Office Decorating Tips To Improve Employee Efficiency and Productivity

Ever wondered if office decor and work environment have anything to do with the performance and efficiency of your employees? Is your team missing the deadline and overall target most often? Is there any relation with the overall decoration e.g. lighting, chairs, desks, cubicles etc with the average performance of your employee? If you are wondering about how do office decoration affect employee efficiency and productivity and what you can do to boost the productivity of your employees then here’s the post worth reading. Today in this post, I am sharing a few of the best and easy to implement office decorating tips that’ll help you to boost employee efficiency and productivity greatly.

Studies have confirmed that by just having plants and greenery in your office, you can improve the productivity of your employees by 15%? You heard that right, there is strong relation between office environment and employee productivity, and we are going to discuss it all in this post.

Office decorating tips to improve employee efficiency and productivity
Office decorating tips to improve employee efficiency and productivity

In any organization, the employees play the most vital role in growth and development of the organization. If your employees are unable to perform their best, it will inevitably affect the bottom-line of your business.

When it comes to not-so-satisfying performance of any single employee in your office, you may come to the conclusion that that particular employee may not be skilled or efficient for the job profile.

But when your business is suffering from the average or below average performance from all of your employees and team in general, then it is a matter of serious concern. And you should look into the matter immediately and with utmost importance to boost their productivity and efficiency.

This is because, in such a situation, the fault in all probability lies with the employer only. It cannot happen that all the people you hired are so careless or inefficient in their work, and hence it require serious audit of the process and other factors including timing, office decoration, perks and so on.

There can be a whole lot of causes behind poor performance of your employee, which I am sure you as an employer have already thought about. But have you thought that there might be some problem in your office design or decoration. Poor work environment can actually be the prime cause of lower efficiency in your employees.

Office design and decor is a very important aspect that may affect employee productivity and efficiency. But sadly, it is often overlooked by the employers which lead to low productivity of their teams.

Every employer must see to it that their employees are getting all the necessary facilities and nice and comfortable work environment to perform well, and consistently.

When it comes to the favorable work conditions and facilities, the office design and decoration is certainly something you cannot ignore. In fact, if you see that your employees are working really hard and fast but still there is low productivity, then you should immediately think of making some changes in the office decoration and improve the environment that will positively impact employee efficiency and performance.

Now, you may think that when your business is going down, spending money on office decoration is irrelevant and unnecessary. If poor office design is causing average performance of your team, then investing a little in office design and can actually be profitable in long term.

I am not asking you to make extreme changes in office design, but sometimes small upgrades can also bring great positive impacts on employee performance and efficiency.

Let me share a few of the best office decoration tips that’ll help you improve employee efficiency and productivity easily.

Office decoration tips to boost employee efficiency and productivity

Well designed and decorated office with comfortable seating and proper lighting can significantly boost the performance of your employees. And as an employer, it should be your priority to ensure your office space is well designed and it offers safe, comfortable and aesthetically good looking office working environment.

But still, most of the business owners may simply overlook the office interior designing and decoration bit, while discussing the causes and reasons of low productivity and efficiency of their employees.

What many of the employers fail to realize is that if the workplace atmosphere or environment is not that positive and inspiring, then it is bound to negatively affect the productivity and efficiency of people working in such offices.

And, the aspects of a good workspace include the decoration, structure and layout of the office as well, besides the salary and perks of the employees.

The office environment and the overall design must motivate the employees as only then the productivity will improve. Here are some important aspects of office design that is most likely to positively affect the efficiency and productivity of the employees.

It is advisable that you as an employer take note of these office decoration tips, and act accordingly to boost the productivity and efficiency of your team.

Proper lighting

Office lighting is next in the list of office interior decoration tweaks that can boost the efficiency and productivity of your employees. This is because it has got something to do with boosting the energy levels of the employees and when the employees are feeling more energetic, their productivity is bound to improve.

Please note that office that maximizes natural light through larger windows can actually keep their employees healthier and happier in comparison to dark office environments with a lot of artificial lighting.

With more of natural light around, there are fewer illnesses, reduced stress, less absenteeism, and more employee productivity and efficiency.

In fact, as per a study, there is a very strong relationship between workspace daylight exposure and the sleep, and overall quality of life of the workers.

It was found that those individuals who work in offices having windows in the workspace has about 173% more exposure to white light and slept 46 minutes more every night on an average.

