Packers and Movers Rate and Prices in Patna for Home Shifting

Are you planning to relocate locally within Patna from Kankarbagh to Boring Road or from Rajiv Nagar to Buddha Colony or from Patel Nagar to Rajendra Nagar? Or do you want to send your 1 bedroom, hall, and kitchen household goods from Patna to Guwahati in Assam? Irrespective of what your shifting requirements are, if you are wondering about finding packers and movers rates and prices in Patna, Bihar for local or interstate household moving services, then here’s all you need to know about. Today, I am sharing the standard rate chart and price list of movers and packers in Patna, Bihar. Apart from the price list, you can also learn about the best residential neighbourhoods in Patna, Bihar, so read on.

Packers and movers rate and charges in Patna for home shifting
Packers and movers rate and charges in Patna for home shifting

Let’s assume that you want to shift a standard 1 BHK household item locally within Patna, and if the distance is less than 5 Kilometers, then the standard rates of movers and packers could be Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500. Similarly if the distance is between 10 to 15 kilometres, then the standard rates of movers and packers in Patna could be anywhere between Rs. 3500 to Rs. 4500. And if the distance between the source and destination is around 20 Kilometers, then overall moving cost could vary from Rs. 4500 to Rs. 5500. The rates and charges of movers and packers could easily vary based on the distance, size of the move, quality of packing materials and packing offered, local taxes and other value-added services as required.

Whether you are moving locally, or you wish to relocate to Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata or any other city or state, you should directly speak with a couple of locally available movers and packers in Patna and enquire about their rates, shifting charges and availability as per your moving schedule. Because, for movers and packers services, there is no one-fit-all-pricing model, and hence you will notice the difference in rates of different movers and packers companies in Patna for the same moving needs.

Rates of packers and movers in Patna, Bihar

As you already know, apart from many other factors that may affect the packers and movers’ rates, the distance between your current house and the house you are moving to can have a significant impact on overall moving costs. That’s the reason why local shifting services in Patna will cost you less and interstate movers service from Patna to another state like Delhi or Maharashtra is going to cost you more than the local shifting in and around Patna, Muzaffarpur, Danapur, Hazipur, Darbhanga or other cities in Bihar.

But as I said, there are different factors that may affect the rates of movers and packers in Patna, it’s better to consider all of these factors and cost heads while budgeting for your household move.

Listed below are the major factors that may affect home shifting charges in Patna or anywhere for that matter.

Packing charges

I am sure you know how crucial packing is for safe and sound relocation. Your precious household goods can’t be shipped and delivered safe and sound with poor-quality packing. Whether it’s a dining table with a glass top or a single or double-door fridge or a washing machine or cupboards, each and every household goods have to be packed before transporting.

The movers and packers in Patna may offer different options for packing and obviously different types of packing costs differently and may offer better security. The better quality packing materials may cost you a little more, but then there is no point compromising the overall packing quality, especially for interstate household moves.

But even if you are after local shifting within Patna, you should not underestimate the importance of packing. And movers and packers are not going to move your goods without packing everything properly and hence there is a packing cost.

Depending on the quality of packing materials and kind of packing (single layer, multi-layer or special wooden crate packing), the cost for packing of 1 BHK household goods can be anywhere between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2200.

Labour and handling charges

There are two types of labour available, one which specializes in handling odd size heavy weight items like a wardrobe, fridge, dining table, dresser etc. And then you get daily wage labour that can assist. The difference is that the movers and packers have a well-trained and experienced team who are specialized in handling packing, loading, unloading etc. The other kind of daily wage labour may not have that experience there is a difference.

 Movers and packers are going to charge you a labour fee or handling fee. Naturally, when the size of the move is small like 1 BHK, you will require just a couple of manpower to handle it all. Similarly, if the size of the move is standard or bigger for that matter, then you need 4 or 5 hands to handle everything well.

So depending on the size of your move, the manpower requirements can increase or decrease and so it affects the rates and prices of movers and packers in Patna, and this is true for both local and interstate household moves.

