DIY Home Cleaning Tools and Equipments to Make Home Cleaning Easy

Everyone like a clean and tidy house, but keeping your house clean and tidy on your own is no easy task. But, cleaning a house will become fun and easy with these essential do it yourself house cleaning tools and equipments. If you are a do it yourself person and you clean your house on your own, then here’s the list of the most essential home cleaning tools and equipments that’s is going to make house cleaning fun and easy for you.

I am sure you would agree that cleaning a house is not easy, especially when your house is big, and there’s no one to help you with daily cleaning. And, keeping the old house clean is even more difficult, as it take more effort. But, irrespective of the size, and the condition of the house, one has to invest a fair amount of time in cleaning.

And you can’t really afford to not clean it on daily basis, because over a time it will become the hotspot for the germs, virus and pests. Sadly, this problem is quite common in most households. As today, most of us are working individuals and therefore dedicating enough time to house cleaning becomes even more difficult.

But, thankfully, there are house cleaning tools and equipments that can help you clean your house almost effortlessly, and that’s what I am sharing in today’s post.

List of best home cleaning tools and equipments

Today, most of the families keep a maid for doing the household chores including home cleaning. But it is a fact that unless you take the lead, most of the time, the cleaning work remains incomplete.

And sometimes, you may have to take control and do the cleaning on your own, especially when the maid is absent, or you are simply not satisfied with the cleanliness.

But whether you have a maid or not, there are certain house cleaning tools and equipments that takes a lot of pain out of regular do it yourself house cleaning.

Most of these cleaning tools and equipment are affordable and available in your local market. And, many of these cleaning tools and equipments can be used for different and they are just best for the working individuals as it saves a lot of valuable time and effort that goes in do it yourself house cleaning.

So, let’s just explore these cleaning tools and equipments that are a must have for every household.

Vacuum cleaner

A good quality robust home vacuum cleaner definitely tops my list of essential home cleaning tools and equipment that make home cleaning fun and easy. We all know that dust and dirt particle accumulate literally on everything.

And if you don’t clean it frequently then there is high chance that it may lead to occurrence of allergies, infections, breathing troubles and other health issues. Dusting can be done using any cloth, but is quite time consuming. But when you use a good vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of dust much faster, efficiently and effortlessly.

And in some cases, using a vacuum cleaner becomes absolutely necessary. Like for example, when it is about cleaning your carpet or your curtains, what will be the better way to do the dusting other than using a vacuum cleaner? So, trust me, having a good vacuum cleaner in your home will only make dusting easier for you, and you will never regret buying one.

All-purpose cleaner

You may think of having different cleaners for cleaning different surfaces or spaces in your home. But, I would definitely suggest you to keep an all-purpose cleaner at home. Go for one that is good in disinfecting things but, at the same time, is not too harsh. Also, see to it that it has a good odor because that will help you get rid of the stubborn foul odors from the house.

Natural cleansers

I personally prefer using natural cleansers instead of chemical based cleaning supplies. This is because they are not just good in disinfecting and cleaning surface but are also very much affordable and also quite safe in comparison to the chemical rich cleansers available in the market.

Some of the natural ingredients that you can keep at home are white vinegar, baking soda, lemon or lemon juice etc.

Good quality sponge

Sponges are the best when it is about cleaning anything that is abrasive on most of the surfaces. Especially, in order to get rid of the oil and the grease stains from the kitchen appliances, you will require using sponges.

I usually suggest people to go for a classic sponge but you may experiment with sponge clothes as well which is nothing but a mixture of sponge and towel. Or you may like to go for spaghetti sponges which do not require any soap.

The silicon based cleaning sponges are also very good and the best thing is they are very long lasting. You can make a choice depending on the purpose you want them to serve.


A variety of squeezes is definitely next in my list of important cleaning tools and supplies that every home must have for do it yourself home cleaning. I am sure you have seen the professional window washers using such squeegees. The reason behind them using the squeegees is that they are very efficient to avoid streaking and spotting in the glass surfaces.

In fact, let me just tell you that squeegees are not just meant for cleaning windows. They are proven to be very useful when it comes to cleaning the bathtubs and showers as well. So, it is advisable that you buy squeegees of various sizes so that you can use it for cleaning different items in your home.

Broom and dustpan

While the vacuum cleaner is an amazing tool for cleaning and dusting your home, there are definitely spaces where the vacuum cleaner cannot reach easily. So, for cleaning those places and corners in your home, having a good broom is always a good idea. I will suggest you to go for one that has got soft flexible bristles as that help in picking up more dust from the otherwise hard to reach areas of your home.

And, yes, do not miss out buying a good dustpan as well otherwise it will leave your dusting work incomplete and messy.