Plants and greenery

The next tip that I want you guys to consider in order improving the efficiency and productivity of the employees is to add greenery to your office. Well, this is because, plants not just improve the quality of the air around you but also has a positive influence in the health and the well being of the workers.

In fact, studies have already shown that there is about 15% increase in the productivity of the employees when household plants are there in the office.

Well, one of the reasons is probably because individuals who engage actively with their surroundings are actually better workers.

Moreover, keeping the plants in the office also help in the reduction of stress, fatigue and anxiety. In short, they play a significant role in making the whole office environment positive which is directly related to the employee productivity.

Comfortable furniture

 When it comes to choosing office furniture, most employers look for style but I personally feel that comfort is much more important and hence it should be the top priority when setting up an office. After all, an employee won’t mind an old-fashioned chair, but will definitely face problem if the chair is not comfortable and if it’s causing back pain. Discomfort will also affect the productivity so please keep that in mind.

And by the way, when I talk about the comfort, I didn’t mean to say that look is not important. In fact, you have to find that balance of comfort and ambience to boost the efficiency and productivity of your employee in good way.

Moreover, comfort can also be introduced to the employees through minute details. Like for example, if your company is really big, then I think wireless charging devices would come handy to you. They would help your employees to use their phones to check mails or make business calls without worrying about the batteries. I think if you take these small details into notice, you will be able to increase the productivity and the efficiency of the employees.

Colors and theme

If you want to improve the productivity of your team, then you should choose the color wisely. Many times, the employers stick to neutral colors while painting their office. Well, frankly speaking, I do not feel this is a wise choice as many times, such boring and bland colors dampen the feelings of the employees. In short, neutral colors evoke a feeling of depression and sadness.

On the other hand, if you choose more vibrant colors like for example, pink and orange, I think they will lead to much happiness, warmth, energy, enthusiasm and positivity in the office environment. Also, blue is a good choice as it kind of evokes a peaceful and relaxed feeling that really works well in stressful office environments.

Storage space

One of the other things that you must strictly consider is that your office must have a good storage. Clutter in office can have negative consequences on efficiency and productivity of your employees. Hence, please ensure that there are enough storage options in your office, not just to store files etc, but also for your employees to keep their belongings like bags, helmet etc.

From having shelves to storage boxes, everything must be kept in the designated spaces. Ensure that everyone keeps the items in the appropriate space after using them.

These will help keep the office properly organized. And trust me such a clean, clutter-free and well-organized work environment will definitely keep the productivity of your employees high.

Office layout

Well, this may sound a little tricky but is not at all tricky in reality and I will further simplify it for you. One of the most vital things to note is how your employees are going to use the working space? Like for example, if in your office, the employees have to spend most of their hours on phones, then cubicles will make more sense. If you are running out of space and cubicles is not possible, then ensure to give them sufficient space on their desk to work comfortably. If your office has got smaller desks, then that may actually cause difficulty in the work as in most cases, the employees will lose their concentration and may get frustrated.

So, what I basically mean by a smart office structure is a very well-arranged office that will prove a comfortable environment for your employees to work. The office space must be very convenient and there should be enough moving space. Your employees must be able to work in a relaxed environment as that will help them concentrate on their tasks in much better ways.

Over to you

Although overlooked most of the time, but office décor undoubtedly plays a very important role when it comes to increasing the productivity and efficiency of employees.

Most of the time, while analyzing the causes of low productivity, the employers think about raising the salaries or take other steps. But what most of them fail to realize is that if the office environment is not entirely positive, then employee productivity is going to get affected.

See, whenever, we think of office design, we think of the appearance of the building but often miss out on small but important details that are vital to employee productivity. To make things clearer to you, I have already explained some important aspects of office design that will help you improve the productivity of your employees.

Some of the office décor improvements that can help boost employee efficiency and productivity includes:

  • Proper lighting
  • Plants and greeneries
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Colors and theme
  • Storage space
  • Office layout

I am very sure that if you make necessary changes in the office decoration and work environment, you will definitely see the improvements in your team’s performance and efficiency.

The employees will be able to work with a lot of concentration, motivation and also with a lot of energy. Simply keep the office environment as much lively, airy and stress-free as possible.

And if you are looking for professional help with cost effective office interior designing, then we can connect you with leading interior consultants who can help you get it right within your budget.

With that, it’s over to you

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