Tips to Make Room Look Bigger in 6 Simple Steps

How to make room look bigger You often feel morose by thinking that your room is small and you cannot decorate it as per your wish. Well, here I will intervene and clear your doubts. The small room can be decorated superbly with proper planning and layouts. In my post, I will discuss some of the most amazing ways to make room look bigger without spending lots of money or putting lots of efforts. It’s actually easy to create illusion to make room look bigger and i will tell you how to create such illusions. 

Smaller room does not mean the end of the world. It does not certainly mean that you cannot decorate the room as per your wish. Small room just means that you have to think and overthink before including the items in your room. That is it. A proper arrangement of the perfect furniture and a superb wall colour can make your room look bigger and brighter to a great extent.

Make your room look bigger easily

By some simple hacks, you can just create wonders in your room. I have discussed the same in the next couple of paragraphs.

  1. Hang mirrors: This is the simplest trick to make the small room look bigger instantly. You can also hang a pair of mirrors on the opposite walls, thus creating an infinite numbers of reflections. The mirrors help in making the room look brighter by reflection of lights.
  2. Monochrome: A monochrome look can give the impression of a much bigger room. Monochrome means using same or similar colours for the objects or items in the room. The wall colours, the curtains, the rugs, can be of same colours to give a monochromatic look.
  3. Furniture: Keep multiple functioning furniture like folding chairs and tables, or sofa cum bed. Like this, you can save a lot of space. When you need to sit, you can sit on sofa, at night you can stretch it and make a bed for yourself. The table tops can have three sets of drawers too, for keeping your items or objects. Keep the furniture simple. Give emphasis on needs and not on wants.
  4. Lights: Lights must be bright to make the room look bigger. You can use CFL or LED lights. The brighter is the room, the bigger it will look.
  5. The windows: The big windows can make your room look bigger. Open the windows in the morning to allow the bright rays of the sun to enter the room. You can use curtains touching the floors, to give an elegant ambiance. You can select some light shaded curtains of cotton or linen.
  6. The walls: Paint the walls in some nude or neutral colours. The lights shades of the wall can make the room look much bigger than the actual size. Choose some light colours for the wall like cream colour, or off white. You can leave the ceiling just white.

To conclude

These are some of the pretty simple ways to make your room look bigger. Include objects and items which you need absolutely. Do not clutter the room with thousands different kinds of accessories. You can keep some visible open space in the room, which will also make the room look bigger. I hope I could give you some ideas by which you can decorate your not so big room.

Happy decorating! 🙂

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