How to Prepare to Move House in Four Weeks (Checklist)

How to prepare for interstate moveIf you want to have your relocation smooth and without any hassles, then the most important mantra is planning, rather prior planning keeping much time in hand. If you start packing the things only few days before the moving, then it is bound to create unnecessary problems. I cannot help you to avoid the moving, but what I can do is give you some crucial tips to guide you. In my article, I will discuss the list of essential things to do weeks before moving day.

Be the house is small or big, be it a flat or a bungalow, you must have time in hand so that there is no hurry and rush to do things fast, as this may lead to confusion. Maintain a writing pad or a moving diary where you jot down the important points regarding your move. You must have minimum four weeks at hand before your actual moving date, i.e. a month.

Checklist to prepare for moving in 4 weeks

How to start planning for the move? How much time can you invest for the big M-Day, I will deal with all these necessary points in the next few paragraphs. I suggest that you have a month’s time before the moving day, so I will write the post as per the activities that must be done in 4 weeks.

Checklist of things to do in the fourth week

You have already made and finalized the decision of moving to a new place. As I mentioned earlier, that you have start packing keeping at least 4 weeks in hand, so this is the first week. In moving, the toughest task is to decide what the items to be moved and left or discarded. Some of the important activities to be done during this time are hereunder:

  • Take a good look at your clothes, and start screening them according their utility level. There are some clothes which are your favorite, whereas there are some which you wear regularly, some which you hate wearing and so never touch them. What good will you do by stashing these unwanted clothes in your wardrobe? This is certainly not the time when you will have to kill the space. Donate these things to charity; you will do some good deeds, thus reserving your place in heaven! Jokes apart, donation is a great idea now.
  • Alternatively, you may like to temporarily store such items in a storage facility near you. Short term storage is a good option to downsize your move. However such items need to be well prepared and packed separately so that you can easily identify these items.
  • If there is some extra furniture which you do not want to take to your new home, then the best option is to sell it. There are some local shops and furniture stores where you can sell them and earn some bucks. There are online portals as well, put the extra items on sale, and get some bucks in hand!
  • Decide what to do for the move, professional packers and movers or asking the strong friends and cousins to help you. I believe that it is always better to hire the professional companies as they are expert and experienced in the field of work. Also, there are some heavy furniture and appliances and so if you are packing and moving them yourselves then there are chances of accidents and mishaps. No need to take risk; start thinking of hiring a moving company.
  • There are so many moving companies around you, Google it, browse the websites, collect the contact numbers and start contacting them.
  • Make sure to check the credentials of the moving companies and compare quotations, because rates could vary depending on the quality and experience of the agency. If you think that’s too much of work, you may simply use our platform where we have on boarded some of the best relocation companies to help you move your home and vehicles across India.
  • But irrespective of how you found the mover, just be double sure that they are the best fit for the job by checking all of the offers, papers and terms of payments and time frame for the delivery.

Checklist of things to do in the third week

During this time start talking with the moving companies, they will be visiting your home and must submit the on site written binding estimates, and after comparing all the companies, I hope you have finally reached the decision and know which one to hire.

  • Consider to hire a professional cleaner service too, as the house needs to be cleaned before you go. Schedule as per your plan.
  • Update the changed address that is the new address of your home. Go to the post office and the banks and also other important places where you have given the contact numbers. This is a crucial thing as you do not want to miss any important letters and deliveries.
  • You can contact your insurance company to ensure that all the items are covered by insurance from day one.
  • Start packing the items in the boxes, for the heavy items like the books; select a small box, so that you can carry them even when the boxes are full.
  • Keep the boxes of the fragile items and that of the hard and durable stuff separate so that you can load them accordingly on the truck. You must load the heavy items at first in the truck, and then the lighter boxes.

Checklist of things to do in the second week

The big day is coming nearer and you must be more systematic. Keep panic and anxiety out of your way as these things can just ruin all your efforts.

  • Check the foods, dry foods and other perishable items, check the expiry dates and start finishing the foods so that you do not have to carry them. Carrying foods and drinks in the move is not a good idea, and if the drinks have their seals broken like alcohol or beverages, then the best idea is to finish them before the move.
  • Bid adieu: You can arrange for a small party and invite your near and dear ones, few selected people whom you will miss a lot when you will move to another place. You do not have to arrange for a magnificent party, just some snacks and drinks will be enough as they know that you are moving and it is not possible for you to arrange for any sumptuous meals.
  • You can let the kids have their own friends and favourite teachers, so that they do not feel left out. Inform in their schools about the move, so that they can do some required formalities.

Checklist of things to do in the last week

Only one week is left now, just 7 days, but you will not panic as all the things are settled now. Maximum packing is done, moving company is selected, you have bid farewell to the dear ones, almost all is set. But still there are quite a few things left to be done.

  • Start labeling the boxes, write on the all the sides of the boxes so that you can see easily which box contain what items. You can also write which box belongs to which room, like living room or kitchen etc.
  • Start taping the boxes. You can tape the joins twice or thrice, the more the taping the stronger is the box.
  • Keep the items like pillows, cushions, bed sheets in big boxes so that they are easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Pack the fragile items like dishes and other glassware and show pieces in bubble wraps and newspapers for extra cushioning.
  • Do not hesitate on the packing materials. The better the packing the safer are your items. The original boxes are best for the appliances and gadgets.
  • Collect all the valuable papers and other documents in a brief case or a file folder so that they are not lost, for example the certificates, the bank papers etc.
  • Save all the useful numbers in the mobile, so that you can contact them whenever you need.
  • Pack the boxes containing important tools like hammers and screwdrivers which you will need after reaching your new home.
  • Pack the medicines and bandages and prepare a first aid kit and keep it handy, so that you can reach it whenever needed.
  • Pack the kitchen utensils, the curtain rods, vacuum the rugs, and pack the vacuum cleaner itself.
  • Check you have all the keys of the drawers and shelves and the spare keys of the house.

One day before the move

Pack all the dishes and plates which were out as you needed them till the last minute. Clean the kitchen after the dinner.  Contact the moving company and confirm the date and time of the move. Pack the car; keep the boxes which will travel with you like the plants, important papers and documents, tool box, first aid kit etc. Have dinner early and go to bed so that you can wake up early the next morning that is the day of the move.

Moving day has arrived

Contact the company and again confirm the time of their arrival. Keep the boxes ready, the heavier boxes will go first in the truck, and then the lighter ones. The boxes must be packed and taped properly so that there are no chances of any mishap. Get ready before time; pack the toiletries and other important stuff with you.

Over to you

This is the pretty much the routine that you need to follow if you are planning for the big move. I have given you the list of the essential things that you have to do weeks before the moving day. Follow the above list of things and you are good to go. I hope I could boost your confidence of moving through my posts. Keep enough time in hand, plan well, and there will be no mistake whatsoever.

Best of Luck!

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