Transportation charges

Moving or transporting your goods safely is the ultimate goal and hence there is a cost involved. Usually, for local shifting, transportation charges will be less. For local home shifting within Patna from one locality to another, the transportation charges can be anywhere between Rs. 1000 to 2500 based on the distance, and size of vehicle you need. Usually, they use a smaller tempo for local shifting and they don’t mind transporting in two rounds.

Insurance, taxes and value-added service charges

Transit insurance is seriously important for interstate relocation and no one should ignore or take it lightly. Ideally, you should take transit insurance for local home and office shifting services as well. Insurance is charged at the rate of 3% of the total value of the shipment.

Apart from the various cost heads we have already discussed, the movers and packers in Patna will charge you applicable taxes. One of the major taxes goes under the Goods and Service tax and on top of that some local taxes may be applicable like green tax if you are moving from Patna to Delhi.

Moving companies also offer some value-added services as required by their customers. Value-added services like unpacking and re-arranging items in your home, a temporary storage facility for a week or so. These value-added services are not included in the standard service catalogue of most of the moving companies in Patna.

Rate and price list of movers and packers in Patna for local shifting

Now that you have got a basic idea of various cost heads and how they may affect the rates and charges, here’s a standard rate chart and price list for your ready reference.

Size of the move Distance up to 6 Kms Up to 12 Kms Up to 20 Kms
1 BHK Household Shifting Rs. 3000 – Rs. 3500. Rs. 3700 – Rs. 4800. Rs. 4500 – Rs. 5700.
2 BHK Household Shifting Rs. 4000 – Rs. 5000. Rs. 5000 – Rs. 6000. Rs. 6000 – Rs. 7000.
3 BHK Household Shifting Rs. 6000 – Rs. 7000. Rs. 7000 – Rs. 8000. Rs. 8000 – Rs. 9500.
4 BHK Household Shifting Rs. 9500 – Rs. 10000. Rs. 10000 – Rs. 11000. Rs. 11000 – Rs.12000.
Standard office shifting Rs. 6000 – Rs. 7000. Rs. 7000 – Rs. 8000. Rs. 8000 – Rs. 9500.
Big-size office moving Rs. 9000 – Rs. 10500. Rs. 10500 – Rs. 11500. Rs. 12000 – Rs.14000.

The above rate chart and price list of moving companies in Patna should give you a fair idea of tentative moving costs. But if you are after relocating your home or office in the next couple of weeks, then it’s better to get accurate and competitive moving quotes from a couple of leading moving companies in Patna before you finalize a moving company to help you move.

Simply call us on 07044123404 or submit the no obligation quote request form to receive an instant call back to schedule a pre-move inspection of your goods and get final quotes for packing and moving of household goods or office.

Best residential neighbourhoods for moving to Patna

Now since we are discussing moving and relocation, one of the most frequent and often asked questions that comes to us via live chat is about the best residential neighbourhoods for living in Patna.

Well, if you are planning to relocate to Patna, I am sure you would like to know about the best residential neighbourhood for safe and comfortable living.

Patna has been selected as one of the 100 cities which are to be developed as a smart city under the smart city mission. Patna or Pataliputra is the capital and one of the largest cities of Bihar and it’s the second largest city of eastern India, after Kolkata, West Bengal. The size of the city is 18 Kilometers X 35 Kilometers (width and length) and according to information available on Wikipedia, Patna is the 5th fastest-growing city in India.

In Patna, you are not going to face any language issues, because Patnaites can speak many languages including English, Hindi, Magadhi or Magahi, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Odiya, Bengali etc.

Well, if you have been to Patna, I am sure you know about the best residential neighbourhoods of Patna. But if you are planning to relocate to Patna, or just wondering about some of the best residential areas for safe and comfortable living in Patna, then here are a few of the best residential neighbourhoods in Patna that you may like to consider.

Buddha smriti park, Patna
Buddha Smriti Park, Patna
Shri Krishna Nagar, Patna

Probably the most highly rated residential neighbourhood in Patna because of its connectivity with belly road and other major parts of Patna. You may not find many schools close to the Sri Krishna Nagar area, but it’s considered a good and prime location. This area will suit your family for you can easily find convenience stores, grocery shops, access to a fruits and vegetable market and so on.  

