How to Maximize Storage Space in Bedroom

How to Maximize Storage Space in BedroomThe dresses that you wore in the weekends are all piled up on the chair by the bed. The mobile chargers are hanging from the plugs, the laptop is sitting quietly on the center table, with your perfume and hair gel, clothes spilling out from the overstuffed drawers and the wardrobe is jam-packed. That’s how my bedroom used to look like before I maximized storage space in my comparatively small bedroom.

The bedroom is a place where we have so many things; all of which we need on a regular basis. No matter how small or big your bedroom is, unless you do maximum optimization of the space, the situation won’t change. And if you feel like maximizing storage space in bedroom, then I am sure I can share a few tips to help you get started.

Finding a place to store day to day stuff that we can’t do without in the bedroom is quite a challenging task, especially when you have a smaller bedroom. You have to literally squeeze out some space so that you can manage to improve the look and aesthetics of the bedroom. The bedroom is a private space where you are supposed to relax. If that space is cluttered, then it can be really disturbing. But thankfully there are ways to maximize the storage space in the bedroom and that’s what we’ll learn in this post.

Ways to maximize storage space in bedroom

If you talk about organizing and tidying up a space, I can share some really effective ideas because I have been there and done that. Listed below are some of the effective ways to maximize storage space in the bedroom and it has worked for me. I am sure if you are struggling in keeping your bedroom organized and looking for ideas to maximize storage space, then this is the post worth reading.

1. Use bedside table with storage: You can use the bedside table for keeping a lampshade, a potted plant or a mere accent piece. So, why not install some drawers under the tabletop? This way you can get some extra space where you can keep some of the smaller day to day used items like the phone chargers, the mobile phones, the laptops, or any other gadgets and keys you need frequently.

2. Built-in storage bed: There are beds available in the market with built-in storage space where you can store various types of things including bed sheets, blankets, pillow cover etc. These beds come with installed drawers or shelves, where you can keep clothes, the pillows, cushions, blankets etc. You can also keep the sports and the gym items like the bats and the rackets and the gym mats. If you want to cover these shelves, then you can hang around the bed covers like the drapes, thus these storage spaces can be successfully covered. Such beds can be of great help in maximizing storage space in bedroom; it gives additional space and free up the space from the cupboards you may have to use otherwise.

3. Baskets and bins: These things can help you to keep the clothes in a proper order. There are many clothes piling around here and there, which you wear often, but they are not that dirty yet. You can fold them and keep them in the baskets and the bins, and then store the baskets by the corner of the room. You can choose colourful bins and baskets, complementing the walls and the bed covers. Not only you are maximizing the space, but also improving the aesthetic look and feel of the bedroom.

4. Use up the walls: The walls are blank, giving you the golden opportunity to use them up. You can install some wall cabinets, shelves, racks, to keep the extra items. You can match the wall decor with the other furniture of the room like the beds and the drawers. This will really look good. Installing wall mounted cabinets can hugely maximize storage space in bedroom and it look much better and sleek than the individual steel almirah.

5. Hang the colourful clothes: Is the wardrobe in the room bursting with millions of clothes? Do you have any wardrobe in the room? If no, then there is a unique way to store the items. Install a wardrobe rack, which is open, and then hang the clothes with the help of rods and hangers. This is one of the best ways to maximize storage space in bedroom, especially when the room is smaller and you don’t want to install a wall mounted cupboard or want to buy a cupboard. Most suited for those living in a paying guest (PG) arrangement.

6. Place the high beds: if the bed is high, then automatically a storage space will be created under the beds. You can stash the extra items here, and then drape around the bed covers. This works well when you don’t have a box bed (bed with additional storage space) and you don’t want to discard the bed that you have. Just place a couple of brick or wooden extension to lift the base of the bed a little higher and use the space underneath.

7. Create a home for accessories: The accessories need to have their own exclusive places. The moment you allot separate homes for the accessories, the room looks organized. Don’t not keep the hair gel and the perfume here and there. Keep them on the dressing table, or in the drawers. Do not just keep the items here and there after using them.

8. Install a closet: A closet can give the items just the space they need. Installing a closet will enable you to use up the awkward place near the floors, the ceiling, or the walls. You can have separate sections in the closets assigned to various kinds of items.


When you are planning for decorating a bedroom, always select furniture, which are multifunctional. Today when sizes of the rooms are becoming smaller, it’s high time you think of maximizing storage space in bedroom and other rooms. That’s only possible when you use modern and smart furniture in the bedroom and other areas of the house.

The kind of furniture you have in the bedroom will determine the storage space you get. We have already discussed 8 different ideas to create and maximize storage space in the bedroom. If used properly, these tips can actually help you with optimum utilization of the free space in the bedroom. It’s better to maximize the space you already have and keep the room well organized. Feel free to comment if you have any other ideas on creating additional storage space in the bedroom.

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