Tips for Decluttering Before Moving a House

Decluttering before moving your house is probably the most important thing to do. Decluttering helps downsize the move which can help reduce the overall moving costs. And not only that, when you are organize and clutter-free you will have less stress and hassles during the move. The longer the distance and the more the number of items, the greater becomes the hassles and moving expenses.

But, the fact is there is absolutely no point in taking all of the household items to your new home because it may unnecessarily increase your overall moving expenses. Secondly, if you carry all the items, without even checking if it’s required or if it’s in usable condition, you may end up creating clutter in your new home. And hence, it becomes even more important to declutter when moving a house. Also, if you are buying a new house and planning to move in, you should consider getting rid of all the clutter as all the household furniture etc you have in your current home may not fit in your new house.

And in today’s post that’s what I am going to talk about – decluttering when moving a house to ensure safer and hassle free home relocation experience.

So, if you are planning to relocate your household goods anytime soon, and you have too many stuff to pack and move, then decluttering is going to be the best thing to do.

Get rid of all of the unimportant stuffs and only take the essential household items to your new home. And, if you are confused what to get rid of when decluttering and on what basis to sort the items, then here’s the post that is going to address all your questions and confusions. These decluttering tips can help you solve your dilemma about what to take and what to leave in best possible ways.

How to declutter your home before moving

Decluttering before the move is not just important because you will have lesser items to carry, but also because unless you declutter before relocating and take even the useless stuffs with you, your new home will also become crowded and cluttered.

So, choosing wisely what to carry and what to not can help you relocate cheap and decrease the hassles in packing and moving all those items.

And therefore you should ask yourself these questions and then you should take a call about whether to move or get rid of any such household items.


The usefulness of the item is a very important factor to decide whether to get rid of it when relocating or move it. If you require an item on a regular basis, and it is still in good shape, then you should take that item with you.

But, if you have something which is not that useful to you anymore, then you can get rid of it because it is not worth the space it is taking up. Instead take something else that is more useful in its place.


The present condition of the items is an important thing to consider while decluttering your stuffs when moving household. If the item is not in good shape, no matter how useful it is, you will not be able to use it for long. So, why take the pain of carrying it when you will have to throw it soon? So, if the item is already damaged and is not even in a state to get repaired, then better get rid of it.

Emotional value

Ask yourself, if the item is valuable? Many times, we possess certain items that may not be very useful practically but, may be gifted by someone special or you may have inherited that etc. Such items automatically become priceless and special to you, because there’s some emotion attached to such items.

The value of such items cannot be compared with their monetary value, and they are irreplaceable because of their sentimental value, so if you possess any such items, keep them. They should not even come into consideration when you are decluttering your house before moving.

Monetary value

What is the market price of this item? Yes, you should consider the cost of the item as well when you are thinking about whether to get rid of it or not. So, if you have something very expensive, you should take it with you.

But, if you have anything that is not that expensive and is also difficult to carry, then it is better that you get rid of it.

Well, if it is not too costly, you can anytime buy it. In fact, if you buy now, you will be getting the latest version of it and that will obviously be better than the old one you may have.

So, unless something is very special or useful to you, you can actually get rid of such stuff that is not very expensive anyway. Selling or donating such stuffs will be a better option than investing more time, energy and money in packing and carrying those items to your new home.

Multiple quantities

If you have multiple quantities of same items, then it is best to not carry all of it with you. You can easily keep the best one among them and sell or donate the rest. There is no point in carrying the extras to your new home if they are not very useful or important to you. For instance, if you have two number of mixer grinder, then maybe you should carry one and get rid of the other.

Odd dimension

Some items that are perfectly fitting in your present home may not fit or look odd when placed in your new home. May be because of the ambiance or the home décor of your new space or for any reason, some items may not fit well.

So, if you keep that item in your new home, it may look out of place, so why take the effort of carrying such item at the very first place when you know that it will not be suitable for your new home? This often the case with big furniture and therefore you may consider not carrying such items.

Instead, it is better that you simply sell it or donate it because then someone else may put that item into better practice than you.

Moving expense

Sometimes, due to the size, dimension or weight of the item, you may have to pay more for carrying it than the actual price of the item. Now, if that item is really important for you or is very expensive, you can always pay extra and carry that household item to your new home.

But, if there is a situation where you need to pay extra money and that it is more than the actual worth or cost of the item, then do you think it will be wise of you to carry it? No, because you can utilize that extra money in order to buy a new item later.

Moving complications

If you are using professional mover packer service, they will be able to pack and carrying all of the items for you. They may charge you extra for very large or heavy items or when they have to move the items up or down the stairs but they know the techniques of moving the items. So they will be able to load and unload them efficiently. But, if you are considering DIY move and if you have not hired any professionals for relocating, then moving such items may not be that easy for you.

Of course, having important packing materials, tools and equipment will make it comparatively easier, but still moving very large or very heavy items needs experience and expertise. So, if you are not confident to load and unload such items, it is better to not carry those to the new space because you may actually hurt yourself badly. You can just sell or donate the items and buy new ones after relocating to your new home.

Antique items

If any household item is a rare or antique piece, then never throw it away because no matter how much you search, you may not get a similar piece. Such items are timeless and highly valuable, and therefore it should not be a part of the decluttering process.

Expired items

Well, needless to say if you find that any particular item has already expired, then you should immediately get rid of it. There is no point carrying such items when moving to your new house.


Home relocation takes a lot of patience because the better you plan, easier it becomes to relocate. And, decluttering is definitely a part of home relocation and you should take it seriously because you can make some serious profits out of it. Proper decluttering when moving a house can make your relocation safer, convenient and cheaper, and therefore, it is absolutely important to declutter correctly and wisely when moving and relocating homes.

There are many items in your house, some of those are absolutely important, others may have some emotional value attached to it, some of the items may not be usable condition and some of it may be too big to fit in your new house.

Obviously, all household goods and items are not equally important. And hence sorting and decluttering become so important. I have already shared few of the best questions you should ask and that’ll help you decide if it is worth moving. The factors that matters when choosing items to relocate can be summed up as:

  • Usefulness of the item
  • Condition of the item
  • Size and dimension
  • Moving expenses
  • Emotional and Monetary value
  • Multiple quantities
  • Moving complications
  • Antique items
  • Expired items

Have you relocated your complete household in recent past? How did you decide what to move and which items did you get rid of when relocating? How did you declutter your move?

Feel free to share your tips and experiences by commenting below.

Happy home relocating!

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