10 Household Accessories You Can’t Live Without

There are certain household accessories which are must to have and you can’t even imagine living without it. You can use these accessories to enhance the beauty of your home as well as to live comfortably in your house. And when it’s about home décor to make it look aesthetically pleasing and appealing, we end up spending lots of money on such things and keep buying more. And finally we realize we have stacked a number of home décor accessories that actually make your home overdone. It’s obvious because we want to make it look good. But the fact of the matter is we never get bored shopping for home decor accessories.

Home décor is a very creative thing and one has to draw a line between must have and nice to have household accessories and décor items. One of my friend have spend lots of money on costly items but there are few basic things that he don’t feel like having. In this post I want to talk about a few of the most important and essential household accessories that one can’t live without.


Mattress is the most important accessory you should have because you need to have sound sleep and a good quality mattress can help you in many ways. Good quality mattress is a must to have home décor elements. Irrespective of how decorated your house is, if your bed is not furnished with good quality mattress and bed cover then it won’t look good. Go spend money on bed and mattress.



Curtains are very important home décor accessories that you can use wisely. Apart from protecting your house from dust and sunlight, it can give a different dimension all together to the overall décor of your house. Spending money on good quality curtains is completely worth it.



I have almost left wearing wrist watch but I have a wall clock in my room. You can buy different types of wall clocks and hang it in your room. Most suitable place to hand a clock is in your living area. Clocks can be used as a home décor item because there are any varieties and styles available out there.

Picture frames

The picture frame is one of the beautiful things to have to enhance the beauty of your rooms. Imagine hanging family photographs along the staircase or in the living area. Family picture is always great but when you frame it using a good quality picture frame, it will just add up to the overall look and feel of your house. Feel free to use different types of photo frames at different locations.


Mirror can be used as home decor accessories too. Apart from helping you in getting ready, mirror can be used to enhance the look and feel of you house as well. Some people use mirror to create illusions of a bigger space as well. In my list of must have, mirror is definitely one.



Books are so important, not only it can be your friends when you are at home but having a book shelf in the living area with a few prominent books can simply add up to the overall look and feel of your living area.


In these day and age people are adopting electronics so much that the electronic sale has excelled beyond imagination. Some of the electronic items that can be used as home décor elements are fridge, television, computer, home theater system etc.

Plant and vessel

We all know how plant helps us.  And we all love to have plant in our home to bring fresh look, and for that we need vessel to implant. So plant and vessel is the must to have decorating accessory with out which we can’t live.

Dining table

Perhaps this is the one place where one family meets together in a whole day. Some goes to office, some goes to school and some does others stuff. But they all meet in the dinning table at the night.

Cabinets and almirah

Cabinets and cupboards is a must to have thing because whether you like it or not, you need space to store everything you buy. Cabinets can be used strategically as a décor item. Cabinets are available in various shades and design and you should spend some money on it.

Over to you

Home décor is one such thing where you can’t afford to miss the basics or over do it. Finding that perfect balance is important, so next time when you go shopping for home decor elements, just make sure to keep it balanced.

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