Kolkata: All you wanted to know about Kolkata – the city of joy

Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of west Bengal. Previously being the National Capital in the British era before independence, it has evolved as a commercial, cultural and educational center of East India. Kolkata is located in the east bank of river Hooghly; it has also got one of India’s oldest operating ports “The Port of Kolkata” making it a major trade route of India. Kolkata is the third most populous city of India having a population of around 14.1 million people (including the suburbs and the main city).

Here’s all you wanted to know about Kolkata from its culture to food it offers and more.

All about Kolkata - the city of joy

Kolkata before Independence

Kolkata is known as Calcutta before which was later changed by the government. Due to the influence of the Britishers Kolkata is the home to various architectural beauties and monuments that are still a matter of pride for Kolkata. They have made there headquarters in Kolkata at that time, due to its location it was well connected with all the major places in West Bengal, like Murshidabad which was the main commercial and trading center of India and was compared to London at that time, Kolkata was also connected well to the neighboring states making it an excellent place for industries and trades to flourish here. Later they shifted it to Delhi (now the National capital).

Natives of Kolkata

The native language of Kolkata is Bengali, and people in Kolkata are very friendly, non violent and sweet in nature (they settle most of their matters by verbal and logical arguments). People here won’t mind to help you in anyways they can for example if you ask an address to someone, they would help you enthusiastically. You ought to be here to feel it.

Cost of Living in Kolkata

Overall cost of living in Kolkata is cheaper compared to the other metropolitan cities; in fact it is the cheapest of all. Accommodation is also not much expensive compared to other cities. Transport charge is way cheaper than the other metropolitan cities (try comparing auto or bus charges in Bangalore or Delhi with Kolkata, you can avail a relevant transport for 1/3rd of the price that you have to pay in other metro cities in India).

Kolkata’s cultural, spiritual and literary contribution to the world

Kolkata has given birth to a lot of Legendary personalities who are way ahead of their times, especially in the field of literature, cinema, spirituality and superior intellectuals. Legendary polymath Kavi guru Rabindranath Tagore has laid the foundation of rich literary culture of India with which our nation has got worldwide recognition. He also got a Noble price for his literary works which is still a matter of pride for the Bengalis. Legendary actors like Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen along with directors like Satyjit Ray are among the legendary names in the media industry, they have made their presence felt at the international level.

Spiritual legends like Shri Ramakrishna was a Indian mystic who redefined the perspectives of people towards spiritual beliefs and divinity to God, while Swami Vivekananda was a Indian monk who promoted his unique concepts on discipline, determination, mind and soul refinement, harmony of nature and celibacy among the mankind.

Scientists and nationalists from Kolkata

Kolkata is also home to eminent scientists and nationalists too, who made there eminent contributions in the society, Shri Acharya Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose (physicist, botanist, biologist and archeologist) he made a lot of contribution in his respective fields of study, while Subhas Chandra Bose was still known for his contribution in the freedom fight by giving severe blows to the omnipotent Britishers, who swoon by even hearing his name.

Transports in Kolkata

Kolkata is connected with all the important areas through local trains and metro service. Kolkata also have several main railway stations like Howrah, Sealdah and Kolkata station along with several small stations around. The Kolkata International airport connects all the major cities around the world. Kolkata has recently launched a helipad in the Joka (Behala) area which provides helicopter service to Shantiniketan, Durgapur and Kolkata International airport. The government has recently launched several (AC and non AC) CSTC (Calcutta state transport) Buses to help the commuters to travel to the various parts of the city with ease. Auto is also an important mode of transport in Kolkata, but the drivers unlike other cities are very arrogant and rough, so you better be cautious before involving yourself with these uncouth people as they can turn hostile anytime. But taxi service is worst in Kolkata as they tend to charge any amount to the commuters and make nuisance frequently with this issue.

Food in Kolkata

People of Kolkata are obsessed with trying various pure Bengali cuisines and recipes .It is also worldwide famous for its sweets. So when you come to Kolkata you can also relish the array of various food items you can try here. Right from Rossogullah to Misti Doi, kathi roll to other street food, Kolkata has a lot to offer and if you are a foodie, you are going to love this city.

Education in Kolkata

Though there are several reputed Institutes, Universities and schools here. On the academic front, the overall standard of education has fallen a lot in the recent past. Mostly the reason is believed to be the arrogant and know it all attitudes of people and political interference has made it even worse. Many colleges, universities and institutes has fallen victim to this errant problem. Schools are spared from these problems though, but overall standards have fallen big time except for few reputed schools. On the other hand due to the ambivalent nature of people and lack of guidance, they got to follow what the others are doing, due to which, they end up with no jobs or relevant employment opportunity.

Only in Kolkata

Kolkata is the first city in India which has started the metro service around the city. Recently it has expanded the metro network connecting all the major parts of the city, which is going to be operative in few years time. Kolkata has also expanded further and made an attempt to build an IT hub in the newly built Rajarhat section (though it is doubtful how fruitful it would be, given the current state of relation between the government and the industries). Kolkata has recently earned the tag of being the first Wi-Fi city in India, though only a small part (Park Street) of Kolkata is availed with this service for free, that too for a limited time.


Kolkata is very peaceful and non violent city compared to other cities. The cost of living is also very good to settle in here for an average salaried person. But life in Kolkata is very slow and static if you are a workaholic then certainly this is not the place for you to stay, as you might frequently face several problems at work where most people neither works nor they want you to work. But as I have earlier stated it is the best place to settle after retirement as staying here post retirement will not only be easy on your pockets but also peaceful as compared with other cities.

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