Best Ways to Decorate Hallway and Entrance

Best Ways to Decorate Hallway and EntranceBefore you think of decorating the hallway, you must have a clear idea about the place. The hallway is a space in the shape of corridor which connects all the rooms. The hallways are generally rectangular in shape, and slimmer in size. I have seen many people treating the hallways as some kind of junk space, where you keep books which are not read frequently, and also some other unused or unwanted stuff. This is so wrong, as the hallway can help to make the house look more beautiful and charming.  When decorated right, hallways and entrance can look really great. And when the entrance is great, it will just set the mood. In this post, I am going to share some quick and simple hacks that you can use to decorate hallway and entrance of your home.

Hallways can be decorated in many fascinating ways, and you can do it without spending much. All you need is some creative and innovative ideas, and that is it. For the hallways, you can decorate it depending on the ambiance of the rest of the house. If your house is having a modern décor, then the hallway can be decorate in similar fashion. If you have decorated the home in classic style, then its better tod ecorate hallway accordingly. the point is, there are endless possibilities to decorate the hallways and make it look good and thats what we are going to discuss in this post.

Simple hacks to decorate hallway

The idea is to think of the theme and decorate hallways and entrance accordingly, so that it complements the rest of the decoration and theme. There are many possibilities and ways to make the hallways look amazingly beautiful and here are a few quick and simple hacks you may like to try while decorating the hallway.

  • Bright paint: Pick a bright shade for the hallways, and trick the eyes successfully. The hallways are generally smaller spaces in the house, and you can create an illusion of a bigger space by painting it in whites, creams and pastel shades. The faded shades will reflect light and will make the space look larger than the actual size.
  • Remove the clutter: In order to make the space look nice, you must get rid of all the clutter and congestion. If the place is stacked with unused or unwanted items, then either put them ons ale or donate them in charity. But do not stuff them in your hallways and destroy the beauty of the space.
  • Lights: Make the place brighter; do not neglect the space to be useless and unimportant. The bright lights can also make the space look bigger. You can use ceiling lights, or half concealed lights to illuminate the space.
  • Floors: A rectangular carpet, leaving one inch gap on each side is the perfect way of decorating the floors. You can use popping and bright carpet colours contrast to the floors so that the place looks interesting.
  • Walls: If you do not want the dull and bare walls guarding the hallway, then you can hang some pictures on it. You can go with any pictures which go well with the place, any natural scene, or Radha-Krishna duo, or Lord Buddha or Ganesh, some abstract paintings like that of Monet etc.
  • Plants: On the sides of the hallway, you can keep potted plants, which will give you a felling that you are walking across a garden. There are green carpets available, designed in the shape of grass you can also use it in the hallway.
  • Mirror: Another way to create an optical illusion of a bigger hallway is the use of the mirrors. Hang mirrors of various shapes and sizes on the wall, and let the light reflect. You can see the magic that the mirror does in the hallway.

Over to you

Hallways and entrance must be decorated. There is no point ignoring the space. Properly decorated hallways and entrance can transform the overall look and feel of the house. De-clutter the space, paint it light, hang mirror and there are many such things that you can do to make the hallway look good. I am sure, the possibilities are endless and you are going to try some of these hacks, discussed here.

What else do you think one can do to decorate hallway and entrance?

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