The average monthly rent for a 2 BHK flat in the Sri Krishna Nagar area in Patna can be anywhere from Rs. 11500.00 to Rs. 15000.00.

New Patliputra Colony, Patna

New Patliputra colony in Patna is another popular residential area in Patna that you may like to consider for its convenience and cheaper rents of residential flats. On average, renting a standard 2BHK residential flat can cost you anywhere between Rs. 10000.00 to Rs. 16000.00 based on the facilities. Renting a flat in a residential complex will cost you more in comparison to an independent building for obvious reasons. The area is well connected; you can even find schools, shopping malls etc in the surrounding.

Boring Road and Boring Canal Road area in Patna

Both boring road and boring canal road is considered prime residential neighbourhood. The roads are wide and clean and the area is close to the Bailey road.

There are so many PG and bachelor accommodation options in this area. You can easily find a student lodge with a bed option or if you want you can rent out the entire room and share the accommodation with one other roommate. Room rents are neither cheap nor too costly, so given the facilities you get, the charges are just okay.

Raja bazaar area in Patna

Raja Bazar is another good residential choice, and it’s well-connected to the rest of the city through Bailey Road. It’s a little far away from the main city and hence the rental costs are comparatively less than other popular neighbourhoods in Patna. Consider this area, if you plan to drive by your own vehicle, car or bike for commuting Auto may be a little inconvenience.

Buddha Colony in Patna

If you prefer to stay in a spacious, well-maintained and well-connected residential area then Buddha Colony will suit you the most. The rental charges may be a little higher for this is a very sophisticated and spacious colony with wider roads and lanes. The nearest railway station is Patna Junction, which is approximately 3 km away and the Airport is around 4.5 Km from Buddha Colony.

Patel Nagar in Patna

Patel Nagar is considered one of the best residential areas in Patna, Thanks to its connectivity with the belly road. Easy access to shops for daily needs and groceries etc make it the most popular area both for students and working professionals as well as families.

Kankarbagh colony in Patna

This is one of the largest colonies in Asia and the second-largest by population. Needless to say, the area is condensed and busy. Proximity to railway stations and connectivity to the main city through a flyover is the advantage of this area. You can easily find standard 2 BHK residential accommodations in Kankarbagh for under Rs. 15K per month. The only concern for this neighbourhood is the water logging during the rainy season.

Mahendaru and Gandhi Maidan area in Patna for student

If you are a student and planning to move to Patna for coaching and studies, then Mahendru and Gandhi Maidan area is probably the place to live. The area is comparatively dense, but there are a number of coaching institutes and cheap accommodation facilities available.

As a student, you would like to live in an area that helps you save commute time and at the same time offer cheap and cost-effective living options. This is the area you may like to consider.

Apart from what we have discussed above, you may like to consider other popular residential neighbourhoods in Patna, such as:

  • Rajiv Nagar
  • Agam Kuan
  • Ashok Rajpath
  • Bailey Road
  • Gulzarbagh
  • Indrapuri
  • Kidwaipuri
  • Kumhrar
  • Phulwari Sharif
  • Shivpuri
  • Patna city

Patna is changing every day and irrespective of the area you choose to move to, you will start loving the neighbourhood over a period of time.

Rate chart of movers and packers in Patna for interstate shifting

Interstate or long-distance household shifting from Patna is going to be a little costlier than local shifting within Patna. For instance, if you want to shift from Patna to Rudrapur, Delhi, or Mumbai, the charges are going to vary because of distance and other factors. Obviously, the distance is one of the main reasons, but there are other factors as well like the cost of multi-layer secured packing, insurance and applicable taxes.

The movers and packers companies will always pack your goods before moving, but in case of a long-distance move, the quality of packing materials and packing itself has to be very good and secured and that adds up in the overall rates of moving services.

Similarly, the insurance is usually optional for local shifting within Patna, but if you are moving to a distant city or state, insurance becomes mandatory and the movers will not move your goods without insurance.

