How to Decorate Small Living Room in Indian Style

Let’s face this. We want our living room to look just amazing, irrespective of whether it’s small or large in size. Because the living room the formal sitting area of the house is most essential space. Also the living room of the home reflects the personality of the inhabitants. But you have to think differently in order to decorate small living room, because you have limited space and you can’t go wrong with the overall décor.

There is a misconception that a smaller living room can’t look good irrespective of how well you decorate it. It may be true and maybe not. Because if you decorate small living room with proper planning and attention, you can get it right and make it look amazingly good. And that’s what we are going to discuss in this post and I am going to share some simple and easy to implement decoration tips that you can use to decorate small living room in Indian style.

How to decorate small living room

Your guests often enter the living room when they visit your home. The spaces like the bedroom, kitchen is personal spaces, but the living room serves both as common room for guests and your family member. Hence while decorating your living room; you should not get biased towards your personal likes and dislikes.

Simple tricks to decorate small living room

India is a country with tropical climate, where the summers are very warm and sultry, while the winters are comparatively cooler. There are very few places in India, where there is snowfall in winters, so decorating living room with fireplace like the European countries is not our styles. But still, there are many ways to decorate your small living room with simple tricks and tweaks listed below.

Organize the selected items for your room

If your room is small, then that means you don’t have enough space to stash your items. You have to think and plan very minutely that what are the items you want to include in the room. You can sell or donate or trash the items that you don’t need. If you are a hoarder, then you have to get rid of holding back all the unnecessary items, and do away with them. Your room should include only the important items which are useful to you. The more the space you keep clutter free, the better.

Decide the furniture

The furniture is like the jewels of the room. They enhance the ambience of the room. According to the purpose of the room, you must decide the furniture. Keep the furniture simple and elegant, so that the space does not look congested. Do not purchase big fluffy sofa set for your small living room, go for simpler ones with single cushions. Side cushions are better to be avoided. You can keep s small centre table, with a tall and slender show piece on top. This will go well with your small bedroom. You can use up the wall for keeping some show pieces, or few books. Log shaped racks are available in the market, three such racks on one of the walls, and you can decorate it with few good items. You can place a slender n slick tripod lamp shade by the couch or sofa, and this can also solve the purpose of a reading light. If you want to place a TV set, then you can place it on the wall, like the LED or LCD TV sets, or you can also place it on a shelf. Place the TV on a stand, and then install three roll over drawers, then you will get some space to stash few items.

Create an optical illusion to make the place look bigger

If your space is small, you can create optical illusions to make the place look bigger than the actual size. If your drawing room is three walled then the place will automatically look bigger. The three walled space, and the other side merging to another space is a common trick. Or, there is another way; you can make one wall of the room with hard glass, opening to your lawn. This glass wall can create an optical illusion of a bigger space. Use long curtains, so that the curtains touch the floor. Also use deep coloured curtains for the room, I will elaborate about the colour of the room in the last point. The main objective is doing not jam the room with heavy and fluffy furniture.

Multitasking items

You can choose furnishings which are versatile, so that they can serve several purposes. Do not place a table; you can install drawers and shelves there. Multi storage facilities can be very useful when it comes to a small room.

Colour of the room

The colour of the room plays the major role in decorating your space. Not just the colour of the walls, but the curtains, furniture, carpet, everything will lend hand in giving a colour to your room. You can make the furniture of same colour, thus giving a monochromatic look. This will make the room look bigger. You can also select neutral colors of the walls, paired with white ceiling, and coupled with contrasting colours sofa and curtains. The patch of deep and bold colours amidst the neutral shades will make your room look bigger.

Over to you

These are some of the tricks by which you can decorate your small living room. Keep the place organized, so that the counter space is not occupied. The more unused space you can squeeze out, the better your room will look. I believe the size of the room is not a hindrance; rather you can use the size as an advantage and make the room look more cozy and warm. The ultimate objective is to make the room more inviting. These are some of the basic living room decorating tips, but if you cannot do it on your own, then consult an expert interior designers and decorators. You can talk to them, sort out all your queries, and then decorate your room accordingly. I hope my article has given you some bright ideas to decorate the small living room of your home.

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