Contacting A Moving Service Vs Moving Yourself: Pros and Cons

Over the past year, many cities have seen residents moving to their native areas owing to issues such as job losses, salary cuts, and temporary unemployment – as reported by the Indian Express. Across the world, remote work is on the rise, and Forbes predicts that this situation is bound to become permanent for many employees, as companies realise the significant savings that can be made on office rent and equipment. If you are one of the people making a move and you’re wondering whether or not to make the move yourself or contract a professional moving service from a removal company, the following considerations may help you make up your mind.

Hiring moving service Vs moving on your own

Moving a house can be a complicated process, especially when you are moving a big size house. But still, you can move the entire household things on your own or you can hire the moving services. There are professional moving companies for hire who can simplify the process to a great extent.

As the movers and packers companies or removal companies specialize in moving all types of domestic, commercial and industrial goods, using their service makes sense. However, the movers are going to charge a fee based on the services you avail. And that’s where the do-it-yourself move looks attractive to many as they think that can save a good amount by taking all the hassle on their own. And that may not be correct many times. However, if you are moving with friends and family, then do it yourself house move can be easier and fun.

What items are you moving?

If you’re moving to a home that has most of the large furniture that you need – including a work desk, furniture for leisure areas (such as sofas), and technology (think large-screen televisions, large kitchen equipment, and bedroom furniture) then with a large van, you may be able to complete a move yourself. If you do decide to rent or borrow a vehicle, ensure that your chosen van is well reviewed and that it contains all the features that will enable you to move smaller items (such as luggage, bedding, and smaller cooking equipment) safely. Features to watch out for include large storage space, good fuel economy, brake performance, and voice assistance. The latter will help ensure you are confident about reaching your destination in optimal time. Also, if you are moving a long distance, consider having your car transported by an auto transport company.

What are the pros and cons of a DIY move Vs relying on professional movers?

The main benefits of going at it alone are cost and the freedom of packing up items as you wish. The downside is that you may not store items in a way that optimises space and guarantees safety. Because professional movers are well-schooled in how to stack and store items (ranging from fragile to heavy ones), relying on their services can help you rest assured that your goods will arrive in the perfect state. It will also help reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries since the positioning of furniture and goods is key to risk reduction.

When a moving company is a wise choice?

One of the most important tasks a moving company takes charge of is that of moving heavy items. A lack of knowledge in how to hold, lift and move heavy items can result in back and other injuries that can pose long-term or chronic health problems.

Moving companies are also pros at strategically packing goods and loading them in a vehicle. Finally, movers are perfectly schooled in how to place large items (such as sofas, desks and fridges) in trucks without these items getting stuck.

Moreover, when you’re in a rush to get to your new home, having to find ways to move furniture that has become stuck, or worrying about items becoming damaged because of incorrect movement or placement, is the last thing that should be on your mind.

More and more people are moving from major cities to their native homes in the face of the current crisis and new remote working arrangements. If you’re preparing a move yourself, consider the pros and cons of moving yourself vs hiring a professional service. Decide wisely, as you may find that a professional service is more cost and time-effective in the long run. This is especially important when you are moving large, heavy or expensive furniture and technology that should by all means arrive at your destination in a perfect state.

Final thoughts

Packing and moving household items all on your own can be frustrating, especially when you have a fully furnished house and you plan to move to another state. Usually, long-distance home relocation requires extra secured packing, which is best managed and handled by a professional moving company.

However, if you are after a local shift within the neighbourhood, you may try a DIY move. But, you have to be extra cautious and careful while handling major household items, especially heavyweight furniture and home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines etc. If you have moved your house recently, I would like to know about your moving experience.

Let me know if you like to move it on your own, or if you prefer to hire a professional moving service by commenting below.

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