So, if you consider the quality of packing, distance and insurance charges, the overall rates and prices of moving services will be way more than local home relocation.

The rates and charges of moving companies in Patna will vary based on where exactly you are moving to, but listed below are a few of the most frequently used destinations within India for different move sizes e.g. 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK.

Patna to 1 BHK Household 2 BHK Household 3 BHK Household
Muzaffarpur Rs. 8000 – Rs. 12000 Rs. 15000 – Rs. 19000 Rs. 18000 – Rs. 22000
Delhi Rs. 11500 – Rs. 14000 Rs. 15000 – Rs. 21000 Rs. 25000 – Rs. 30000
Noida Rs. 11000 – Rs. 14000 Rs. 15000 – Rs. 21000 Rs. 23000 – Rs. 29000
Gurgaon Rs. 11000 – Rs. 14000 Rs. 15000 – Rs. 21000 Rs. 24000 – Rs. 29000
Jaipur Rs. 14000 – Rs. 20000 Rs. 22000 – Rs. 28000 Rs. 30000 – Rs. 35000
Lucknow Rs. 10000 – Rs. 15000 Rs. 14000 – Rs. 20000 Rs. 20000 – Rs. 26000
Gorakhpur Rs. 12000 – Rs. 16000 Rs. 17000 – Rs. 22000 Rs. 24000 – Rs. 32000
Hyderabad Rs. 17000 – Rs. 21000 Rs. 22000 – Rs. 32000 Rs. 35000 – Rs. 41000
Bangalore Rs. 14000 – Rs. 19000 Rs. 19000 – Rs. 28000 Rs. 30000 – Rs. 35000
Mumbai Rs. 18000 – Rs. 24000 Rs. 25000 – Rs. 35000 Rs. 38000 – Rs. 46000
Pune Rs. 16000 – Rs. 22000 Rs. 22000 – Rs. 32000 Rs. 33000 – Rs. 42000
Ahmedabad Rs. 14000 – Rs. 18000 Rs. 20000 – Rs. 25000 Rs. 30000 – Rs. 40000
Vadodara Rs. 16000 – Rs. 22000 Rs. 24000 – Rs. 32000 Rs. 35000 – Rs. 45000
Surat Rs. 15000 – Rs. 19000 Rs. 21000 – Rs. 26000 Rs. 31000 – Rs. 40000
Kolkata Rs. 10000 – Rs. 14000 Rs. 16000 – Rs. 20000 Rs. 22000 – Rs. 28000
Chennai Rs. 18000 – Rs. 22000 Rs. 23000 – Rs. 28000 Rs. 30000 – Rs. 35000

That’s the standard price list of movers and packers in Patna for interstate home relocation services. But as I said, the rates and charts are just to give you a ballpark idea of how much it would cost. To get accurate estimates for moving services, you should always talk to the local moving companies, invite them to inspect the goods and then get final quotations.

How to save money on shifting services in Patna?

Now that you got a basic idea of rates and charges, I am sure you would like to know if there are ways to save money on local and interstate house-shifting services.

Well yes. There are proven moving hacks that can help you to save up to 30% of the standard moving costs. Try some of these proven moving tricks that’ll help you to cut moving costs by as much as up to 30%.

Book in advance and on working days

Did you know that if you plan your move well in advance and stick to moving during the weekdays instead of a weekend or holiday, you’ll be able to bargain a better deal with the moving companies? Well, that’s true.

So plan your move in advance, talk to multiple moving companies, compare their prices and you could easily save as much as up to 15-20% of the total moving fees. Movers are usually very occupied during the weekends and on holidays, so they charge a little more, firstly because they have work and they can choose which moving assignment to take or leave. And secondly, they may take advantage of your urgency, so always plan in advance and schedule your move during a work day to save on local and interstate shifting charges of movers and packers in Patna.

Downsize your move

As you know the rates of movers and packers will primarily depend on the number and size of items you want to move and the distance, it’s always better to list of the inventory after proper inspection. If you are able to get rid of any of the items that you don’t really need in your new home, then you should think of reselling them or giving them away to someone who may need them.