The waterless moping systems or the swiffers are definitely good, but they are mostly helpful for light cleanups. So, if you are planning for deep home cleaning, it is best to use a good quality mop.

Mops are really good when it comes to cleaning of the floors thoroughly. And so, it is best if you keep one at your home for effortless do it yourself home cleaning. A mop having a sturdy replaceable head and a good system of squeezing out the excess water from it is ideal for use at home.

Microfiber cloths

Never miss out keeping a set of microfiber cloths of various colors as they are very useful in multiple ways. To start with, a damp microfiber cloth is one of best cleaning tools when it comes to reducing household dust. Especially, from places that may be easily reachable but is not convenient to vacuum cleaner.

Like for example when it is about cleaning the kitchen cabinets or the slabs or some other appliances, microfiber cloths are great. You may also use them to clean the polishing tiles or glass and even in getting pet hair removed from the clothing.

Microfiber cloths are great in lifting and holding on to the dust, dirt, grease, oil, germs etc. really well, so the surfaces get very nicely cleaned. Also, they are quite gentle to the surface, so they do not leave behind any scratches.


You may use paper towels for cleaning, but paper towels are quite costly and therefore it will be a costly affair, especially when you have to buy them in huge quantity on a frequent basis. Also, they are not that environmentally friendly. So, it will be wise if you start using good old cleaning rags to handle the stubborn dirty projects.

The thing is you do not have to buy anything new. You can just keep some old T shirts, old towels, old socks etc. and use them later as rags. You can wash them easily and reuse them several times before they get completely worn out.

 Sturdy buckets

When you will use rags or the mop for cleaning your home, you will definitely require a sturdy bucket. So these bucks do fall in the list of important cleaning supplies and tools that every home must have. Starting from doing big jobs like mopping large floor surfaces to doing other smaller cleaning tasks, you will need the buckets so, it is best to buy some of various sizes for serving your different purposes.

White cleaning cloths

You may prefer using the microfiber cloths most of the time, but there are times where you will need to use other cleaning tools. I am talking about the white cleaning cloths which can easily serve your purpose when it comes to removing the stains from the carpet or the clothing.

You may be thinking about why not use a microfiber cloth instead of using white cleaning cloth. Well, this is because many times, colored fabrics transfer their dyes and create new problems. So, a white cleaning cloth is a safe option in some cases.

Moreover, it is advisable that you do not use the microfiber cloths along with bleach, so in such situations, you must use a white cotton cleaning cloth.

Toilet brush

I always prefer keeping a separate brush for cleaning up my toilet bowl, so it is advisable that you keep one at your home as well. Also, remember that it is necessary that you clean up the toilet brush as well otherwise it will contaminate the nearby spaces.

 A spray bottle

A spray bottle is definitely one of the most essential do it yourself home cleaning tool, because it helps you in various ways. Be it for cleaning your windows to ironing or in case you get creative and use your own homemade cleanser or cleaning formulae, you will always require a spray bottle.

In short, spray bottles are a must have cleaning tool. You may keep a plastic one but I will suggest you to go for the glass ones. This is because they are more durable and look chic too.


You must also keep scrubbers at home. It is best to keep a variety of them for all those tough daily hoe cleaning tasks. You know you will never be able to deep clean the textured surfaces without the help of a bristled brush to get into the crevices. Also, the caked on grime will never loosen up unless you use a proper scrubber and some good elbow grease.


Toothbrush is actually meant for cleaning your teeth, but here in India we often use it as a cleaning tool to clean some specific household items. It helps you fight the tough stains giving you excellent results. But, the most valuable thing about tooth brush is due to the slimness, you can use it to clean even the tiny and narrow spaces where your fingers won’t reach comfortably.

Also, when you are cleaning any item or appliance having sharp blades or edges like lemon zesters, cheese graters etc., it is always safer to use a toothbrush as that will lessen the risk of ending up you cutting your hand.

Extendable duster

If your home has vaulted ceilings, then it is a good thing to have an extendable duster in your home. This is because it will help you clean the dusts or the cobwebs from the ceilings without taking the pain of climbing a ladder to reach the ceiling.

Over to you

Whether you like it or not, you got to keep your home cleaned and tidy all the time, and this is not easy, especially when you do it on your own. But, cleaning becomes fun and easy when you have right set of home cleaning tools and equipments like a vacuum cleaner, mop, brooms, extendable duster etc.

If you find it hard to clean your house, maybe it’s time to look at the cleaning supplies, tools and equipments you are using.

I have already shared the entire list of do it yourself home cleaning tools and supplies you need to make cleaning effortless. These cleaning tools and equipments are not costly, and it’s easily available locally.

Which other home cleaning tools and equipments do you use to clean your home? Feel free to share about your tools, and cleaning hacks by commenting below.

Until then, stay safe and healthy.

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