How to know if a Movers and Packers is worth it or not?

All set to hire a movers and packers company for home shifting or storage needs? Are you really sure you are dealing with a movers and packers company who is worth it? Movers and packers companies are mushrooming these days especially in Delhi NCR region. And essentially this should be real reason of concern for you. After all, if you end up with a shady movers and packers company then you may end up in a mess.

Shifting and relocation is a complicated thing and one should always rely on a service provider who is credible. So how do you check the credibility of a movers and packers before awarding a relocation assignment to them?

How to know if a movers and packers is worth it or not?

Here in this post, I am sharing some of the pointers that may help you in finding if a specific movers and packers company is worth it or not. There are many ways, but I am sharing just a few that should help you take a decision.

Here’s how to verify movers and packers in India before hiring

Moving and relocation business can be started without investing lots of capital. All that one need is some contact numbers of trucking companies and few daily laborers who understand packing. But as a consumer, you should better avoid such service providers.  But how would you know and what are the checks you should perform to get rid of such professionals? Read on to get it all.

Here’s what to look for and how to get it right.

Dealing with a company or an individual

There are individuals who have worked with other established movers and packers companies and over the time they started learning the tricks of the trade. Such individuals will get their visiting cards printed and present themselves as a movers and packers. But the fact of the matter is, they don’t even have a current account in the name of their company. They just picked a name for the new venture and got started.

Takeaway: make sure that you are dealing with a company and not an individual

Check all of the papers and documents

When a movers and packers come to meet you, they will bring a portfolio kind of a file with plenty of work orders in it. But don’t just rely on that. Ask for actual papers that could establish the fact that the company in question is really there. Some of the documents that one can verify is;

  • Company registration no in case of private company registered under MCA, Govt of India.
  • Municipal/Trade license.
  • PAN Card in the name of the company.
  • Service tax registration no.

Most of these documents should be available even in case the moving company you are talking to is not a private limited company i.e. partnership firm or a proprietorship company. Now if all of these documents are presented and can be verified, you can be sure that you are dealing with a company which exists and can be relied up on.

Takeaway: Always verify all of the documents of identity, address and compliance before choosing a mover and packers in India.

Do they accept payments by cheque?

When a movers and packers company insist on full payments by cash and that too in advance, you know there is something wrong. When you are dealing with a company, why would you pay in cash and not have any proof of the payments? It’s understood that some advance have to be made to the movers and packers because they have to procure packing materials etc, but that need not to be paid in cash.

Always insist on paying by cheque, but for that to happen you should approach a movers and packers at least 7 days in advance. When you are in hurry, cheque payments may not be an option.

80:20 payment terms are quite common for movers and packers companies in India. They would take 80% of the payments upfront before transportation and remaining after delivery of the goods at the destination. So insist on paying 80% by cheque and remaining can be paid in cash.

Takeaway: Never make full payment and stay away from moving companies who don’t have a current account in the name of their company

Physical verification of office address

This is one of the most essential checks that one should do especially when you are hiring a movers and packers for storage and warehousing services. You can’t rely on what the moving company is preaching. Go out there; take a good look on the storage facility yourself before you take the final call about hiring a movers and packers company.

Takeaway: Physical verification of office address is essential for your own safety especially for storage and long distance moving.

Check reviews and feedback

Reviews can be checked online, but not on sites where people turn up only for complaining. When your goods are delivered safe, you won’t bother to share a review about the service provider. But if there is a delay of just one day for some technical reason, some people will start writing negative reviews all over the internet. This is what I say unbalanced equation.

So check real genuine reviews for praises as well as for complains to get some idea of how they handle complains and how they address it. When a service provider says he has worked for an employee of an MNC, ask them to share contact umber. Dial directly and speak with the actual user to get better understanding of the quality of service that specific moving company is offering.

Takeaway: Looking at online and offline reviews and testimonials could help you get better understanding about the service provider.

Bonus Tips: Know the full process

Movers and packers companies mostly hire truck from the market for transportation of goods and its unfair to expect them to book a large lorry to move just a few of your goods. So virtually that brings a third party in to the picture. But that’s how the industry works. Unless you have full load of goods and you want a private truck. An established company would give you both the options and let you know the costs involved.

But you should understand the remaining process. Like how the good will be unloaded? Are they sending their executive in the truck or they will arrange local associates for unloading? Who is the contact person at the destination and how it’s going to work. What’s the process of claiming insurance in case anything go wrong?


You are hiring an expert and you are paying for it. It’s worth spending some time to do background check of the potential movers and packers companies before you hire one. This industry is too volatile and there is lack of industry regulation. So be aware, be informed and take a wise decision on hiring movers and packers companies for shifting, relocation and storage services.

What else once can do to validate the authenticity of a movers and packers company in India?

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