Curb Pests by Fixing Issues when Renovating Homes

Curb Pests by Fixing Issues when Renovating HomesThe pests are often seen sharing your home with you. Whether you like it or not, whether you notice it or not, they will just barge in your home and manage to build their own habitats. Curbing pests is not easy, especially for us. Because pests like termites can thrive quite easily and only a professional pest exterminator could advise remedies after proper inspection of the premises. But if you are planning to renovate your home, you have this opportunity to curb pests easily during renovation. Probably that’s the right time to call a professional pest exterminator for inspection and remedies.

When you remodel your home in the hope of making your home more beautiful, these pests grab this opportunity at once and invade your home. You will of course not want to share your newly modified home with these annoying pests and bugs. Therefore, it’s advised to take this as an opportunity and call a pest control agency to fix issues to prevent pest infestation as your property.

Things worth fixing to curb pests during renovation

In this post, I want to discuss about some of the most crucial things that you need to know about pests when remodeling a home. Obviously, it’s not going to be easy without the help of a professional exterminator, but for sure you will get good insight of threat and what can be done to curb pests;

So are you ready? Here’s what you need to do;

Cast away the old pipes: When remodeling your home, you will surely plan to update the plumbing and the drainage system. The old pipes can be the nests of bugs and rodents, and gradually they will move in your home from those old pipes. Always, throw away the old pipes after the work is done. The old pipes, the taps, and the faucets, the things that you do not need, just get rid of them. Do not pile them up in the garage or the roof. Just get rid of them in the very first place.

Check the entry points: The home is not an enclosed place. There are many entry points for the bugs and the pests and the birds. There are doors, windows, vents, emergency doors etc, and all these areas are important for you as well as the bugs. Just like you, the pests will also find way inside your home through these entry points. So, while the home in undergoing remodeling, be very attentive and check how long these entry points are open. After the work is done for the day, close all the entry points so that the unwanted invaders fail to enter in the house.

Inspect the home for cracks or holes: The walls or the floors may be cracked and there can be some holes formed due to this. These holes or cracks in the walls can be the hideouts for the pests. They can enter the walls or the floors and start nesting. So, carefully inspect these areas. It may happen that after you are done with remodeling and thinking of spending good times with your family, you may be finding that millions of termites or rodents attack your new home. Therefore, it is better to be double sure always, in all ways.

After the sundown: The bugs and the pests and all sort of animals come out mostly during the night, after the sun is down. The dark night is the most suitable time for the creatures to enter your homes. If you have an unfinished roof, or floors, or open vents, then you must cover them with boulders or bricks, just for the night. In the morning again, the remodeling work can be continued. However, for the night, it is mandatory to cover the entry points.

Disturbing the soil: If the remodeling is taking place outside the home, then the soil is disturbed. This may lead to the bugs and pests coming on to the surface. The soil is the nests of many creatures, and once that is disturbed, there is a high probability that the creatures will come out and try to find new shelter. Your home can be the next shelter for them. So full inspection of the area is mandatory.

Check outside: If you are moving to a newly remodeled home, then check the area for any old and disposed sewer pipes, or any open source of water, like a jar or a bucket of water. This can be the aid in inviting the unwanted intruders in your home. If there are any items that are of no use, then do not allow them near your house. Dispose them in a dump store.

Professional inspection: The whole area, the interiors and the exteriors of the home has to be checked well. The professional pest controllers or exterminators are the ones who can do this well. They are experienced and they know where the bugs and the pests can hide, where can be their nests and eggs, and accordingly they will use chemicals and pesticides to remove them completely from your home. You can enroll for a weekly or monthly package, where they will come at regular intervals for a thorough inspection of the area. 

To Conclude

The professional pest controllers are the best possible way to do a complete inspection of the area. They are experienced and can do the job, thus make the task hassle free for you. There are many packages available and you can select one according to your choice. Just, keep in mind the points that I have mentioned above, and enjoy a nice stay in your new remodeled home. Now that you are aware of the things you need to know about pests when remodeling a home, I am sure you can get rid of the pests easily.

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