Best Mixer Grinder in India for Home Cooking

Mixer Grinder in India has become an imperative part of every household these days. So, if you are buying a mixer grinder for the first time or replacing the older one with a spanking new option, then today’s post is for you.

As you continue reading, you will get familiar with various types of mixer grinders available in India under Rs. 2,000. And also the things you need to consider when purchasing a mixer grinder for home cooking.

Which mixer grinder is the best for home cooking?

Mixer grinders are the most essential kitchen appliances. Nowadays, mixer grinders are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. Selecting the right product that serves the home cooking purpose in your kitchen is certainly not easy. To help you make an informed decision, below are five different models of mixer grinders that you can shop for under Rs.2,000. 

Here you go!

Croma CRAK4184 500 W Mixer Grinder

This mixer grinder by Croma is meant for those who want both blending and dry grinding together. Made of a special plastic body, as a product, the Croma CRAK4184 500 W Mixer Grinder offers a warranty of 2 years as well. 

Plus, you get non-skid feet at the bottom and that’s super amazing. All this and many more at a nominal price of Rs.1,290 only.

Butterfly Arrow 500 W Mixer Grinder

The Butterfly Arrow 500 W Mixer Grinder is a multipurpose mixer grinder that allows the user to mince, grate, blend as well as dry grind anything. Its stainless jar and ABS body are what set it apart from other products in the market. 

Besides, it also has a locking system, non-skid feet and an auto-off system that ensure absolute convenience for the user. However, the warranty of this item is not more than 1 year. The price of this mixer grinder is approx Rs.17,99 only.

Star Line MG18H28 550 W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)

Available in three individual jars, the Star Line MG18H28 550 W Mixer Grinder makes things like mixing, grinding, mincing or grating as convenient as possible. Prominent features include a locking system, non-skid feet, an auto-off system, ABS, PC and of a Copper body. Grab this superb mixer grinder at a pocket-friendly price option of Rs. 1,424 only. This model comes with a 1-year warranty.

Lifelong LLMG23 Power Pro 500W Mixer Grinder

Investing in this mixer grinder means, grinding each of your ingredients to perfection. Some of the mind-blowing features that it is comprised of include:

  • Three-speed control motor along with a multifunctional blade system
  • Expected noise levels not more than between 80-90 Decibels
  • Voltage Consumption: 220-240 volts along with a Frequency of 50H per phase.
  • Three different jars including a chutney jar, a wet-grinding jar of 0.8 litres and a liquidizing jar of 1.5 litres.

Aside from that, the Lifelong LLMG23 Power Pro 500W Mixer Grinder comes with a warranty of 1 year. The price starts at Rs.12,99.

Longway Super Dlx 650 W Mixer Grinder 

This product is almost the same as the Croma CRAK4184 500 W Mixer Grinder with a warranty period of 2 years. The price option is also very affordable, as low as Rs.1,649. Some of the notable attributes of the Longway Super Dlx 650 W Mixer Grinder (2 Jars) include a fully-fledged locking system, non-skid feet, auto-off system, options like mincing, grinding, mixing and grating enabled by an amazing stainless and ABS plastic body.

Things to consider when buying a mixer grinder

As an appliance, a mixer grinder has evolved a lot in due course. In fact, one will get mixer grinders in various shapes, designs and sizes until recently, that meet their different needs perfectly. With so many options bombarding the market, buying the best mixer grinder in India is easier said than done.

Here are a few things to consider before you purchase one.

Number of jars

Try to buy a mixer grinder that has three blades in it. This will allow you to serve multiple purposes in your kitchen while you are cooking. Also, make sure that these jars have a hard plastic handle or rubber in them along with durable and sturdy lids on each of them.

More so, focus on the ‘’food processor’’ thing for sure. Generally, multipurpose jars come with such food processors teamed up with interchangeable blades. A few of these appliances have juicer jars and feeding tubes in them too.

In return, you can expect to blend or mix your ingredients effortlessly aside extracting juices from fruits and veggies in a matter of minutes.

Mixer grinder type

Mixer grinders are usually of two types, traditional and stand mixers. Stand mixers serve heavy-duty purposes like kneading dough or whipping cream etc. and are mostly found in cookery units, food factories and bakeries etc.

Conversely, traditional mixers come with compact and simple designs. Homeowners generally look for this variant of mixer grinder. Depending on your unique needs and wants, you can buy the finest product online or offline.

Type of mixer blade

Consider the type of mixer blade for sure when buying a mixer grinder. Where some blades are meant for wet grinding others are designed for dry grinding. In addition, they are made of stainless, available within the 300 series grade.

Depending on the grade you pick, you will get an idea of how durable or corrosion-resistant your mixer grinder is. Better go for a rate of 302 or 304 due to their low carbon content and expect a longer lifespan instead.

Speed and wattage

Speed and wattage are again two important factors to consider when buying a mixer grinder. Coming to the former, the speed of mixer grinders is generally measured on a Rotations Per Minute (RPM) basis.

It specifies the number of times a blade will rotate in a minute. Selecting a mixer grinder with 18,000 RPM would be the best thing to do in this matter. Besides, when it comes to wattage, products varying within a range of 500 Watts to 750 Watts are apt for regular use.


Generally, mixer grinders available in India come with a warranty period of 2 years. However, the company won’t take any responsibility for products getting cracked or dented due to mishandling.

If the food processor or mixer grinder is found to be faulty or defective for some reason, then you get them fixed within this time frame. So, act accordingly.

Pricing and brand selection

Mixer grinders are available in several brands with different price options, especially somewhere like India. Some brands offer premium products with multiple features with rates on the higher end.

On the flip side, low-priced items are offered online that you can shop for if a simple and compact design is more your thing. It all depends on your budget and unique needs.

Grab your favourite mixer-grinder today!

Now that you know it all, it’s time to get the best mixer grinder for home cooking. So, if you are also someone who wants to buy this appliance below Rs. 2,000, then take a look at the top five models mentioned above and make a wise decision accordingly.

Also, factoring in the subsequent points is equally important to grab a feasible product online.

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