Obviously, downsizing your move does not mean you should compromise with the essentials and usable goods, but it’s just to check if you can donate some old used clothes, partly damaged furniture etc. The basic rule is if you have not used an item for the past couple of months, you may not use it later. So be mindful of what you want to move and what not and you will be able to save some money on moving.

Compare moving quotes

I have said it in the past and I am saying it again.

If you don’t want to end up paying more for moving your goods, then you should compare quotes from a handful of local moving companies. Comparing quotes can surprisingly help you know what it may cost and when you have the idea of costs, you will be able to bargain better with the movers and packers companies.

Rates are not fixed for moving services and the charges of movers can easily vary from case to case they may take advantage of this, and overcharge you.

We have been working with leading movers and packers in Patna and other major cities in India and we can quickly connect you to up to three different companies within minutes and for free. Call us on 07044123404 for any questions you may have with regard to a local or interstate move.

Who are the most popular packers and movers in Patna?

Being one of the largest and second largest in eastern India, after Kolkata, Patna is growing rapidly. Ranked as the second best city for starting a business in India, after Delhi, Patna is obviously growing rapidly.

Needless to say, there is a huge demand for relocation services and to fulfil this growing demand for shifting and relocation services, there are a number of moving companies operating from Patna. Choosing the best among them is no easy task. What may be the best for me, may not suit someone else due to high pricing or some other issues.

Hence, I always suggest talking to a few of the local companies and then evaluating them based on your interaction with the company representative, their rates and charges, delivery time, value-added service etc.

Listed below are a few of the local packers and movers companies in Patna that I could find. The list may not be extensive, but then it can help you get started.

South Packers and Movers of India
Mr Rajeev Ranjan          
Rajendra Market, Dhalai Road,
New Vigrahpur, Mithapur Bus Stand, Patna-800001
Ananya Packers and Movers
Mr Suresh Ray
West Ramakrishna Nagar,
Dhelwa Kankarbagh,
Patna-800020 (Bihar)
National Packers and Logistics
Mr Anand Mohan          
Mithapur Bus Stand, Gate No-2,
Jai Mata Di Packers & Movers
Mr Dubey
Ayodhya Aptt, Frazer Road,
Opp. BSES, Sinha Library Road, Patna-800001
Jayshiv Packers and Movers
Mr Gautam
Yamuna Bhawan, Gandhi Setu Road,
Opposite Tata Motors, Transport Nagar Pahari,
Patna- 800007 Mail:
Sai Kripya Packers and Movers
Mr Roshan Kumar         
C/o Sri Ashok Kumar,
Jagriti Path, Near Reader Centre,
Shivpuri Anisabad, Patna-00001

If you would like to check rates and prices from a couple of leading moving companies in Patna to compare and choose from then feel free to call us at: 07044123404 or fill up the free quote request form.

Over to you

Are you moving to Patna or relocating within Patna from one Neighborhood to another and wondering about the rates and prices of local moving companies in Patna? Well, the best way to find rates and charges of movers and packers is to talk to them directly, as there is no one-fit pricing for moving services.

But if you are after just getting some ballpark idea of costs, then local shifting of 1 BHK may cost you between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5500.00, depending on the size of your move and the distance between both the neighbourhoods.

I have already shared the standard rate chart and price list of moving companies in Patna for both local shifting and interstate moves. Please refer to the rate chart above to get a ballpark idea of moving costs.

And if you are moving to Patna and wondering about the best residential neighbourhoods in Patna for safe and comfortable living with family, then I have already talked about that as well. Some of the most popular and posh residential neighbourhoods in Patna include Sri Krishna Nagar, Patliputra Colony, Buddha Colony, Raja Bazaar, Boring Road, Patel Nagar etc.

And if you planning to relocate and wondering where to find the most competitive quotes and how to relocate without hassles, then feel free to talk to us on 07044123404 and we’ll help you get it right.

Have you used moving services in Patna? How much did it cost you and which is the best residential neighborhood in Patna according to you?

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