7 Home Decor Items That Can Be Recycled and Reused

7 Home decor items that can be recycled and reusedThe moment you think of decorating your home, the first thing that may possibly come to your mind is the budget, followed by creative ideas. And if you are planning to redecorate your home and wondering about costs or ideas, then this is the post worth reading. We are going to talk about some of the coolest ways to recycle and reuse existing home décor items to decorate your home.

While decorating your home, you have to let your imaginations fly which will give wings to your creativity. For decorating your home, you need some items, and may be you have to buy them. But, besides purchasing new items there is another solution to it and that is recycling. In this post, we are going to talk about home decorative items that can be recycled and easily reused.

Recycling is basically the process of converting unused or old items into a reusable material. Items that you think are waste and need to be dumped, can be actually recycled and made into a fresh new art or a decorative item.

For example, a glass bowl can be recycled and converted into a night lamp or a candle stand. The best thing about recycling and reusing is that, it does not cost much. And you get to make it the way you want. Whether it’s about applying colors or choosing a pattern or shape, you get all the freedom and liberty to do it on your own way. And obviously, recycling is environment friendly.

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There are certain things that are already present in your home, and you see them every day, but you just do not observe them. These things which are already present in your home can give a new look to your home. To make your home look beautiful and give a new ambiance you do not need to buy expensive items, you can do that even by staying within a budget plan.

Recycle and reuse home decor items

Do you have old bed covers which you have dumped in the last racks of the cupboard? Do you have old cushion covers? Do you have empty mason jars which you do not use anymore? Like these, there are many small things in your home which you think are useless, but in reality you can use them in various interesting ways.

Empty mason jars

You can fill up the mason jars with garden soil, put some plants there and then hang the jars using the hook. You can hang these jars in your balcony and create a hanging garden there. You can group the mason jars together and then put the colourful string lights into the jars. Switch on the lights and the transparent glass mason jars will be bright like the sparkling stars. You can keep these in your bedroom, window sill, and will look as beautiful as an expensive lampshade.

Bed covers

Stitch the bed covers in the side of the cushions and make new covers with them. The beds covers can also be painted with popping fabric colours and make your own designs. This way you can make new cushion covers with your old bed covers and bed sheets.

Cushion covers

Stitch the cushion covers together and you can make a rug for your room. The cushion covers can be of different colours, and when the new rug is made, and then the room will have a Bohemian décor.

Old photos

If you have the old photos boxed up somewhere, then it is time to take them out and display them. You do not need to buy new photo frames to display them. Put the photos on the table and then cover the table with a transparent glass. The photos will be visible from underneath the glass.

Unused buckets

Due to prolong use, the handles of the buckets may be broken, and thus you discard the buckets. You can convert these buckets into buckets of toys. Paint these buckets in favourite colours of your kids, and then use these buckets to keep the toys. Keep these in your kids’ room, kids can get the toys easily from the bucket, and also they can keep them back after their game is over. It is easy to arrange the toys in buckets.

Empty drink bottles

The drink bottles often come in various shapes, sizes and most importantly colours. Keep the empty bottles on the window sills, and let the light pass through them. The colourful lights will illuminate the room in the best possible way. You can keep the bottles in the kitchen or in any room, and when the sunlight will pass through them, the lights will be colourful and bright.

Glasses that you don’t use

Sometimes you do not use some glassware in your home like glass plates or glass bowls, may be because there is a crack or simply because they have lost shine and new items have replaced them. It is time that you take out these items and use them in creative ways. You can fill these with water and keep some fresh flowers in them. These will work as flower vases; you can keep them in your drawing room or even dining room.

Over to you

You do not have to buy new lampshades; new vases, new carpets and rugs, new cushion covers, new racks for toys. You will save quite a lot of bucks if you can recycle and reuse some of the existing home décor items, you may already have in your home.

The old and unused items that are already there in your home, which were unwanted to you can now come to your great help. Recycle and recreate them and then reuse. When it comes to home décor, first look at your own belongings and consider reusing such items. Because buying new expensive items must never be the primary option!

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