5 Essential Things to Do When Moving to a New House

That magical feeling of moving to a new home is amazing and it can’t be expressed in words for sure. But moving to a new home is not all that easy; you have to find a moving company, coordinate with them and look after several small tasks to move finally to your new home.

We have published plenty of articles in the past where we shared so many tips and articles on packing and moving. But this post is to talk about something else. Apart from finding movers and getting your household goods packed and moved there are other important things to do. And this post is to help you understand what else matters and how to get it right.

Household Packing tips for Safe Relocation in India

1. Change the lock of the house you are moving in to

Whether you are moving to your own house you purchased or you are moving to a rented apartment, make sure to change the lock. If changing the lock fitted in door is not an option tin a rented house, then make sure to use your own external lock. Changing lock of the main entrance and other rooms are really important because other people may have access keys.

Some time you give the keys to the carpenter, plumber or color painting guys and they might have duplicated the keys. I am not at all trying to say that one should not trust them, but changing a lock does not cost you lots of money and it does not hurt.

2. Get your new house cleaned before you move in

Before movers and packers reach your door, you should get your house cleaned. Getting your new house cleaned is one of the essential things to do. Clean the carpet, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and everything else.

Once your moving company start dumping the boxes and other household materials, you may not get the opportunity to clean your house, especially the floors. Just imagine putting your bed on a dirty floor? It’s going to be horrible right? And therefore, it is important to call a professional cleaner and get your house thoroughly dusted and cleaned.

You may counter that when your goods will be unpacked, you have to clean it all again, but so what you have to clean your house every day of the week.

3. Check water tap, kitchen sink and bathroom for any leakage

Both in case of a new home and in a rented apartment, you should check for any plumbing issues. Its taken for granted that everything will be okay, but that should not be the case. Obviously you are in a new home and new locality and if you find a leakage after moving in then it would not look good. Even finding a plumber in new locality may not be all that easy. So do check properly and ensure that all is well inside the kitchen and bathroom and that there is no leakage.

4. Check for electrical issues

Usually it should not be an issue in a new apartment, but if you are moving to an existing house on rent, then please make sure you have access to socket board and plug points everywhere as per your requirements. Everyone has their own set of appliances you may need to get some new plug point installed or a light fitting changed. Take a good look and get these things done way before you move in. If you want to install AC then check for the AC point.

5. Inspect your kitchen

Kitchen is the most important area of your home and it should be clean to best of standard before you move in. Right from the kitchen top to cabinets – everything should be cleaned properly. There may be cockroach, ants and other bugs. You ought to get rid of them before you start unpacking your goods. if there are bugs, you better get pest control done for the treatments before you move in.

Over to you

When you are moving to a new house, you are all set to embrace a new world. You have already done the hard work of finding movers and packers companies and got your goods packed and moved. But putting a little bit of effort in preparing your new house before you move won’t hurt. But when you pay attention, you are up for an exciting time ahead.

How do you prepare yourself before moving in to a new house?

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