Decorate Dining Space – Colour, Furniture, Lights & Accessories

Decorate dining space - colour, furniture, lights & accessoriesDining space is the heart of your home where you relish your meals with your family and friends. You do have a good time here, and so the place has to be nice. The dining space is informal area, no doubt about that, but it can also be a formal sitting, as inferred due to the choice of furniture. In my article, I will discuss how to decorate your dining space like a pro.

The dining room can be of different shapes and sizes. The room can be rectangular or square shape, and it can also be big or small. Whatever it is, you can decorate your dining space always, without any inhibition. The way you decorate the space will vary depending on the kind of space it is. You have to keep in mind the functional purpose of the place and also the beauty.

Easy ways to transform and decorate dining space

What works for a larger, square dining area, may not work well for a smaller, round layout. Whether you talk about lights, furniture, painting or décor accessories, everything has to match and complement each other. Here are some of the quick and simple ways to decorate dining space and make it look awesome.

Colour for the dining area

The colour of the dining space will be based on the design and the architecture of the place. If the place is joining with the kitchen or drawing room, then the walls of this space will be same as the rest of the spaces. But if the dining room is separate with distinct four walls like your bedroom, then you can do some experiments. You can paint the walls in bright colours like red and orange if you like Bohemian décor. Else, you can play safe with light neutral shades, like whites, creams and pastels. Colours like beige and pale green and pale blue are suitable too. If you have a garden outside, then you can replace one concrete wall with a transparent glass wall. Through this wall you can see your garden, and the space will be able to embrace Mother Nature through this glass wall.

Furniture for the dining area

The most important element in the room is the furniture. The furniture in the room will depend on the kind of décor and ambiance you want. You can select chairs and tables with minimal designs if the space is small, so that you can avoid the congested look. You can place a side chair at the corner of the room, an extra sitter facility. To make the chairs look more comfortable, you can install sitting cushions and back cushions along with the chairs. The slip covers make the chairs look interesting. Place the table in the centre, and surrounding it you can keep the chairs. The table top can be of wood, and also of glass. I have a deep pacific blue glass top on the dining table. For the furniture you can choose materials like steel, iron and wood. But I think the wooden furniture looks best and too classy.

Lights in the dining area

The room has to be bright and spacious. But if you want a cozy romantic candle light dinner, then you can replace the LED lights and CFL with scented candles. You can use ceiling lights in dining space. The room must have windows to let the fresh air and the morning light in to the room. You can hang simple chandelier or pendent lights in the dining room for an appealing décor. In case of candle light dinner, switch off the lights and light the candles. Place them in candle stands in the centre of the dining table, and enjoy a nice dinner.

Accessories to decorate dining area

In the dining room, there are lots of chances to experiment with the accessories. Set the dining table with table mats, plates and dishes, crockery sets on the side and a table napkin. You can keep a flower vase or a fruit basket on the dining table to set the aura. If you are tired of the dull boring walls, then hang some interesting pictures there. You can hang very colourful and bright abstract art to contrast the wall paints. The curtains are must for the windows. Choose low maintenance curtains if you have kids and pets in your home. The kids can often make the curtains dirty by touching them in with unwashed hands. Select cotton curtains so that you can wash them easily. Long curtains which are touching the floors are the best. Do not forget the curtain tie backs.

Over to you

Now that you have read the article, you are confident about decorating your dining space like a pro, I hope. If you are confused, then you can hire the professional and experienced interior designers for consultation. They can give you ideas and suggestions about decorating your place. Start decorating your dining space with these tips, and also share the same with your friends.

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