Rodent infestation: Here’s how to deal with rodents in apartments

Rodent infestation is a very severe problem that can cause harm to both your health and property. These rodents are nocturnal in nature hence it becomes extremely daunting task to get rid of them. They are also evolving and becoming more immune to common traps made for them. I have faced them on multiple occasions and recently got rid of a severe rodent infestation at my house.

Where ever you store grains, cloths, book, newspaper or magazines, rodents may appear and if you find any sign of their presence, you should seriously consider checking for rodent infestation before they do any significant damage to your wares. If you spot any evidence of the presence of rodent’s drops or poop or strips of paper or clothes, then you should immediately take action and curb the problem.

All about Rodent Infestation

Hiring a professional pest control agency to get rid of rodent infestation is always a better idea than struggling yourself, but if you have the time and want to give it a try, consider reading this post. I am here to share some amazing tips to get rid of rodent infestation from your home or godown.

Here’s how to get rid of rodent infestation

Rodent extermination is not an easy task as I have mentioned earlier how tough it is to kill them as they get out from their hiding places at night and stealthily do their work and again disappear in the next morning. A more comprehensive plan must be made to exterminate them and make sure all of them are either gone or killed from the vicinity of your apartment or warehouse and ensure that they do not return under any circumstances.

Precaution is better than cure

Rodents usually come for searching food and shelter and they love dirty and untidy places which provide them the best shelter and keep them hidden from you. To keep these rodents out of your home, clean old wares from your home and garage (as the rodents take shelter their and later end up in your kitchen). Don’t let old items like news papers and magazines to stash up at one place. Keep your house clean & tidy and they will never bother to pay you a visit.

DIY tricks vs. Professional pest control techniques

If the infestation level is low then it might be possible for you to take care of the trouble yourself. But in case you have some important documents or wares to take care about that are vulnerable to rodents then even at the slightest hints about their presence you should consider asking a professional pest control for taking care of them, as they will find their nest and destroy them from the roots and also make sure they did not return any time soon.

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Rodents Solutions collectively for both mice and rats

If your rodent infestation has went beyond the reach of conventional traps then you might have to call a professional exterminator. If they are planning to use rodent poison or similar technique that have the possibility of leaving the dead animals in your walls or floors then make sure you discuss on how they have planned to remove the dead animals and the necessary safety precautions that you need to take to ensure hygienic practices.

A professional pest control agency will also make sure to block all the potential rodent entry points, to prevent them from entering again. Although rodents like mice and rats have collapsible skeletons and smooth bodies that allows them to fit through spaces much smaller than their appearance would indicate. A typical rat or mouse can pass through a small hole of a size of a pencil. Hence no matter what even a professional probably won’t be able to make your home rodent-proof, but still they can do it in a much more professional way that will be more effective.

Mouse problem

Recently this incident occurred to me when I was sleeping on my bed at the dead of night and suddenly got beaten by a mouse on my index finger, I have no idea how it ended up on my bed, it appeared out of nowhere and bit me, I got frightened by its behavior as it looks like a small and innocent one, but it is so apathetic that even after I was wide awake and switched on all my lights it stayed that way and playfully roam around my bed and it seems like it is trying to taunt me, the next morning I got tetanus injection for the bite and promised myself to kill that mouse for its arrogance. But it got really messy when I chased it and somehow managed to get into a melee with it and killed it with my heavy boot. It started bleeding profusely on my bathroom floor.

On another occasion I spotted a tiny (just born) mouse on my bathroom. I cannot gather courage to kill that tiny little thing (I am not that cruel) and then my mom took care of it and thrown it away without killing it.

Initially these pests start by chewing off your clothes and books even your bed sheets, blankets or pillows and also urinate or poop on many places. After spotting these signs you should brace yourself to deal with them in an efficient manner.


Lay old school traps like snap traps and sticky traps with proper bait like wet wheat balls or sticky foods like peanut butter that lure the mouse onto the traps. You can get these traps in hardware shops or even in common household supply shops. If all else fails then you can try poisoning them, but it is not a very good idea as it might also affect your pets or kids in your family. So don’t use it unless you have run out of all other options. If the infestation is severe then it might be better if you call a professional pest control service for dealing with them in a more professional way.

Rat problem

Rats possess an even bigger threat for homeowners and warehouse owners. Like other rodents such as squirrels, they are capable of eating through your electrical wiring and eventually lead to dangerous fire hazards. They have powerful jaws that can penetrate even through concrete and it may result in significant damage to your property. They can also cut through the water pipes, which may give rise to leaks and damps in the walls or floors.

There is an incident when we found a whole colony of mouse’s living inside an old TV box filled with old useless clothes. Then we have thrown the whole thing out of our house and killed the miserable parent rats too (plenty of them). At times they even try to retaliate and bite you when you try to corner them and kill them (you must have heard of the common saying that cornered rat can be more dangerous than a tiger).The best way is to call a professional mouse exterminator to do this in a proper way.

Rats are more dangerous than mouse as they eminently spread various harmful diseases like rate fever, plague, Hantavirus etc.


For rats traps are a better choice if the rat population is small enough or else you may use rodenticides. Like mice poison is not recommended, similarly rat poison should not be used for rat extermination for the same reason that it can harm your pets and there is a possibility that the fleas, ticks, and mites that were living on the rat (when it was alive) will look for a new host, thereby leading to a great public health disaster.


Chasing a rat or a mouse reminds me of my childhood’s favorite TV show – “The Tom and Jerry show”. Rats and mouse are indeed very hard to catch and are extremely finicky creatures (catching them is much more daunting task then what they show in TV shows). But having a professional rodent exterminator or pest control agency by your side, you can easily get rid of these rodent problems from your house or warehouse permanently.

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