabinets etc because if it’s not cleaned every few weeks, it will get messy.
  19. Clean and organize table tops appropriately. There is no fun in putting everything on the table top and make it cluttered.
  20. Table tops should have enough free space, so that it allows movement and does not lose its functionality.
  21. If you have a work desk at home, make sure to keep it well organized and free up some space so that you get to work efficiently.
  22. Make a designated place to keep incoming letters and bills so that you can find it all at one place and don’t have to look around to find the last credit card or electric bills.
  23. Don’t keep old bills, letters etc unless you have to store them for records. You may end up creating lots of garbage if you start storing and keeping every letter, bill and papers.
  24. Keep what’s important and get rid of stuff that you may not need. This is an important rule you should not forget if you don’t want to end up with piles of old letters and documents.
  25. Use stands or small racks on the table to organize well and free up space on your work desk.
  26. Organize the seating area properly; de-clutter the center table.
  27. Don’t put so many cushion and sofa pillow, use it according to the length of the sofa set and need. No point cluttering it.
  28. Don’t to put too many things on bedside table tops. It’s meant to keep an alarm and night lamp and possibly a book, so keep it that way.
  29. Under the bed storage (in box bed) can be used to store bedding, blankets and other such items. But depending on the size, you may store other stuff too.
  30. Cupboard should be well organized and the best way to organize a cupboard in your bedroom is to group similar items and put it in one drawer/section.
  31. Pegboards can be attached with the interior walls of the cupboards to create additional storage space to keep dresser accessories like necklace, watches etc.
  32. Never store things randomly in the cupboard or else you will spend lots of time looking for your clothes, especially the smaller items like under garments, clothes etc.
  33. Cupboard should be used wisely to store things but make sure to properly clean, wrap and then store your clothes in the cupboards.
  34. Bedding and linen can be grouped together and stored. Best is to fold the linen properly and put it inside the matching pillow cover, so you have it all at one place and then store it as one.
  35. Hang used clothes if you intend to wear t again like jackets, and the best way to identify the new and used ones could be to hang it in different directions or by creating a divider.
  36. Kitchen is another important room that need best organizing techniques, because there will be lots of utensils, kitchen appliances etc. To begin with start grouping the utensils and other stuff based on its shape, size and utility.
  37. Store the grouped utensils properly in its designated place/cabinet. Try to put similar and matching utensils together with its component in one box. For example, if you don’t want to spend time looking for a cover of the Tiffin box; make sure to store it in same box.
  38. Wall mounted stands can be of great help in getting organized. Such stands are multipurpose and can be used in many ways to hang and store different types of items.
  39. Put in spices, sauce and other ingredients in separate cabinets that close to the cooking station to find and use it effectively.
  40. Use spice containers with multiple pockets to store frequently used spices like cumin, pepper, turmeric, chili powder etc in one box.
  41. Labeling the boxes of spices make more sense, so even if you are not around, your housemaid or other member can locate it easily.
  42. Raw ingredients and vegetables (ginger, garlic, onion etc) should be kept in a separate area and should be close to the work area for easy access.
  43. Storing all the cans and packaged boxes in group works well. Also make sure to keep the label visible so that you can locate it easily.
  44. Group and store rice, flour, cereals, beans etc together on a rack or in a cabinet. Unless you are using glass containers, make sure to label the boxes and jars so you can find it easily.
  45. Work area of the kitchen should be clutter-free by living some empty space so that you can work and function efficiently.
  46. Store snack items in a separate cabinets so that it’s easy to access. Using a cabinet which is easy to access may help you kids help themselves when needed.
  47. Having a dedicated drawer to store kitchen stationery items like lighter, scissor, candle etc can be of great help and save your time in finding these smaller accessories.
  48. Cabinet under sink can be used to store the cleaning materials and supplies and make sure you are using the space correctly, because the kitchen is already small and there are lots of items to be stored there.
  49. Organize your fridge smartly by keeping items separately on different racks e.g. fruits and vegetables can go on one rack, packaged meat, fish etc on another rack, ditto for dairy products and left over foods items.
  50. Make sure to check your fridge frequently and trash anything not usable or has expired.
  51. Putting a tray in the center of the dining table that holds spices, salt, sauce etc is the best way to declutter and organize the dining table.
  52. Dining table is meant for eating; avoid using the dining table as a work area for other works.
  53. Organizing the living and dining area is an essential to free up more space and de-clutter. Use cabinets and shelves to put in different kind of items instead of occupying the dining table or the center table.
  54. Washrooms are probably the smallest among all other rooms and you can’t afford to leave it in a mess. Organize the most frequently used items like soap, shampoo, tooth brush etc on a wall mounted stand.
  55. You may also put in a small bathroom cabinet that can be used to store cleaning supplies and other such materials.
  56. You may also use small makeup bags to keep toiletries and hang it on the walls with a hook. It will save lots of space and you can find them all at one place. Using small makeup bags with multiple sections is even better for this.
  57. Hanging a laundry basket with a hook can help you in organizing your bathroom.
  58. If you have babies at home then naturally there will be lots of toys and you have to organize it well in to a separate box or cabinet.
  59. Make sure to discard the broken ones for its not safe to play with broken toys and it will create clutter un-necessarily.
  60. If needed, make two separate storage space to toys – one for the larger ones and the other one for smaller ones like puzzles, building blocks etc.
  61. Or you may also consider have a favorite box to store toys that your kids like and play with all the time and store other toys in a separate box.
  62. Teach your kids the importance of organizing and make them to organize their own desks and bed. They will slowly learn to stay organized and take care of their room.
  63. Put on a hanging organizer in the kids bedroom and teach them how to use it to keep verities of stuff from greeting cards to magazines and other things.
  64. Assign a cabinets in the kids room where they can put their books, school ware, toys etc and tech them to keep it clean, organized and clutter free.
  65. For teens, they can figure out many things on their own, so just help them develop the habit of living organized and clutter free and they will be fine.
  66. Keep a garbage bag/bin and place it correctly so that one can use it. Depending on the usage, you may like to keep a larger one so that it remains covered all the time.
  67. If you don’t have a separate store room, creating a separate long term storage space can help in getting organized.
  68. Use pegboard or wall mounted stands and hooks to organize different types of tools and equipments in the garage.
  69. Making an emergency drawer where you can store first aid box, candle, lighter etc should not be ignored.
  70. Designate a desk/place to keep phones and make sure to keep the telephone diary right there so that you don’t have to look for it when you need it. In fact having a list of emergency and frequently called numbers separately can be a good way to organize.
  71. And finally, let me tell you that you ought to figure out on your own as what works and what does not in your situation and act accordingly.


Organizing home is less about extra efforts and more about developing right habits of keeping things at its place. Get started now and I am sure you can improve and figure out yourselves what works for you and what not. That is the best way to de-clutter and organize every room of your house.

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