How to Setup Kitchen Easily After Moving In

How to set up kitchen after moving to a new houseRelocating a house locally or interstate is one of the most complicated projects that won’t get over easily. Right from hiring a movers and packers agency to getting everything packed and moved, it take lots of efforts and it won’t get over even after the delivery of goods by the movers. Once they have transported and delivered the household goods and articles, the obvious next step is to start unpacking. All you want at this stage is to settle in peacefully by gradually unpacking the items from the boxes and crates. And kitchen is a place which is needed every day as that is the place where you prepare foods. Unpacking and setting up the kitchen in your new house will be on the top of your mind. If you are planning to move your house in next couple of weeks or even months, I am sure you have to setup new kitchen after moving and that’s what I am going to discuss in this post; how to setup kitchen after moving into a new house.

For the initial few periods you can manage with dry sandwiches and other such foods, but you cannot go on like this for long. You need a well organized and properly setup kitchen to continue life in a normal way. Kitchen is the heart of the home, where there are different kinds of items and you need to unpack them from the boxes. A new empty kitchen is like a blank canvas, where you will paint with all the kitchen stuff and materials.

Tips to unpack and setup kitchen

As we all know, setting up kitchen is important to start living normally. Depending on the goods that you have brought and size of the kitchen, it may take some time. But for me, I usually end up setting up kitchen within a day. But there is no point in taking stress, so plan and schedule it as per your convenience. Here’s how you can setup kitchen after moving to a new house.

Clean up the area

To setup your kitchen perfectly, start with basic cleaning of the entire kitchen, from cooktops to cabinets and storage area. Before keeping your plates and dishes on the shelves and cabinets, you must clean them up with some cleaning agents and solutions. If you do not have anything then you can mix some dishwashing solutions and warm water and then wipe the surface with a cloth. This way the space will be clean and tidy and ready for use.

Plan where to keep the items

You must make a plan where will you keep which item, so that a proper order is maintained. If you keep anything anywhere then chances are you will not find the thing which you need. An organization is required. Keep the shelf for the dish near the dishwasher, install the gas oven and near it the shelf of cooking utensils. Keep the fridge and other appliances like mixer grinder and microwave away from the stove. Install a cabinet to keep the spices and the dry foods.

Gather the boxes

If you have labeled the boxes while packing the kitchen stuff, then you already know which box to open. Open the box, and start unpacking the items. Keep the pans and pots and spices, appliances where they are meant to be. Do not jumble up all the things on the kitchen countertops and promise to organize them later, as later never comes!

Check the connections

Switch on and off the cylinder to see the connections are alright. Check whether the gas connections, the water connections are ok. You need these on a daily basis in your kitchen.

Keep the counters clutter free

Try to keep the kitchen counters empty and free of clutter. You can keep the chopping boards on the counter tops, or the best is to hang them. Use the wall, so that a lot of visible space.

Shelves and cabinets

Use the shelves and the cabinets for keeping the dishes and plates. You can use the higher racks for the items which you do not need frequently or regularly. Arrange the items according to your convenience.


Decorate and organize the kitchen the way which is convenient to you. There are no hard and fast rules to organize your new kitchen, the only thing is you have to first clean it up before you place the goods there. Keep a garbage can in the kitchen, so that the space does not look cluttered with all the vegetables and fruits peels. If you have a kitchen table, then keep a fruit basket or a flower vase on it. I hope I could give you some ideas about setting up kitchen in your new home. Follow the tips and you are good to go! 🙂

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